What I do on Facebook to get traffic

Last Update: May 11, 2017

Facebook Daily To Do List Explanation.

This is about using your personal profile to post.

There will be another one about working with your Fanpage and posting on groups.

Post 1 to 3 times a day. 3 times a day is ideal.

No matter how many people you have on your friends list only a certain percentage of them will ever see your post on their Newsfeed. I have 2600+ friends and no matter what only a percentage of them see my Newsfeed. The more active you are the more people who will see your post.

Do not post outside links. When you post a link with whatever you post you greatly reduce the number of people who will see that. Outbound likes hurts the exposure on your post. You have to understand that.

I mention doing it daily which is ideal but if you do this at least 4 times a week you will see a difference.

1 post should be you sharing something you liked that someone else posted. The more you share the more other people see your post.

1 post should be a meme, graphic, picture, video or something similar. They get seen more than a post with just text. If you take a picture and add your website URL to the bottom of the picture it does not show up as a link and will not be penalized for an outside link.


If you are using pictures with your URLs on it each day they see that and the lifestyle post every 2 day. This is where the traffic comes from to your site.

1 post can be a question, a poll, something to get people interacting with you.

Once every 2 day post a lifestyle post. For instance, if you are promoting Wealthy Affiliate you might post,

“I am sure learning a lot about WordPress in this new course I am taking.”

“With this new training I am going through I built my first website.”

“Today the course I am taking finally explained how to use keywords to get traffic to my site.”

Use you imagination to get them interested so they respond to you.

No link just something to catch their interest. Make sure you respond with a Private Message with your link to everyone who ask you what you are doing.

Also, it is very important to make sure you respond to everyone who comments on what you post even if it is a few words. That shows Facebook you are being social and increases who sees your post.


Find 3 people in your niche that have 5000 friends and post a comment on their newsfeed once a day. It helps people get to where they recognize your name.

Make a comment on 10 post on your newsfeed. It can be a simple comment like where someone says good morning and you reply. 10 comments on your newsfeed.

Next go to your friends list and find 10 people on it who were not on your news feed and comment on one of their post. That way you are making sure that at least 20 people will see your post on their newsfeed.

Add 20 new Facebook friends a day. If you get 5 friend request then you only have to send 15 friend request that day. Either get friend request or send friend request to 20 people a day. The goal is to get to 5000.

If you send someone a friend request make sure that you send them a private message along with the friend request. It can something like. “I saw your comment on _________ and would like to add you as a friend.”

Make sure you check the friend request you get. If there are not a lot of mutual friends or they only have one or two things posted do not accept it. Deny the request.

If you get a friend request you accept make sure you click on their name and go to their profile and leave a thank you for the friend request.

This is what post on there profile.

It takes about a week of doing this before you see an increase in the number of people who see your post and the number of people who comment on them go up.

This is a simple list that will get you started. You do not have to do it every day but you need to do it at least 4 days a week. If you do will find they you can get a steady flow of traffic to your website.

One quick tip for more traffic, make sure the URL to your blog/website is in your description for your profile picture. On your profile picture there is a place to add a description and make to add your URL. You will be surprised the traffic you get just from that.

When I want to drive traffic to my website I do this. If I stop for awhile then when I start again it takes about a week to get back to where I will average 10 to 20 visits a day from Facebook. Since post do not expire the more consistent I am the more the traffic increases.

Here is the short list

1 to 3 post a day

3 comments on newsfeeds of well know people in your niche

10 comments on post in your newsfeed

10 comments on friends post that are not in your newsfeed

Respond to all comments on your post.

Get or send a friend request to 20 people a day

It works try it.

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shelley8492 Premium
Hi Bo. I have similar questions as some of the others here. It has been a month and I did not see any answers. I know you are busy. I have my personal db page where I keep up with family and friends. My niche is my dog, Trixie, and she has her own website and fb page. People that aren't dog lovers aren't going to want to see the many photos of my dog that I post or articles about dog care. That is why I created the separate fb page. It is all written from her perspective and as if she is writing it.

