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Can you help with the drop down in a menu?

Can you help with the drop down in a menu?

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On my site hospitalitycareerhints.com Ihave put a heading in my menu NZ My Homeland and under this I have a number of witings about NZ and I wish to do a number more and wo

I really like your site's layout. I also have long drop down menus. I left you a comment in your latest post. Blessings!

Many thanks for your kind response. Am adding to NZ My Homeland as much as I can think of that I think may be interesting All the best to you

I think it depends on your theme

Now you are getting technical lol

lol that is about as technical as I get

Your site is really filling up with great content! :) Christa

Thank you for your kind words

I commented on your blog, Rugby Union. Great work.

You are very kind and i appreciate your following

Well, I have 15 drop downs in one of my menus...I don't see a problem with it. :))

Good news I will plod on Thanks

No problem. :))

Hi Kholmes, can you help us with how you did the drop down menus. it used to be quite straightforward in wordpress - looks like the rues have changed now and one has to use a plugn which i tried one to no avail. thanks

I didn't have to use a plug in to create mine, I just made a custom menu. See if this training will help you out, it was just created recently:

many thanks kholmes

No problem. :))

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Can I get guidance for my site please?

Can I get guidance for my site please?

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This is awkward as it will I think entail work that is beyond my knowledge. If you view my profile blogs you will note that lately in answer to questions I have done a number o

................or you could start a new site about NZ. You have a lot of stories to tell. You could also add other places as you go along.

Seeing I have an expert talking to me I will ask a question. Last night I was introduced to the new system of getting to ones website. To my surprise up came a second site that I must have made right back at the start of things and changed away from. Can you take a look and see if I should use it in some way hospitalityhotelcareer.siterubix.com

Hey, Neil. Mine came up too. Those are the first sites that we put together before we switched over to our "real" domain names that end in .com, .net, etc. I wouldn't use it. It probably says the "health" of it is poor, right? It would be nice if, in some way, you could transfer all the blogs done here to a new site. You can't have duplicate content and I'm not sure of all the Idiosyncrasies involved in that. Kyle might be able to answer that. ~Debbi

Thanks for the info

Have Kyle look at it. John


When you are posting stories of NZ, be aware not to post them here on WA AND on your site, that will get the remark of duplicate content.

This is what I was concerned about and now regret

You can rewrite your articles, change words and sentences:)

Hi Neil, this should get you headed in the right direction. For help on terms you don't know or don't understand, wikipedia is great(if you know any of this, just disregard)
I really enjoy your writing style Neil, keep up the fine work. PM me after you study these, I may have more help for you. :-) Jon

**Ask and ye shall receive**

I do appreciate your kind lead and I have looked Baz's presentation which is obviously excellent for the person who knows more than I do. It just overwhelms me when I see words etc that just mean nothing to me.......widget etc. But thanks again and I will relook at it

I am so ignorant that I want to put (or they say bookmark? that link but have no idea how to. I have tried to book mark before but it just ends up being typing and not an operable link

Hey Neil, if you go to Facebook chat we can do this much quicker.

What a great idea. And you have so many stories you can share of your experiences in the industry! And all the places you worked. OH this idea excites me! :)

would need help setting it up and maybe rearranging menu. An d is it any advantage to my site. Thanks for contacting

Certainly the stories of your career could be an asset to your site and the other stories would possibly bring people back for more stories

Thanks for that

I would have thought that so long as your post are targeting a keyword (or phrase) that people are searching for you can write anything

Absolutely I agree. As you develop more blogs, you might categorize them. But you are all about hospitality and that means...travel. Your information seems a perfect fit.

What would you call the new page Blogs or something else?

You could call them anything you want..
Other important posts/blogs/pages
My musings
Interesting thoughts
And so on...

I don't see why not, Neil. I've seen a lot of sites with a sticky post on the home page and a "Blog" tap up top. You could make it "Blog" or "Tourism" or "NZ."

require help setting up the menu. and could you look at existing and give opinion on whether anything there now should go in the new one Thanks me dear

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