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Lately, I've been running into quite a few members that have expressed they are stuck with some task or part of their business. Honestly who hasn't been in this position? I've been in this industry for over a decade and I still get stuck from time to time. So I can totally relate to that.

But what I don't get is why folks stay stuck for long periods of time in silence or frustration. I've run into a few people who are disappointed in WA or other members because they feel lost, overwhelmed or left alone.

Wake Up & Smell The Virtual Coffee

Here's the kicker folks; you're a member of WA! You're part of a community of thousands of like minded people. These are folks that may have experienced the same issue as you and have solutions. So why not leverage these people and the many great resources here at WA?

Top 10 Guaranteed Ways To Get Help at WA.

Staying silent, frustrated or disgruntle about your issue isn't going to help you get answers. So let may lay out some simple steps to take if you're ever stuck with any marketing, technical, website or any other business question you may have.

1. Don't skip around the lessons.

I can't tell you how many times I've received questions about things that are covered in lessons. But because folks are skipping around or aren't being patient enough to go through them all, they miss the answers they're looking for. This isn't a pond or lake, save the skipping for stones not your business.

2. Leave comments under specific lessons or courses

If you have an issue about some aspect of a lesson or course, then head to that lesson or course that discusses that aspect right there. I wouldn't suggest just posting your question in your profile or somewhere it may get ignored or just isn't relevant. But be sure you've actually followed step 1 first. If it's not answered in the actual lesson, then post a comment below the lesson. You're more likely to get the answer you need right away since it's targeted to the area you're having problems.

3. Be specific

Lord have mercy, get to the point already. I know I tend to babble on. But if you want an answer to your question, just discuss the question and not the background story behind it. We don't need your life story to help you answer the question. LOL We just need you to get to the question and be VERY SPECIFIC! Try to use the properly terminology that is being used in the lesson when possible as well. If you're having problems with your sidebar, then say that. If it's something in the menu, then say that. The more specific you can be, the easier it will be for people to respond. If you say you're totally lost, I'm sorry that isn't going to garner a lot of actionable advice where we can help you.

4. Use the Live Chat

As a premium member, you can literally start a live chat with a member online and get real time help. There are usually some members on at any given point of the day. So if you need some immediate assistance, that may be the place to go. Try different times of days if no one can help you when you reached out. Someone will eventually be able to help you and it's usually pretty fast.

5. Blog your specific question

All members have the ability to blog. So create a blog post with your SPECIFIC question in the title. Then just ask your question in a bit more detail within the body. Try not to litter it with tons of unrelated questions or storylines that won't help us help you.

6. Private Message Other Members

If you're a premium member (and you should be) you can private message any other member here on WA. It doesn't have to be the person that referred you here. Let's face it sometimes we're busy running our own business or doing other personal things. But it doesn't mean we're all busy. So reach out to a few members this includes Kyle & Carson. But make sure you try the other methods listed above first though. Again be specific with your questions so we can serve you better. We're all juggling a lot of things so if it takes me 15 minutes to decipher what you need, It's going to take me even longer to get back to you.

7. Technical Support

Use the technical support link for website related questions such as themes, plugins, passwords, wordpress related issues, etc. Most of the times you can get the answers using the methods above but having a dedicated team for technical issues is great.

8. Use the search box

I can't tell you how many times when people private message me, I just go to the top of the WA screen and use the search box to start searching for whatever they ask me. Sometimes you have to try searching using different phrases. This may mean using the proper technical terminology or just trying plain english. A combination of both will usually reveal tons of articles, blogs, training and courses that cover your question. This is probably my favorite and fastest way to get an answer! It's actually the first thing I do and I probably should have listed it as number 1.

9. Try using Google or Youtube

When all else fails, I just use Google or Youtube. For God's sake "Google it" is a verb. Need I say more?

10. Contact Us form

On the main non member website there is a contact us form for general questions that you can use as well. I think this can be used for non-marketing questions and possibly administrative questions as well. I'm not sure but I know it's another point of contact.

I think I've covered all the guaranteed ways I know to get the help you need when it comes to this business. But if you have more methods, I'd love to hear them. If you run into anyone that is complaining they can't get help, they're frustrated or overwhelmed, please guide them to this post. There should be no one that is part of this great community that should feel this way. There are too many resources at their disposal.

Let me know what you guys think. You know I tend to keep it real and brutally honest and blunt. If I've offended you, then I apologize. But it's all in good fun and ultimately I wrote this post to help people & now I can refer to it when people claim they are lost, or can get help. =)

Until next time,

Eddy with a y.

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Lots and lots and lots of ideas for resources, great post Eddy!

Thanks Sandra. Feel free to share it that need help here at WA.

Great post Eddy. It's so true that we all at one point feel that way. HELP is always around. ...
Thanks again

Thanks Jean! Yes it is and hopefully this helps people get more of it!

i only counted 9 - lol - thanks for the tips - the squeaky wheel gets the grease - btw - leaving a question under the specific training is a good one - and eddy - i'm not a big cat fan but i never stuffed one in a bottle - he must have been a bad little kitty!

Hey Stephen,

Yes Carla called me out on my counting issues. LOL
But I'm glad you liked the one about leaving your question under the lesson. It's a great way to get the targeted help you need. I don't know how that Kitty got in that bottle. I guess they're like kids and get into the darndest of things. LOL Thanks for chiming in!

Many thanks. Almost makes one feel guilty lol

Hey Neil,

Good to hear from you buddy. It definitely wasn't meant to make anyone feel guilty. But it should make us think and take the proper action.

As Always, Eddy W/ a Y, You are Incredibly helpful, I am Grateful. Jon

Thanks Jon! I appreciate the support.

Interesting. I didn't know for 7. Thank you very much.

You're welcome Joze

Oh darn my secrets out....thanks for sharing, nice you brought that up and I highly agree and recommend it!

Lol. My bad Kim. Thanks for chiming in.

Your too funny, very good advise though. Really needs to always be pointed out and re posted with new members coming in all the time.
Nice work!

Oh that's exactly how I plan to use this post because the need comes up enough. So feel free to use it.

Will do, thanks.

A great post, Eddy. I have booked marked the page. Thank you!

You're welcome Robert

Great blog post and it will definitely benefit not only the old veterans here at WA but also the new ones seeking answers.

I can totally relate to #8. I love the search box here. It's a very powerful tool and I find 99% of the answers I'm searching for. The 1% left is taken care of by using a different search phrase and/or Google.

Once again, thank you for sharing this great information. Will come in very handy. :)

All the best,

Thanks Nicole. Number 8 is my favorite as well! It helps me seem like an expert when people ask me questions. LOL But seriously I always tell people, I just found the answer by using the search box and you can too!

Thank you for a good reminder. Especially I liked your recommendation regarding being very SPECIFIC and without telling us stories :)

Trust me Rufat, that is so important. The more specific you can be the faster we can get responses to you. You have to keep in mind we're all running our businesses and doing other things. So if it takes a long time to figure out what you need, some of us just aren't going to have the time to chime in and help you. So it's a way for us to help you.

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