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Good day to all Wealthy Affilaite members. At the moment you are reading my new and improved profile. My name is Dale, I am





What are my steps after publishing a post?

What are my steps after publishing a post?

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Search Engine Optimization

Forgive my ignorance but I have been away for a while for reasons that dont matter right now. Anyways I am in the process of re taking most of the training but I know so much

Hi Dale, what I do, and recommend you to do is after you have published your post, go to the Google search console via Google webmaster tools. Once you are there on the left you will see a few options you will see URL inspection, click on it, copy and paste your new published post on top, hit enter. Google will do a search, if it is found click on get indexed may take a few seconds, if not found, click on Test live URL once again a bit of patience as google searches. When it finds click on request indexing, few seconds. If all is good google will index from there and have your new post on their search engine. Click OK. You are done with Google. I also recommend you do the same with Bing webmaster tools. A bit different click on Fetch as Bingbot enter your URL in the given space and you are all set.

Best wishes,

I wait to see if I get indexed, I also move on to the next lesson and write another post, you can take your time WA is great for that, I wish you great success as move forward.

I've got this download on my website, Dale
I hope I don't get another rap over the knuckles for this link 🙄

Excellent source of information, so be sure to put on your gloves, so you don't even feel it is someone raps your knuckles.

Thank you

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How do I get my site indexed?

How do I get my site indexed?

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Search Engine Optimization

I havent been around for a while because of personal reasons. So just wondering if someone could help me to understand how we are getting website posts indexed these days as I

Indexing posts is only Google's time nobody could do it. However, there are things a writer should do to help Google see what you post.
Keyword-it should not be a duplicate of what has been indexed.
Description-under your post be sure to fill up the description box, not over 160 characters
SEO Keyword-just below the SEO description. Be sure you enter your article title there.
Images-images can help to add meaning and user experience to the article.
HOW long-many says that you should have an article with a length of 2,000, 1,500, 1000, 500, 300 words. It depends on you but not necessarily making it too long just to make it long.
I hope this can help.

Cav has you covered.

Yep real easy..once on ur search console look over to the side it says url inspection..put url in and hit search once it sear hes and it will say something like url found...hit the button that says live test as soon as results come ba k hit request indexing
Easy peasy

Great. I wondered what had changed. Jim

Google search console replaces the old fetch as Google

here are a couple of pieces of training from Jay

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Why isn't my referral showing up?

Why isn't my referral showing up?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

My sister in law signed up a couple days ago for free and is doing the certification training. However it doesnt show up in my referrals. I know she is going to upgrade and i

Just don't shout just let her upgrade to premium and you will know if WA is honest in dealing with you because you can see that in your own WA dashboard.

Click on the $ symbol at the top and then click on my referrals and she should show up there.

Or it may be that she is just doing the free 7 day part first. Has she filled out a profile?

Hi - get her to click on Help Center. Under Premium Coaches, it will show Kyle and Carson. If she signed up under your referral link, you will be listed there too.

I had a Premium referral in December. Got paid for 1 month and my airplane still shows 300. Following to see some of your answers. Hope you have been doing well Dale. Been out of the country and busy with my Personal Training season jan-march. Now, 2 free months for nothing but WA. Have a great weekend. Go Auburn!



Did she follow your link when she signed up? If not that's why. I'd reach out to site support and see if they can associate her account with yours.


Send a note to Kyle

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Whats up with site comments?

Whats up with site comments?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Im just doing my daily commenting and just did 5 comments and everyone of them was for credits.
Is there something gong on that I dont know about because havent got a paid c

I can't figure out what's going on.
Things will improve soon. :-))

Is this resolved for anyone yet..was doing comments earlier and no cash only credits also?

not as of an hour ago it still wasnt resolved

Morning Dale,
Maybe there's a minor glitch. I'm confident it will be resolved with WA.

It appears its still not working. No cash credits at all

Wow what is going on😑

Good Morning Dale,

It is many months that I am doing 2 every day of the week. That is as much as I can handle to tell you the truth.
I have never had any problems so far.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

p.s. did you miss my PM?

You do have over 50 in the last 30 days, right?

Oh yes indeed I do

Thanks, just checking.

There was a different issue with Comments yesterday so probably fixing that has caused this issue.

Just have to wait, I guess.

Hi Dale, seems like you are not alone. Seems to be an issue with site comments.

Okay, well hope it gets sorted out but its WA so Im confident it will all come together.

I just did two and get credit too way to go we are just doing the training slow I think lol because am going so slow it’s not funny

everyone has been having trouble with Site Comments for
the past couple of days :(

Thank you Susan

It seems they fixed it a couple of days ago but from this I assume the problem is back. Or maybe it's another problem!

Well it appears to be working great but its only giving credits and not giving the 50 cents on every second comment.

That excuse my french s**ks

yeppers it does

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