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Why wouldn't google smooth out its updates?

Why wouldn't google smooth out its updates?

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Search Engine Optimization

Why do we have to suffer their updates that would cost us the loss of rankings?

What's the workaround for this?

I think the workaround is to scrap blogging because that is clearly a thing of the past and focus more on Youtube videos but guess what 1 or 2 years down the road the same that applies to Google will apply to YouTube.

After all, Google does own Youtube.

Maybe it's Google's way of getting people to move onto Youtube.


Google is king, if we want to be a part of the Kingdom, the workaround is to follow what they say. To be fair Google does tell us what they want to see each time they update, it may not be simple, but it is doable.


How can it be doable if someone has 400, 500, 600+ posts and reviews?

Nobody and I mean nobody is going to go back and change anything when the next Google update might even probably cancel that out.


Their updates are designed to provide a better experience for the searcher. Even if they got it perfect, there would be winners and losers. One of my posts has dropped from page 1 to page 3. I just have to work on getting it back.

Hey Lula,

Think just about EVERYONE has asked this or a similar question about Google before.

Google owns the sandbox now, and if we wanna' play in THEIR sandbox we MUST comply to THEIR wishes.

DuckDuckGo is now competing with Google... so maybe... juuuuust maybe Google will start to be a bit more "fair"... but who knows for certain.

The owner of the BIGGEST sandbox wins every time, if you hadn't noticed before (wink!). LOL!

Google is simply a fickle beast!

This is JUST my Opinion - as always, neither right nor wrong, just what I THINK.

There's 2 things to consider here:

1) Ever since its inception as a search engine, Google has had people trying to "cheat" the system.

Unfortunately, THIS is human nature - "What's the easiest way?" "What's the Best?" "What's the Cheapest?"

Basically, how can I do as little work as possible to achieve what I want to achieve? <===Human Nature!!

Basically, people soon realised that the internet was a great way to expand your reach and to make money.

Plus, while Google was in her infancy it was very easy to "cheat" the system, trust me, I'm not proud, but I've done it, and made a LOT of money doing it too.

However, in recent years, especially since around 2019 (2012, 2013 and 2015 were BIG Google years too), Google has made much more effort to weed out people who are simply producing websites soldely for selfish reasons and personal gain.

Google wants to be (and IS in reality) the greatest encyclopedia EVER created in Human History - the answer to EVERYTHING can be found (Google - Chicken and Egg and you can have hours of weird fun!!)

All Google ever wanted was for their search engine to provide helpful infromation to their searchers (websites, blogs, videos, etc.), but they made loads of mistakes along the way (don't we ALL?)

Did you know, pre-2012 you could actually rank an article just by using your keyword as much as possible.

Articles were ranking (and making LOTS of money) and they didn't even make sense, e.g. "Today I'd like to share my Wealthy Affiliate Review with you. In my Weakthy Affiliate Review I will Review Wealthy Affiliate for you. This Review of Wealthy Affiliate will be the greatest Wealthy Affiliate Review you have ever read, I guarantee that no other Wealthy Affiliate Review will be as good as my Wealthy Affiliate Review"...

And YEP, Google would rank this type of content.

So, you could say Google is maturing and gaining more experience over the years.

However, they still don't get it 100% right.

Personally, I feel a LOT of the Indexing problems and a LOT of Google updates in the past 2 years have a LOT to do with AI content (there's nothing we can do about it, as Frank has theorised, perhaps it's here to stay and is the new norm).

Plus, these constant Product Review updates are potentially aimed at having MORE authentic, "Look, I have used this product and here it is in a photo with me" results at the TOP of the search results.


Google still will make errors.

A site that has been slaved over by someone for YEARS can still get "hit" in a core update, as potentially being AI or unhelpful content, it happens, I'm not making excuses for Google, but there's MILLIONS of new blog posts, videos, etc. published every day, there are BILLIONS of searches made around the world every day, it's a LOT to keep "control" off, mistakes, potentially career-threathening in many cases, CAN and probably WILL still be made.

2) Google is a BUSINESS, the same as the REST OF US they want to earn money.

You'll see Google provide their OWN answers for LOTS of things now, and of course, they place their OWN CONTENT at the top of the search results:

Go and Google the time in a particular country

Then Google the current temperature in that country

Then Google something like - laptops

Then - lawnmowers

You'll see Google placing THEIR OWN results at the top of the page, then the people who PAY Google (PPC) are also at the top (and the bottom) of the search page.

BUSINESS - Google is a BUSINESS, they want to make money.

If Google has their own results and paid for results more often at the top of the page, we ALL get pushed down a little further in the search results.

How's that for Annoyance???


Okay, Countess Annoyance you have my entire "blog post" on your Question thread, Sorry, LOL.


Howdy, and thank you.
One thing I am not liking is that Google is generating its own content. That's counterproductive to our efforts, as we obviously sweat to be as succinct as possible in coming up with content our visitors would like to see. While I understand that Google wants to make money and why not? They are in business to make money; it should be fair play. But who am I to Google? Probably no one, lol. I remember adjoining specific groups in the past, where they also gamed the system and made money, but you find it isn't easy at each stage. Reflecting on your content and how you broke it down, we stand no chance of ranking anything. It is a shame, but what can you do? I am unlikely to make any money based on this assessment.
The Annoyance Countess

The Annoyance Prince is much needed here please lol I await you and thank you.
The Annoying Countess

I see exactly what you mean. I am sure they'll come to your rescue!

