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Hey, thank you for reaching out to Lula's profile. My about me page of the Wealthy Affiliate membership site. I got my feet wet before in the Affiliate Marketing business, but I am still learning the ropes. Each day a new opportunity to explore and who knows which way the wind will blow. In transit to leverage processes and efforts for max gains, profits, and productivity. I wish you all well, success, and terrific days.

You may join me as a Starter, Premium, or Premium Plus member, and I promise I'd mentor you fast track your WA experience and path to financial independence and passive income. I am looking forward with great intent to working with you.

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hey Lula how is everything? am ceurla and i want you to help me how i can do more... you know am from Ethiopia and here there is no online system like this and all what on this website occurs is needs more training that is why i required your help please?
Suzay Premium
Hi Lula, finally I am following you back. and thank you for the follow. And thank you for your comments on members posts, they are thoughtful, considerate and well written.
You are a motivated, diligent as well as interesting person, I am honored to follow you back. Oh good, now I'll be able to return and read Your posts.
Thank you, it is an honor to know you better as we all progress together.

Carolyn1555 Premium
Hi Lula,
Thanks for reaching out. I have been here a little over a year at WA. i am trying to create traffic on my website. I recently installed an Amazon affiliate plugin and it created interest in my website right away. People were wanting to make purchases, and before that, things were very quiet.

However, the plugin is giving me trouble. Site support said I should ask others for suggestions as to what plugins to use. Do you have any experience with Amazon plugins?

I had used Amazon Auto Links. Someone also suggested Content Egg but that is not supported for my website.

I do appreciate your time.

(This is my second time signing up with Amazon, the first time I did not make sales for them.)
Marktimenow Premium
Hello Lulu, I hope you're well. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.

My niche is in the self-improvement niche, however, I see it's more about promoting courses rather than products or am I mistaken?

I understand that you have to be accepted first before the following can be realised which I understand relates to relevant content.

Do I get the relevant information from the affiliate courses to be able to promote their courses?

Do you need to do a review on a course or is there another way to navigate around this?

I'm a bit stuck on how this all comes together, any guidance will be most appreciated.

Hi Lula,
A country life, passionate horse & dog lover myself, blessed with an awesome family living on my beautiful lifestyle block in New Zealand Bay of Plenty. I am now ready to transition to building income online before I retire. To enjoy the simple life on my land would be my biggest motivator.
Have a great day.
Nicole R