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Hi! I am a graduate Interior Designer, I now live in a very beautiful small island in the Mediterranean sea which is a blessing. I have





Could somebody check my facebook pop up, please?

Could somebody check my facebook pop up, please?

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Everything Wordpress

So I installed a Facebook like box pop up. If I check on my regular browser window it shows up just fine (after 25s) in the left corner but if I go to Incognito, a window shows

I use the Sumome plugin for my website.

I will check that out, thank you

I see it has an option only for a large pop up in the middle of window? I would like to have one small in the corner only...

Are you using a plugin for this?

Yes it's a Statebuilt Facebook Popup plugin.

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The product on amazon is not available anymore? what to do?

The product on amazon is not available anymore? what to do?

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Hello everyone,

so for the first time, I jumped into a little problem - the product I wrote a separate review about is not available on Amazon.

The review consist

Check Walmart for the product. Walmart sells many products and can be a good substitute for Amazon. You can sign up for their affiliate program via LinkShare.com. Also, check cj.com to see if your vendor switched to that platform.

You can always contact the vendor directly and ask if they have (or planning to have) an affiliate program.

Best Regards,

Thank you, I think I will contact directly. Hope this won't happen often.

I have found that it doesn't happen too often. If a company is successfully selling product via an army of affiliates and making money in the process, they won't typically ruin that by removing the program.

There are other reasons however, including Nexus Affiliate laws and such for companies to pull their affiliate program. Also, if they find too many affiliates abusing rules, this could be cause for removal as well.

I contacted the company directly through their website, I will see what they'll tell.

Thank you for your help!

Hi Jolita, there're probably many other sites that sell that specific product and I'm sure they have affiliate program. So you just need to register on another website that sell that product and use their affiliate program and your review.
So you can simply write the name of your product + affiliate program on google and you'll come up when many other available sites that can use their affiliate programs. For example if your product is iPhone 7 google ; " iPhone 7 + affiliate program "


It is a decorative mirror and it is one specific company. They don't have an affiliate program shown somewhere on the website as usual. I will contact them directly.

Why not put an Amazon aStore on your site instead with products that are related to your original product but the visitor will have a choice and you can adapt your article to the aStore.

How could I do this?

what do you mean how can you do this
do you mean an aStore?

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