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Joined July 2015
I'm James - U can call me Jim, or Jimbo

I'm Naughty 7 Years Young.

I've been here at WA since July 2015 and I've had lots of successes. I'd like more of those, for sure!

Any help you need, I'm here checking in multiple times daily!

Blog on!

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1. 1000 dollars a month
2. 10,000 dollars a month
3. 8 to 12 hours a day seven days a week
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Dec 19, 2016
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Jim-Bo Premium
1. 1000 dollars a month
2. 10,000 dollars a month
3. 8 to 12 hours a day seven days a week
Kyle Premium Plus
Fantastic James! I know you are going to become a rock star within the online world before you know it. I am looking forward to seeing you succeed at ALL of your goals and am behind you ever step of the way if you need it.

You are in the right place here at Wealthy Affiliate and you have all the tools, training, websites, networking and support to take you wherever you want in this journey. :)
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Mark1957 Premium
Hi there James and thanks for following me, I've followed you back.

Very easy to become overwhelmed here but if I had just a couple of tips it would be to just start at the beginning of the green button top left, follow each module as presented to you without missing any steps and ask if you get stuck........which you undoubtedly will!!

You'll soon get some answers from within this wonderful community but don't get too sidetracked if you can possibly help yourself as it can become addictive and you'll find yourself stalling a bit.

All the very best James
emilyonline Premium
thanks for the follow, I've added you back.
You're definitely in the right place to learn how to earn income from your website, I wish you all the best with it, and make sure you ask questions if you get stuck with anything.
An aside: your son is such a wee cutie :)
lewhat7 Premium
I am sorry to learn of your financial plight, as well as your health issues.
I have yet to build a website, as I am battling cancer myself. But WA
has a wealth of knowledgeable people who can assist you. Thank you
for following me - and I am following you as well.
Judy-B Premium
Hi James,
Nice to meet you and welcome to WA. Thank you for the follow and I am following back. The best I can say is follow the lessons and ask a lot of questions. This is a great community. There are a lot of trainings too, but the best is start at the green button on the left that says Get Started Here and then keep going. Best wishes. :)
Kyle Premium Plus
Absolutely everything you need is here at Wealthy Affiliate to create and grow your business to any level online. I really do look forward to working with you and as you move forward you are really going to see your business come together.

If you ever need a hand with anything, please do let me know James. ;)

PS. I hope you have an awesome week ahead!