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Do starter members earn credits for domain registration?

Do starter members earn credits for domain registration?

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WA Affiliate Program

Hey everyone,

when premium members refer new members they can earn Cash Credits when their referrals register a domain through SiteDomains here at WA. Does that count fo

Tessa has you covered Nicole

Yes, she did good but I meant the cash credits and not the commission rate. I'm still looking for an answer. :)

Sorry NIcole I didn't understand the question and have no clue.

No problem. I've added an image to show what I mean in particular.

Thank you for your reply. :)

Yes, but less. You can check this by clicking on the plane, then program details.

Thank you for your reply, Tezsie. I'm aware of the commissions being lower but I meant the two credits you can earn when a domain is registered. :)

Oh I see. Not sure about that. Possibly someone else will know this.

Yeah, hope so too. :)

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Default wordpress comments vs. disqus comments area?

Default wordpress comments vs. disqus comments area?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

I've seen quite a lot websites using "Disqus" for people to leave comments. I was wondering how many of you switched to Disqus and if it has more comment engagement over the de

As a long time user of Disqus (5+ years) I like the fact it keeps me engaged in conversations and reminds me where I post.

Disqus will give me notifications of replies and upvotes and I will revisit articles to read replies as a result. One of the things I don't like about WP comments is the lack of notifications. It's a lot easier for me as a user to have a conversation in Disqus.

Also when I joined Disqus I did so anonymously. I use a different name to the one I use here and so if someone wanted to remain anonymous they could. I've never tried using the other login options like Facebook but there might be some value there like easier sharing.

I'm now in the position as a webmaster of looking for an alternative to the native WP system. I just don't like how basic it is.

Searching for a new system, Disqus, Facebook Comments and Livefyre came up, plus some outliers like Postmatic and CommentLuv.

Out of those I've only ever seen Disqus and Facebook Comments. I actually use Disqus as a poster so that's the one I'll probably try. I'm going to do a bit more reading first.

I personally use the WordPress comments. I don't particularly mind, but I can agree with what kyle is saying about not being tied down to social accounts and anonymity.

Absolutely. I decided against Disqus after reading is reply. He's got a point.

There are many issues with using Disqus, I have tested it thorough in terms of engagement and every single test I have performed has lead to much lower, almost non existent engagement.

People often times would love to leave a comment, but they don't want to tie themselves to their Facebook or other social account. Anonymity is a big deal in terms of the engagement you will receive in particular if it is the first time someone visits your site. If you don't allow them to express themselves in a anonymous way (without having to tie your website to their social accounts), then they likely won't leave you a comment.

Not only that, it will slow down your site and you are relying on another plugin that could potentially fail, something that is natively included within Wordpress and the WP comments platform works wonderfully well and generates by far the highest rate of comments.

I don't recommend the use of Disqus, it will hurt your overall interaction, dialogue and generally speaking, your rankings/revenue.

You got a point there and I have to admit that I feel the same about leaving a comment and I don't like doing this when I see Disqus or similar ones where I can only use my social accounts.

I should have considered this...lol.

Thanks for your reply. After that I'm quite convinced that Disqus isn't what I want to use.

I have installed an used Disqus on many client platforms. It is likely the best and most used comment platform on WordPress outside of the native (built-in) comment system.

I like it a lot. It's flexible and professional.

The negative is this.....
It doesn't work with the WA commenting system within our membership where you can have us comment through our WA system and request comments.

So, that's a big factor in switching to Disqus.

Something to consider, yes, and as Kyle added, it doesn't leave much room for anonymity.

For now I think I just leave Disqus alone. Maybe check it out on a test site. Not sure. :)

Thanks for your reply.

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Have you recently checked the main wealthy affiliate site?

Have you recently checked the main wealthy affiliate site?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hi fellow members,

I've been working on a WA review update since many new awesome things have been released this year. This includes an occasional visit to the main page

Thanks Nicole for a wonderful reminder to all of us to checkout the changes!

You're welcome. :)

I had noticed that earlier tonight. I love the changes!

Yes, they're are. I'm totally digging them. :)

Thanks for the info.

You're welcome. :)

Wauw this is great Nicole! Wonderful changes!

Yes, it is indeed. It makes WA even more personal. :)

Thank you Nicole for sharing this wonderful overhaul with us! I have been out of the loop recently due to health challenges and this was a nice catch up!

You're very welcome, Christa. I hope you're better now and I'm sending many blessings your way! :)

Thank you, I continue to improve! :) Many Blessings to you as well Nicole! :)


Hi Nicole: it had been a while since I had gone back.
Very cool.
Thanks :)

Yes, many people just don't really go back there once they're a member. Sneaky changes do happen here though. :)

Thank you for bringing to our attention!

Anytime, Rufat. :)

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Credits for website feedback and website comments?

Credits for website feedback and website comments?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hi fellow WA members,

I'm updating my WA review as many features have been added worth mentioning. I also have a few pending questions in regards to the "Earn Credits" syste

As the folks said below : Credits for comments and feedback given by you, can only be used to request comments and feedback on your own posts and articles.

sure, for feedback and comments only. But it would be fine if we could cash them out :-)

Yeah, it would be but this way it's good too. Best way to pay it forward. :)

These are only for use within the commenting/feedback system. I saw someone ask Kyle this in chat. :)

I just left someone a comment and I noticed that the credit I earned didn't show up in my stats, but do so in the comment section to be reused to request comments.

Thank you for your answer as it just confirmed what I thought. :)

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