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November 01, 2014
I have a new blog I created a few days ago and I sure could use some comments. Be sure to leave your link and I'd be more than happy to leave comments on YOUR blog. Thanks! Jonathan
I can't stress enough how Google+ helps. Yesterday I created a new blog. I used Jaaxy to choose my domain name. This blog is about golf. I've written only 1 single post with the keyword phrase 'cure a golf slice'. I have the social buttons on my blog so I used them to post to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+. Today I Google searched the keyword 'cure a golf slice'. My Google+ link to my post is #2 on the first page with my picture so it attracts attention. All this in 24 hours. Of course
August 29, 2014
Hey Everybody! Tomorrow is International Bacon Day! Bacon Day is an unofficial observance held on the Saturday before Labor Day in the United States. (Labor Day is traditionally the first Monday of September). Bacon day celebrations typically include social gatherings during which participants create and consume dishes containing bacon, including bacon-themed breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, and drinks. Drinks... that reminds me. I need to go to the liquor store!! Jonathan
August 16, 2014
I found this scam so hilarious, I passed it around to friends who also had a great laugh. The email was from “Sister Shana” at the Mysteria Temple of Faith in Texas. “You have been jinxed,” Sister Shana wrote to me personally. A Loving Contribution According to Sister Shana, “Being jinxed is no joke.” She encouraged me to fill out her “jinx symptom checklist.” On the list were things such as: bad dreams, mysterious pains and mean relatives. If none of those fit, she included a c
I purchased this beautiful home on the Chattahoochee River in Helen Georgia. It was clear of any debt as I paid cash for it. Ok taxes and insurance but that was it. The kids were grown and all on their own. So it was just me and my beautiful wife Susan. The house had a beautiful view of the Chattahoochee rapids below. The view was breathtaking. On any given day there was only the sounds of the river rushing by. So along with all the necessities our home was stocked with blow up inner tubes, ra
July 04, 2014
But it's a GOOD THING! I use to spend my 18 hours days trying to get sales. Surfing traffic exchanges for advertising credits. Emailing my list. Buying credits to email safelist. Spamming Facebook people, list building and creating text ads. Hours and hours a day spent trying to make a little money at home. But since I joined Wealthy Affiliate... I get bored sometimes. I followed the training and created my blogs and now... everything seems to be happening all by itself. Sales are coming in fro
I found this on the New York Post website this morning! MLM Crackdown Could Begin With Herbalife