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Recommendations for website ads companies please ?

Recommendations for website ads companies please ?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

After waiting since March for a Google Adsense pin code to verify my postal address, the maximum of four now requested, none received and my payment on hold until I can verify

Have a look at Ezoic. You can google them up. I also think there is training on this here as well.
Better returns than adsense

Hey, Louise, just out of curiosity, how many posts do you have on the site?


Hi Jeffrey,
I currently have 81 and 80 are indexed.
Still fairly new to WA, less than a year.

That's a great amount of posts there, Louise, so it would seem to me that you have met an ad threshold for sure, but you must also, perhaps heed some of Diane's advice in that there is still the traffic component to look into as well. As I am building out my own book promotion site, traffic will still be a factor, and I know--as much as I detest Social Media--I will have to drive some traffic that way. Are you currenlty using Social Media to do that?

Since mine is not on affiliate site, if I get traffic and get my books noticed, the royalties from purchases are my reward, not the commissions. I'll think on this some more, but either way, you might do very well with the ads. I hope it all works out, my friend.


Thank you Jeff. I’ve worked hard whenever I can in between my other work to try and get lots of content out there.
I do use social media even though, a bit like yourself, I’m no longer into it as I used to be. I have a monthly newsletter that goes out to a couple of subscribers so I know I need to work on this too you gain more.
I use Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn mostly. I find fb is more about what other people are doing and the audience has change over the years.
I will definitely take on board what Diane has said too and may cut my loses with Google if I don’t get any joy from the pin arriving.
Thanks for your help and advice.
Louise ☺️

I know that you will figure it out no matter what, Louise! You will utlimately prevail!


Thank you Jeff 😊

You're very welcome, Louise! 😎👍

i remember reading somewhere that Duck duck go is a great community and platform for book promotion. I wish my brain cells could provide more info. but probably worth a look.


This is for young kids, but I'm sure there is a lot more in there somewhere. happy hunting.


Thanks for another potential resource to explore, Stevoi!

Have another excellent day, my friend!


Hi - realistically, most other reputable ad networks will require a certain number of page views per month before you are accepted.

They only want to work with sites that can bring in a decent amount of traffic. And until you are getting around 10,000 page views per month, you will earn every little from ads.

It may well be a good thing, if you don't use Google AdSense. I took a look at your website, and it has 9 huge Google ads just on the homepage, which are very offputting and spoil the look of your pretty site! See the screenshot.

Hi Diane,
I’ve earned a little bit from Google Adsense (£17) even though my payments are on hold whilst I wait for this pin code. I know what you mean though, I have noticed that I get a lot of repeated ads and many are not relevant to my website niche.
Maybe it will be a blessing if they stop showing ads if my pin doesn’t arrive.
I have also read that Google Adsense can slow a website down so it may benefit me in the long run to not have any until my website is into its 2/3 year.

Hi - the thing with Google AdSense is that the ads relate to what your reader has been recently searching for. They will rarely be anything to do with your niche.

So, as you can see from the screenshot, because I had just been reading about Cyber Security, that's what Google assumes I want to know more about and targeted the ads to that subject.

Every visitor will see something different.

Oh I see. That makes sense. I was led to believe they should show relevant ads as I recall one member commenting that my ads were irrelevant to my niche.

That's Ezoic New Requirements


"Ezoic no longer imposes pageview limits upon new sign-ups."
The others like Mediavine require 50k and AdThrive a100k monthly pageviews on Google Analytics respectively.


Thank you. I will take a look at this one instead.

No worries and you're very welcome!

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How can i generate 2 more sales with amazon affiliate link?

How can i generate 2 more sales with amazon affiliate link?

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Pay Per Click Marketing

I have made one sale since journey the Amazon affiliate platform but I’m now close to my 180 days!! It’s so hard to get 3 sales within this time whilst following th

I'd work on my traffic.

And keep updating my blog with content.

And do what is necessary I try my best.

If not, I can reapply again!

However, I hope the best for you all the way.

I am sure you'd make out great.

you may have got your two sales :)

Have I ? :-)

Thank you very much!! 😊

i hope they go through....:)
i would wait to get america until you have some traffic...
then there will be no problems with getting the sales...
have fun

Much appreciated and thank you for your help yesterday 😊

no worries, paying back for someone who helped me out in the past.....

