Are you terrified of writing?

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When I first got started in this industry, I was terrified of writing articles or blogging.

Here are some fears that ran through my mind:

  • My grammar and spelling are awful.
  • What will people, my family or friends will think?
  • Suppose no one likes what I write.
  • What if I offend someone?
  • I'm not a professional writer.
  • Why would anyone want to read what I have to write?
  • What can I really add that someone else hasn't covered?

Does any of this sound familiar?

If it does, you're in great company. I think a lot of bloggers and people you may read have felt the same thing. And yet you're reading their blogs and articles all the time.

How to get over the fear of writing?

Pick the right niche or topic.

If you're picking a niche that you're not really passionate about or have knowledge of, it's going to show in your writing. Your audience will probably see it too. This will lead you into even more insecurities and fear. So avoid that by writing what you know about or love. People will be able to sense this and react accordingly. You'll also be a lot more confident because it will be like a normal conversation which brings me to my point.

Write like you talk.

I came from a Corporate America background where my writing was always scrutinized by my department head who must have been a freaking English major in a past life. Prior to working there I had a lot of confidence in my writing. My teachers always complimented me on it. Granted, my grammar was never perfect, but the spirit of my writing usually overshadowed that. But for years my confidence was shot because of this manager. Initially I tried to write very corporate. It was boring and I didn't really get the feedback I longed for. One day I decided to start writing in more of a conversational style. I injected my humor and my voice. Bingo! It resonated with people. I discovered that most people prefer conversational articles.

Write Reviews

A lot of times when you're starting a blog you may run into writer's block because you've exhausted the number of ways you can talk about a given niche. Fortunately, if you picked the right niche there are probably tons of products and services you can write reviews on. Reviews are by far one of the easiest styles of writing because you're just following a format that consists of:

  • Intro to the product or service
  • What it does
  • The Things You Like
  • The Things You Don't like (or complaints)
  • Where to buy?
  • Do you recommend this or not?

There are a lot of variations to this. But you get the point. You can literally do this for years to come and I have. So if you can follow a format like that and picked a niche with a lot of products or services, you'll always have content to write.

Use WA Blogs

I've really come to love the WA's blog system. Sure, it's great for the whole community and help aspect. But did you realize it's the perfect tool to help you boost your confidence and improve your writing? When you blog here you get to see what type of blog post will get a reaction. You learn how to communicate with others via comments which you'll be doing with your own blog. You get to figure out what your voice is or should be. And best of all, it's in a friendly environment that is encouraging. This will help boost your confidence when it comes to writing in the wild.

It's ok to be scared....

At the end of the day, your fear is natural and normal. The reality is your first couple of articles and blog posts are going to suck unless you're a professional writer or English major. I look back at some of my early writing and I cringe. But that's how you get better. Fortunately, you have WA blog system so you can literally practice here until you feel confident enough to get out in the real world.

Either way, you can't use your fear as an excuse. You have to just get out there and start writing. It's the only way to improve. But hopefully some of these tips will help you get up to speed faster.

And for you English majors out there, yes, my article is probably riddled with grammar and spelling errors. Sorry about that. But I have discovered that most people don't really care and it's never really hindered the money I've made online. Most people tend to find my blog posts informative and/or entertaining. So there! LOL

Let me know what you guys think down below by leaving a comment. Did you find this useful? Are there other tips you want to share? Chime in.

Eddy with a y

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Recent Comments


Excellent advice, even for someone who isn't afraid of writing! This is a whole different ballgame from what even writers on a professional level might be used to.

If I might add one more tip: read, read, read! It's like priming the pump. You'll come across cool words you forgot about, and next thing you know, you're putting them into your own work. (not plagiarism -- I'm talking about interesting verbs and adjectives, etc.) You become your own thesaurus!

Thanks for posting this, Eddy!

Agreed Laura. Thanks for your additional insight.

Thanks Eddy, This article is so encouraging to me. Eddy; my fingers do not spell with me all the time. When it comes to grammar: not all the time I manage it. Sometime I wonder, what language I really speak but the truth is Eddy, while I am here beating up myself for my small errors, some people are using the same errors big time making big money.

I decide to live with it and gradually improve.

You're welcome Dorcas. I'm glad this resonated with you. You don't have to be perfect. You just need to be able to relay the information people want and help them. And they will be thankful.

