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My site is not secure?
Hi,One of my sites comes up as not secure. SSl is turned on. It's not…
1 year ago 13 Replies
Yet another stars rating plugin?
I am a little confused with star ratings in Google. I know they changed…
1 year ago 12 Replies
About moving websites and the w.a. platform?
Hi,Not sure where to put this question as I have two questions in one.Now…
1 year ago 30 Replies
Can starter members see the affiliate programs section?
I was wondering if Starter members can see the ''Affiliate Program Section''The…
2 years ago 3 Replies
Facebook and messenger I can't type in messenger and send?
This may seem a rather rad question. I can send messages on My android…
2 years ago 14 Replies
I want to redirect a post to change the permalink?
I have a very long post nearly 5,000 words but I want to change the permalink.…
2 years ago 9 Replies
Contact form 7 date and time picker ?
I have added a date and time picker into my local Website. Now I recieve…
2 years ago 22 Replies
How can I deal with spam callers on one of my websites?
Hi,One of my websites has a contact number on it. What would be the best…
2 years ago 27 Replies
How can I add an online booking form in my wordpress site ?
Hi,I was wondering is it easy enough to add an online booking form to…
2 years ago 13 Replies
Deleted blog can I get it back?
I hope I have this in the right section. I deleted a post I wrote here…
2 years ago 9 Replies
How to transferr a local business to a new address?
Hi,I have a business location in Bing local Business maps but I want to…
2 years ago 5 Replies
I can't buy domains unexpected error ?
I am trying to buy two domain names but I keep getting unexpected error…
2 years ago 20 Replies
No notifications of new referrals?
Hi, Do we still get notified of new referrals in Wealthy Affiliate. I…
2 years ago 10 Replies
Can I get help with this track back?
I have a track back that keeps coming at my one of my websites. I dont…
2 years ago 18 Replies
Backlinks track backs smmh need help?.
MY local website I built has tons of emails wanting me to back track to…
3 years ago 7 Replies
Syria. premium members how can they pay the membership?
Hi,Just want to reach out here. I have a referral who wants to upgrade…
3 years ago 8 Replies
Faq or q&a drop down plugin?
Hi,I need a plugin or another way for a Faq or a Q&A with drop down…
3 years ago 16 Replies
Training videos can I screen record. ?
Hi,Now I know we are not allowed to embed any of the training here we…
3 years ago 4 Replies
One of my sites is https but comes up as http I need help ?
Its come to my attention that one of my sites is https but because of…
3 years ago 24 Replies
Where have my referrals gone.?
I login everyday to catch up with My referrals. I have noticed some have…
3 years ago 44 Replies
Why can I not copy and paste my custom links?
I have just done another custom link but now I can't copy and paste any…
3 years ago 6 Replies
Who is the person who referred me to w.a?
I was wondering who actually is the person who referred me to Wealthy…
3 years ago 41 Replies
Wa blogs ranking in google?
Hi, A question came up about our Wealthy Affiliate posts could rank in…
3 years ago 18 Replies
Can I get paid using apps?
I want to share apps on my site how can I monetise these apps. Is there…
3 years ago 12 Replies
My refferal has a problem joining?
Hi,I have a lady who is trying to get into the members area to join. She…
3 years ago 24 Replies
My website ssl is turned on but is not secure?
My SSL certificate is turned on but it comes up as not secure and it cannot…
3 years ago 38 Replies