You’re very welcome and happy to help too :-)

We see Diane mentioned that you are part of Amazon UK.
Have you checked Google Analytics Audience Geo to see where your visitors are from? This may indicate an opportunity to sign up for another Amazon location.

Thank you. Yes I’ve just checked and I do have almost the same amount from the US. Do I need to create a separate account for the US platform ?

Yes, Then once you have both of them created you can use "one Link" (dropdown under the "tools" tab) to combine reports on your sales.

Thank you. Think I’ve linked it correctly

When you :"view full report"
you see on the left hand side above the repot view.
‹ Go to consolidated summary reports That will show you each countries sales.

I can see my UK report on the US site under consolidated summary and vice versa and it won’t let me add my new account as it says it’s already linked so I guess I’ve done it ?

Yes. It should be linked now and ready to go.

Thank you kindly for your help 😀

You are very welcome.

Hi - yes, I have said many times that the training encourages us to join Amazon before we have enough traffic to meet their sales target.

Make sure you know their rules if you are hoping to get sales through Facebook. For example, your group must be set to public not private.

Thank you. Yes it does teach us early on and whilst I have generated traffic, it’s simply not enough to get 2 more sales. My fb group is private and can’t be changed back unfortunately but I do have a fb page too so will look into this.

I notice that your Amazon links are to the UK store. Is the UK where the majority of your traffic is coming from?

Mainly yes but I do have almost the same amount from the US. Would I have to join the US one as well ?

Yes, if you have only joined the UK Amazon, then if you get any sales from another country, you won't get commission and they don't count towards the target.

However, you do have to make 3 sales in each country you join.

Ok thank you. I’ll join the US as at least it gives me another 180 days if the UK one closes. May have more success with that one.
Thank you for your help 😀

One more question… I’ve read one of your posts that mention that links need to be text format and from Amazon.com and not Amazon.co.uk in order for the customer to be redirected to their own country. Does this mean I have to change all of my UK links to US in order for this to happen ?

Hi - yes, unfortunately so...

Amazon is not as easy to work with as you may think! And in fact, you are breaking some of their many rules, so even if you meet the sales target you will be removed from their program.

First of all, your main Affiliate Disclosure is not legally compliant.

On each occasion where it says http://YOURWEBSITE.com, you need to change that to the name of your website.

You also need to put Amazon's exact wording in each post that has an affiliate link "As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases" and you need to put this directly above the first link in the post.

Next, you can't use an Amazon image and then suggest the product can be purchased elsewhere. Such as in your Yankee Candle post - you have an Amazon image but also you have an affiliate link for eBay.

Finally, you can't mention the price of an Amazon product, not even a ballpark figure such as "from £9.00-£24.00".

Oh blimey ! Got a bit of work to do then!
So I can’t use different links to different stores in the same post ?

Not sure what you mean by this below :

On each occasion where it says http://YOURWEBSITE.com, you need to change that to the name of your website.

You can use different stores, but not with Amazon images. So, for example, you could have an Amazon text link with an eBay link.

Have a look at your main disclosure- there are several examples where it says YOURWEBSITE - remember, it's just a template that you adapt.

So, delete those examples and put your own website name in.

Ah I understand now. Thank you so much for your help this evening. You’ve been amazing!
I’ll be kept busy next week 😀

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Drop down menu- is there another option ?

Drop down menu- is there another option ?

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Everything Wordpress

Hi all, I currently have almost 60 posts in a drop down menu. After a website review from one of our lovely members, they mentioned about using a roll page instead as over time


Categories if you do not have them.

Thank you very much ! Never even noticed this one on the drop down menu. Will take a look now :-)

You're very welcome.

You may add as many categories as you like, and add them to your primary menu. Then you can input # in the url so that it becomes non-clickable tab, and attach other categories if you like as subs.

Then you can choose which posts go to which category. When visitors click on a specific category, they can see all posts related.

Thanks very much. I’ll have a go at creating some.

Really awesome, let us know how you get on.

I certainly will thank you :-)

You're very welcome.

I’ve created categories for my posts and they are so much better so thank you!

Just a few more tweaks with my menu bar and then I can carry on writing.

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