Why Is Wealthy Affiliate So Damn Expensive?

Last Update: June 03, 2019

So I wanted to address the common misconception that when you pay for a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate, it's just a glorified "over priced" fee for your website, hosting and a domain.

I've had to break down the fallacy in this nonsensical thinking one too many times. So that picture above pretty much represents my frustration when I hear this question. lol Either way I've decided to create this article to enlighten these misguided folks. Maybe you were one of them, or maybe you run into them as well. Either way, feel free to share this article with them.

But let's really break down what about $.84 per day gets you at WA. And yes when you do the math a premium membership costs about $.84 per day when go yearly or take advantage of the Black Friday specials. But I digress.

What You're Missing!

First and foremost you're not paying for JUST hosting, building a website and/or a domain. It's so frustrating when people fail to account for all the features that a premium membership includes. It's because of these omissions that they will argue idiotic things like I can build and host a website on another hosting company for way less. Why does WA have to be so expensive?

SMH. It's always clear to me when people make these comments that they really haven't explored all the features of WA. This could be a function of the fact that starter members have limited access to certain features at WA. So maybe they don't realize everything else a premium membership provides. Or maybe they just don't realize the value of the other features.

Either way it's highly misguided. So let me break down all the other features that are included in addition to hosting and your website. I've handpicked the ones that I feel provide a tremendous monetary value that when considered actually make the premium fee under priced. However, there are many more features that I won't cover.

Expert One on One Coaching

WA members get to tap into the knowledge of successful millionaires like Kyle and Carson to learn how to build a business. Do you know how much millionaires charge for their time assuming you can even have access to them? Well just in case you don't know it's way more than what WA charges.

Networking with other successful members

Another huge aspect of WA is the community. When you're in a pickle chances are other members have been there. And you can ask them on live chat or post a blog and they will come to your rescue. Many of the members are successful business people that are making 6-7 figures with their own business. And they're willing to share their advice and tips.

Million Dollar Training

The training provided is exactly what others have used to build millionaire dollar businesses. It's not based on fads that don't work. The techniques are proven and it's why companies like Amazon and Google offer affiliate programs. The training helps you leverage a business model that makes companies millions of dollars every year.

Instant Help

WA provides various ways to get help. You have a technical question, you can contact site support here and they usually respond back in a few minutes. Or you can hop into live chat where there are members there 24/7 to get an answer. So as long as you know how to communicate your issues effectively, you can usually get an answer. The rare times people don't get an answer is because their questions aren't clear or their questions are in a form of a novel which requires more time to understand.

Weekly Live Classes

Aside from the basic training that teaches you how to build a business, there are 52 live classes every year. Because the internet changes so much these classes cover new topics, industry changes, etc. So you're always up to date.

Site Feedback

So sure creating a website can easily be done in a number of places. But how do you know if your site is any good? Are you going to ask your family and friends? Or would you rather get the feedback from people that have built successful money making sites. Obviously it should be the latter if you want to be successful. Well, you have access to that here.

Site Comments

So one of the things you are trained to do is write content. Without content your site is dead in the water. Google won't rank it and you won't make money. Did you know that comments under your blog posts count towards content? And WA members provide hundreds of comments every day because WA has a system that rewards users for leaving comments on your blogs? So your site can bulk up your content length and thus rank better because of the comments. When you're a new site getting quality comments can take forever. But it doesn't have to as a premium member.

By the way, no you can actually earn cash giving site comments too!

And the list can go on. I'll just stop here because you're going to be hard-pressed to find any so called hosting site that will give you any of these benefits. The reality is there is even more that comes with your premium membership. I just don't feel like babbling on about it. lol

The MYTH: It's Just A Hosting Site

So fine, let's say you want to ignore all the other things I mentioned above that come with your premium membership. Why don't I just break down the difference between what WA offers just from a hosting and domain standpoint and how much you would pay if you purchased the equivalent elsewhere?

First thing that should be noted is that you're getting managed WordPress hosting here. You're not getting just some basic hosting where they would nickle and dime to get the equivalent features you receive by default as a premium member. So you need to compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges. Too often I see people doing that and that's like comparing a bicycle to a BMW.

So with that said, let's look at what other equivalent MANAGED WORDPRESS HOSTING providers offer vs Wealthy Affiliate.

As you can see if you try to compare WA to other hosting companies that provide most of the equivalent features that WA provides you'll quickly see they fall short in many key areas. To make matters worst, they charge way more.

So the next time you want to compare WA to other hosting options, make sure its an accurate and fair comparison.

The Math Doesn't Add Up!

So as you can see, the math doesn't really add up when you have the complete picture. That said, I understand that for some folks, their financial situation just doesn't allow for them to invest in a premium membership. So I can appreciate your situation and this article isn't directed at you. For those folks you may want to check this article out.

But for the folks that really think that they're saving themselves money and getting the same benefits of WA with another cheap hosting company, you are sadly mistaken. You're actually doing yourself a disservice long term. A lot of people come back to WA realizing the grass is actually not greener on the other side. They end up wasting a lot of time and resources elsewhere. Fortunately WA is a family and we always welcome people back with open arms.

However just save yourself the trouble and be sure you really understand what you lose when you leave here. It's not just a website and hosting! I can't say that enough.

Hopefully that is clear now. What do you guys think? Do you see your investment in a WA premium membership as just a hosting fee for a website or much more?

Chime in below.

