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On Christmas Eve when my boss called and told me I was out of a job, I wasn't even worried. I knew at that moment, something bigger is coming my way. This will be my chance to build my own business, be my own boss.

I have searched many at home opportunities over the years, and I knew they were all scams! Why isn't there an at-home business where I can actually create something of value and not lure people into false hopes of some unknown industry?

Oh, there is WA... showing me how to create websites and how to market them - PERFECT! I am so happy to be learning from this community!

My interests are my kids, the ocean & beach, sunshine & nature... I like exploring new trails, experimenting with recipes, and obviously internet surfing! My kids are older now... and I am a happy grandma to two beautiful granddaughters!

For those considering upgrading to Premium, DO IT!!! You will not find a better education in website creation, keyword research, SEO Search Engine Optimization, writing content, niche ideas, and so much more training and resources anywhere else online or offline for the same cost.

Knowledge is power and there is a mountain of knowledgeable power that can be learned here at WA if you just give yourself the opportunity to learn it and put it into practice. I am so happy that I did! Enjoy! - Darla
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Money Goals
1. I'd be happy to replace my income and earn $72,000 per year.
2. I would be ecstatic to earn TWICE that or TRIPLE that but I am shooting for More!
3. I am willing to work at least 40 hours per week, maybe up to 60 hours per week.
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Dec 19, 2016
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BusyGirl Premium
1. I'd be happy to replace my income and earn $72,000 per year.
2. I would be ecstatic to earn TWICE that or TRIPLE that but I am shooting for More!
3. I am willing to work at least 40 hours per week, maybe up to 60 hours per week.
Kyle Premium
Your goals are totally realistic and when you achieve the first one, it will be just a matter of scaling to reach the second one. The Internet works wonderful when you have your formula for success down which you are going to be getting from the training here at WA.

Once you get this formula down the sky is truly the limit Darla! I look forward to working with you and seeing you make your goals a reality. :)
sounds great me to,good luck in your goals.
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JamezMonroe Premium

You seem to be an interesting lady. I'm glad you followed me :)

I see that you've been on here since May 2014, which is a good sign. You must have had positive experiences, otherwise you would have cancelled the membership.
Could you perhaps tell me what your online achievements as a marketer are?


cjevansco Premium
Thanks for the follow, Darla! Sounds like you know what you want to do and are doing it! I also find WA to be a remarkable group of people. Everyone is so friendly and helpful! I am very busy but I'm working through the course. I should have the "About" section of my site done this weekend. Best of luck to you, and we'll be meeting at the bank one day soon.,
McWord Premium
Welcome to the WA Community and thank you for following me, Darla! I’m following you back!

You'll find the community has tons of help for anyone who needs it, so don't hesitate to reach out. We are interested in our mutual success and there are plenty of people willing and able to assist!

All the best,

BelieveItYes Premium
Hey Darla !

Do you mind subscribing to my youtube channel?


It would mean a lot to me. This channel is my dream job : makeup artist

Please check it out and subscribe! and let me know if you need me to return the favor, by subscribing to your channel or anything that can help your business =) I will be happy to do it! :D
Many thanks!!!
PMindra Premium
Hi Darla,

Paul Mindra here from Ontario, Canada. Thank you for introducing yourself. Your thoughtful gesture has been returned in kind.

Welcome to WA.

I clicked on your site and saw that it is for 'sale.'

As you know, websites on the Internet are actually 'real estate.' And as you further know, real estate can be 'bought, sold, traded, used as equity, etc.'

You are in the right place. What you make of it is going to be of your own volition.

We are all here to assist and serve in any way that we can. Please do not hesitate to ask.

Warm and Kindest regards,