A very useful and encouraging post. Comming from academia, I usually write in a very formal style, but I am worried that can be boring or even come across as intimidating on a blog.
Your advice of writing like I talk is the best advice I can take, thank you so much for publishing these experiences and good luck for the future.
All the best

You're welcome Hisbel. It may be struggle because you are trained to write in a certain way. But trust me people will appreciate being able to read something that sounds like a conversation with a friend. Unless your niche is a lot more formal.

Love to read your scribblings..... I find that I can relax into them very easily Now although I am no 'English Major' (although I AM English!!) I DO very much agree with the writings (below) of 'Shamayah' with regards to grammar/spelling and the 'professionalism'. Maybe your earnings have not been hindered, but could they have been 'even better' ??

AC (matelot)

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it Alan. Let's put it this way, there are literally thousands of people that visit my site every year. I could probably count on 2 hands how many times people have complained about imperfect spelling or grammar. Keep in mind I've been doing this since 2000.

If I was writing for the NY Times it would be more of a concern for me. At the end of the day, the content helps people and that's what they care about. If you keep running into scams or have been scammed you're probably more concerned about getting scammed again. And if you happen to land on my blog and I help you avoid another one, I doubt you're going to care if I misspelled some words.

That said I'm sure it does hurt me with a very tiny portion of the population that visit my blog. And I'm fine with that. lol

At the end of the day Eddy, you are what you are - and everyone should celebrate that. You certainly did not to where you are today because you let some minute section of the populace bother you in any way...... MORE POWER TO YOU!!!
May I congratulate you on your success, and say that I really do find myself very relaxed when immersed in your 'scribing'!

AC (matelot)

Thanks Alan. And that's exactly what I try to achieve in my writing. I want people to feel comfortable.

Nice article. I'd say that being real and genuine is more important than being the best writer. At the same time, if a website or blog is filled with grammar and spelling mistakes, it's often hard to follow. It also isn't very professional. So I'd recommend to get someone to edit your work if you are a really bad writer. It doesn't cost much and in the process you'll learn to become a better writer.

I agree Shamayah. If people can't really follow what you're writing then you should probably have the post edited. But if we're just talking about a few minor spelling or grammar errors, most people are forgiving.

I enjoyed reading this.

I'm in two communications classes in School and I get critiqued about my writing to not show certain expressions like an exclamation point!!!! I get excited and that's how I express it
I prefer a down to earth style of writing with a little humor like this article.

I found this article very useful because I never looked at it in the form of conversational and that is where I believe I've had writers block all of these years :), but in this article is packed with lot's of good information that will help many people to come such as myself thanks.

I'm glad it gave you perspective now.

Thank you Eddy for your wonderful advice. The way I get through my fear of writing is by chanting mantras. The mantra I am using whenever I don't have the motivation to write is:

Hey whatever works for you Dominic. As long as you're pushing forward.

Hi Eddy.. I am glad Kyle sent me the link to your blog. I am really not confident when it comes to writing, I think am scared of being critisized especially when it comes to my grammar. After reading this, It makes me realize that it shouldn't stop me from believing in myself.


Hey Mary,

I'm glad this article helped. We all have various fears. But as long as you do your best to help people in your content, most people will focus on that. So push forward. You'll just get better as you do more of it.

Great article, Eddy. Years ago working for a Government contractor I wrote studies/reports on various programs in the U.S. Military. I was pretty good but that was almost 20 years ago and a different animal from developing a website and/or blogging. I need to redevelop writing skills and practice makes perfect. I have recently discovered Grammarly which I have just added to my Chrome extensions. That may give me a little more confidence with my writing.

You have been an inspiration to me since I first read blogs you have on the web on ways to make money online. It was one of your blogs that brought me to WA.

Just getting started at WA but I intend to make the most of all the experience. Thank you for all you do.

Hey Fran,

You'll do fine especially if you follow the advice I laid out here. Writing for the government sounds way more difficult than writing for a blog. So if you were able to do that, you'll be able to blog. It should actually be easier since you can write in your real voice. It doesn't have to be as formal and tight. And don't worry too much about having perfect grammar. As long as you're helping people solve their problem, they're happy. That's your main goal with a blog.

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