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I'm happy to report I've finally hit a 5 figure month in 2018. This past month I earned $10,640.56. It's probably more than that but I'm only counting programs I can easily pull the data and tend be consistent for me every month. lolHow Did I Earn It?First I apply the spirit of what the training teaches and what I've laid out in my cheat sheet. So feel free to review that since there are no magical secrets. In terms of the actual money, I take a multiple streams of income approach to my blog Wo
No, I don't have a criminal past. lol When I refer to the past here, I'm talking about an article I wrote back in August 22, 2017 that has earned me $1828.05 this year SO FAR! The amount is probably greater if I set the date range back to 2017 and if one of the affiliate partners I listed in my screenshot below was capable of providing more historical data.Either way you can see the screenshot below. It's showing a tracking id I used for one particular article. I actually use tracking ids for a
I know what you're thinking; What the hell is "Eddy with a y" babbling about now?Well let me break it down. We have a lot more in common with a farmer than you think. Now keep in mind I'm a city boy raised in The Bronx, New York. So with that said my analogy below may not be perfect. So my country folks, feel free to chime in. lol But I think everyone can understand the general message. So let's get into it. Old McDonald Had A Farm...A farmer has to invest a lot of upfront time, money and hard
So February is was a tough month for my site and others. There seemed to be less traffic around the week of Valentine's Day and it's just a shorter month. But despite that I was able to earn $9465.05 with my affiliate site. Imagine what a full month would have looked like without the holiday! lol I pieced together a screenshot of my income from the various programs that earn me revenue on my site.How Did I Do It?There is no magical secret. I pretty much follow what the training lays out. But if
It was even better this year!!!! Gotcha!That's WA ad copy training at work people. Lol On a serious note, last year my father passed away from lung cancer. So I couldn't make it to Vegas. 2016 was a very rough year for me and I could have used the distraction & being around the WA Super Affiliate family. But it wasn't meant to be. This year I was able to come back and I had certain expectations. But to my surprise Kyle and Carson surpassed them yet again. So what went down? The PerksAs yo
So as many of you know I've been in this affiliate marketing business for many moons. To put that in perspective, I was online when you had to use a dial up modem and have an account with AOL to connect to the internet. If you don't know what that is, then that shows how long I've been online. LOL And right from the very start I was trying to make money, along with surfing some questionable websites. Don't judge me. I was young. Back In The Day"In my day", you had to know HTML programming to cr
Before I dive in, I recommend that you bookmark this article now. I'll wait... This article is going to link to a lot of resources that will help you succeed and you'll want to take your time and read. The information below will help you at different times in your business so you'll want to come back to it often. So bookmark it now. Trust me, you'll thank me later.Let's face it, WA is the best internet marketing community because of the tools, support and the vast amount of training. But it's
Hey Guys,I'm looking for a writer to write reviews for my blog. The ideal person is good at doing thorough, accurate, and insightful internet research and good a following instructions (for a simple format). If you understand the make money, work from home or internet marketing niche, then that's even better! But it's not required as long as you can follow simple directions and you are a proficient writer. This will be a long term gig and I want someone that has the capacity to write several ar
Okay so you've joined WA and you're excited about this whole online business thing. That's great! You should be. Maybe you've whipped through the training or plan to do so later. But you have a nagging feeling that some of the successful WA members are holding out. You believe there is some secret sauce that isn't covered in the training which has led to our success.You think there is probably some way to speed all this up that we're not revealing. Well I guess we can no longer deny it. Are you
I know the title of this article sounds crazy considering I've been a premium member since 2007. But as I interact with new members regularly I've come to realize maybe it's not the right option for everyone. So before anyone assumes I'm speaking blasphemy, let me break down my reasons down below.1. You're expecting to make make money quickly.Some people are under the misconception that going premium will now mean that their website is going to make money within a week or so now. In most cases