I might have to write a blog post, because at the moment I can only see this "reply thread" with just you and Abie...

So, I don't want to write a huge explanation, and then you can't see it...


The annoying Prince lol 😂

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Why are members deleting comments? why?

Why are members deleting comments? why?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Thank you.

The owner of a blog post or thread, can delete comments. So it can happen, and this is something that we don't actually control.

The only time we will delete a comment is if it is spammy, promotional or if it is bullying (of course things we don't support here).

If you ever see this sort of thing happening though, do let us know and we can investigate to make sure that it isn't actually some sort of bug. Thanks Lula!

Just a glitch Lula, which unfortunately happens every now and then.

In fact, you know how much effort I sometimes put into a reply, and I have seen it completely disappear.

You can only imagine how I feel after crafting a 1,000-word reply that actually helps someone, for it to completely disappear, and then be told, "you should've taken a copy"... eerrm, NO!! I'm not going to take copies of every single thing I write (including this reply).

I honestly don't think it's censorship (trust me, I've been "told off" before on the platform and Kyle is always gracious enough to send a PM explaining).

However, as for today, I've noted that quite a few members have had difficulties logging into their websites, can't use something on the platform, etc.

So, at a guess, there are updates going on in the background, and unfortunately for such a large platform, this can affect other things going on.

Trust me, there is nothing malicious about it, and if you have done something "wrong", as I say, Kyle is gracious enough to reach out and tell you.


Thank you for your response, Prince Annoyance, but it is NOT a glitch.

Hi, Partha

I’ll guess that we share a similar humorous personality, so I get you. However, behind all the funny things you write there’s a real compassion to help others with valuable info.

I love the way you mix them together in a single post! 😎

I post a lot of musician things for their entertainment value alone, which is not the preferred “succeed, succeed, succeed” format on this platform.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m a fan (I know too many sentences beginning with “I” is not good for SEO 😵‍💫).


Thank you for your response, BUT deleting comments is no FUN.

True, Lula! I have lost a few posts, too.

I believe that community members delete comments intermittently, but as Partha said, this platform is undergoing many changes that I think will be for the better. 😊

Have a Great Day!

Lula! I deleted :) All my :) Blog posts :) Here at :) WA! Moondance :) Was happy x

Why did you do that? lol


Lula! :) Waste of :) My time :) And energy! :) I prefer :) To create :) Content! Plus :) They weren't :) Great!

Abie! :) Waste of :) My time :) And energy! :) I prefer :) To create :) Content! Plus :) They weren't :) Great!

Yeah! That makes sense.

Creating content for your websites is always favorable. Congratulations, Lara! I am sure Moondance would be happy too!


Thanks Abie! :)

Thanks Lula! :)

Completely lol

Most welcome!

You're welcome.

Luckily I have not experienced that so far and hope not too.


Totally Mike, I hear you.

Thank you.

Where is this happening?
Are they comments to your questions?

Where are you seeing comments deleted? We are unclear as to what you are seeiing.

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I am getting traffic but no conversions?

I am getting traffic but no conversions?

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Search Engine Optimization

What do you think the reason is?
Thank you.

Hi Lulu..
I'll give you my take..

So you have traffic..
That's telling you that your posts are working for your niche.

Low conversion..
That's telling you your are not speaking clearly how what you are offering solves the reader's issue.

What's the pain you are addressing in your post? What need are you filling that your reader needs to solve now?

Speak directly to your audience. Narrow it down to one person, like you're giving advice to a dear friend. You know your dear friend, and see exactly what would solve their issue. They trust you because you're their friend.

That's the kind of rapport necessary for conversion.

Don't be general.
Narrow down your audience to one.
Talk to them like a friend.
Tell them what they need.
Tell them what their life will look like if they don't take action today.
Help them make a decision, they are dear to you!

Keep on thriving!


I love it AI, great points you make here.

Great insight. Will address issues.

Love this, great advice. Our audience in one person at a time. Keep it personal.
That is how I like to be dealt with.

Thanks Stephen.
I think if you narrow your niche to one, you can have that personal touch.

do you have clarity analytics installed...
this will allow you to see how visitors are interacting with your site.
you can watch' over the shoulder' as vistors progress through your pages and see where they click or underline or stop....
it may give you more insight into where they are getting to and maybe if you add a link above this you may get more clicks leading to conversions...
but without a ton more information there is not a lot we can help with...
like how many articles, are they all on topic, what is your niche, who is your target audience, how are you interlinking your articles, what is the purpose of your articles.....and a ton more questions...

Hi - well, it's difficult to say without knowing your niche or your website. But if you are attracting traffic, then I assume your posts are ranking highly.

But perhaps your customers were not yet at the buying stage, and you didn't give them enough information to show them the benefits of the product.

Are your product reviews in-depth, enough to answer every question your readers may have? Or could there be something missing, and they have to go to another website to get that information before they make up their mind to purchase?

Is what you are promoting actually relevant to your niche? As an extreme example, you couldn't have a cooking website, and then promote beauty products, on the chance that somebody will be interested.

Where is the majority of your traffic coming from? Which countries? And is it truly organic, they have found you through a Google search?

I would type "Conversion Magistudios" in magnifying glass top menu to access resources.

Could be your CTA is not clear or strong enough. It must be bold enough to make people use it.
Getting clicks is one thing, conversions take a someone convinced they need your product or service.

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