Eddy with a y

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barry0z Premium
Hello hi Eddy with a y. nice article. :)
AJIRI Premium
It’s rather unfortunate that some people don’t see how awesome wealthyaffiliate is. Those that really know the benefits of wealthyaffiliate are those that have been with them for a while.
I have been with wealthyaffiliate for about 6 weeks and I can tell you that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life to become a member of this awesome platform.
I know that success won’t come from just one months work or even two or three months but I am in all the way.
Anyone that becomes a member of wealthyaffiliate is suppose to be here for the amazing opportunities present in the platform.
Everything that is been promised in this platform would be delivered as long as you play your part and do the work that is needed to be done.
So my message for those saying the fee is not worth it is that they should take their time and immerse themselves into the training and the platform and give themselves a little time for their hardwork to start to pay if.
EddySalomon Premium
Thanks for chiming in Unuafe!
RGross1 Premium
Well, "do all the hard work..." and let me know when you start making some money!!
EddySalomon Premium
Marley2016 Premium
I did a price comparison on one of my posts on my MMO
website and there is no comparison to WA for what
we get and the price :)
Thanks for sharing,
EddySalomon Premium
Can you share that post with me so I can include it in my post? People really need to understand the math.
Marley2016 Premium
Sure will PM you it :)
Thank you
DaleMaz Premium
So very very true Eddy. The problem is so many people have gotten into bad opportunities and paint the same picture on everything. We need to teach people to be open minded and I think they will see the difference.

EddySalomon Premium
Yeah, I think most of us that come here have been scammed in one way or another. But that's why this so confusing to me. Because when I actually used the community and the tools I quickly realized that I won't be scammed and this place has so much value. So maybe my mentality is a little different. I didn't need as much convincing once I actually used this place.
Kookahroo Premium
***full disclosure, I didn't finish reading your blog, I stopped when it reached the 1 on 1 coaching*****
Where is this alleged 1 on 1 coaching? Because my referrer has never sent me anything other than generic messages. Ever. The tools are out there, but not all of us know how to use the tools. Not all of us stay on track and when we get lost, there's no where to ask for help or express frustration without TOP100 people talking to you like you're an idiot. I never thought WA was "so damned expensive," but I do feel like I needed help and when I felt like giving up, negativity is what was thrown at me by the top people.
shermand2268 Premium
I'm so sorry the person who referred you isn't stepping up to help you. I help all my referrals whenever they ask me questions. I can relate to your frustration about feeling talked down to by some of the "mentors" here. I had one lady who was very rude to me when I was new. But I've also found a lot of really nice people here who are willing to help me, and I didn't give up and now I'm successful. So please don't give up. Don't let the jerks of the world ruin things for you. And honestly, please feel free to email ME anytime with questions. I'm genuinely happy to help. Press on, girl. Don't give up! Debra :)
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Christina
i spend over 6 hours every day here in the platform answering questions. I have also done some training and I always offer 1 on 1 help to people who ask for help
Your referrer is not the only person that can help
There are over 1800 experts within the community offering help 24/7 so maybe you need to think a little further and ask some of these great people
Just a thought
The training, the search box at the top of the page, the live videos every week, the recorded training, the experts- In fact everything you will ever need is here
I hope if you decide to stay you do the training as this really is the best you will ever get especially for the ridiculously cheap price premium members pay
Go well with your decision
Carson Premium Plus
Hi Christina, Carson here (co-owner of WA).

I'm here and ready at any time to help you out if you have questions, need a hand with your website, or are getting stuck with something. You can send me a Private Message direct to my inbox, or you can drop me a note on my Profile and I can help from there. You've got Me, Kyle, and 1000's of people you can reach out to. Your referrer is one person of 1.6 million people here at WA, so we're all here to help you and everyone started out at one point or another with little to no knowledge of how online business and internet marketing worked.

DO NOT be afraid to ask questions - if you ever feel like you don't understand an answer, ask for clarification and I'm willing to bet that many people will help out with answers.


EddySalomon Premium
You probably should finish reading the post. But that being said, you're not limited to the person that referred you. I totally get that some of the people that refer others aren't the best support. But that's why WA is a community. If i don't understand something or some one does a better job of explaining something, I just reach out to them.

There is help if you look for it. I've never received help from the person that referred me. But I have received plenty of help from other members that didn't. So I feel WA is like any tool, if you really want to use it you can. Some people just use it better than others. But the help is there.

I discuss the many ways you can get help here and why people don't get: So you may want to read it to see if it improves your experience here on WA.
Kookahroo Premium
Thanks Carson, I got lost along the way and it is VERY frustrating. I have buyers remorse about the money I've spent here and some people were helpful to point me in the right direction and some people made me feel really stupid, so this community just isn't what I believed i was 11 months ago. It's a huge let down. You have so MANY amazing tools here. I just missed the mark and got lost. Basically, most people have told me to restart the training and I intended to. But when you've spent almost 1000 in a year.... it's overwhelming.
Carson Premium Plus
Hi Christina,

I can totally understand, but that's the beauty of an online community, you can start the training over, you can watch the webinars over and over, you can ask the same question 10x if you need to. There's no limit to the support and help you can get.

If you got stuck, no problem, we'll help you get un-stuck. My suggestion is to always ask for clarification if you don't fully understand something before moving forward. Then you'll always know that as you move along in the training from lesson to lesson, that you fully "get" what we're teaching from previous lessons.

Shoot me a PM at any time, I'll be more than happy to clarify things for you or steer you in the right direction.

Focus on what is ahead vs what is in the rear view mirror. Get our website up and running, get some traffic, and earn back what you've invested plus get yourself into the Green. You can do this and we're all behind you.