Maybe I am about to answer my own question. Everything you are talking about here is to increase our friends on our personal page. We aren't sharing any info about WA, our niche or bootcamp if that is what we are working on. We post our lifestyle post with enticing info about what we are doing in our niche and once they ask about it, we send a PM and our business link and follow up with a thank you image when appropriate.

Did I capture that correctly?
suzieq Premium
OOOH, I just saw this post from someone here at WA He wrote this over a year ago, so wondering if it's still works today with all of Facebooks changes. Makes sense tho.

Newmayberry Premium
Question: I have a business page for my niche. On that, I share new posts that have links to my page. You said do not share links. Should we not share posts?

Also: Do I make the post on my Business FB page or your regular fb page?

A little confused on this. My facebook and my business are separate. Although I use my personal account to moderate a business page.

Thanks for any clarity,
sharon22 Premium
Hi Christina,

I have the same issue as you. Hope we will get some answers here.

Learning together,
redbiro Premium
I know nothing about Facebook and do not know what a newsfeed is. I wish there was a beginners Facebook course in Gogetters training. This page has just assumed we are Facebook experts.
I think I will have to go and join Facebook to attempt to learn it.
Do I join as my own name? or do I join as my website domain name? when I create an account?
UrsaMajor Premium
Yes, you will first join under your own name. Then you will create a 'Page'. Let me know if you need any help, once you get this far.
redbiro Premium
Ok, Thank you. Dave
Melissa901 Premium
They have both available a personal and a business page. For me personally I just share under my personal. Kyle did say on one of his videos that the business pages usually don't help all that much. Basically if I was to tell you I would sign up under you. Then you can start adding people. Facebook will also suggest some people you may know. As far as a news feed it is simply a big list of everything that everyone shares.
For example if I was to share a picture it would show up on the news feed for everyone too see. They have the option to like it and share it. Or they can even comment on in. It will also show up on my wall which is kinda like our profile here.
Hope this helps it sounds complicated but really its not.
redbiro Premium
Thank you so much for providing a simple explanation that I can understand. I feel better about how to set it up now. You have been very helpful. Have an awesome day. Dave
Melissa901 Premium
You are welcome it isn't too bad!
laurenjean Premium
Hi Dave, I was also super confused about Facebook when I got started. It was tricky to get my mind around the fact that you have to have a personal page and a business page as on Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram you can just set up a Business Page from work from there.
Facebook was actually the last social media channel I developed.
Once you've set up your personal profile, I do recommend setting up a Page for your business. Tony Hamilton has some great training on that here: I find I get more reshares and comments from my personal friends though, so I recommend sharing your blog posts to both your personal profile (Timeline) and business page.
redbiro Premium
Thank you for sharing your experience with Facebook. I will check out the training you suggested. It's funny really. Joining WA was an easy decision, joining Facebook is a hard decision. Have a great day. Dave
ChrisTowers Premium
Additionally to my previous comment... we all need to be careful sending out these Friend Requests...

I did some ... from a Facebook page that I follow in the same niche... and after 7 or 8 .. I started to get warnings from FB saying that I should only be adding people I know...

I do not want to see anyone getting banned or kicked!

ChrisTowers Premium
I think this is a great idea.. but I have a question.

My Facebook is actually quite personal.. I have lots of friends and family on there.. but they are all people that know me personally.

I am not so Keen on the idea of adding people to this simply to generate a flow of people coming back and forward...

I do have a fan page .. which is more appropriate for this..

So is it essential that I use my personal FB page for this task?

If it is required.. then fine .. i will bite the bullet... but it would not be my first thing to do lol


MeganW Premium
Hi Chris

I hear you on the personal Facebook page thing. I only have a couple of hundred friends but I know them all personally except for a few who I've met through online interests. I don't like adding people I don't know because of the industry I work in. I actually have no current work colleagues on my Facebook because of this. I have a Facebook group for my website but I don't have a lot of people on it yet. Might try being more prolific in my commenting on niche related pages and see if that helps.

ChrisTowers Premium
Thanks Megan ..

I was thinking to open a second facebook profile.. but I have heard it is not such a good idea!

MeganW Premium
I'm thinking I will focus on joining as many niche related Facebook groups as possible and promoting through that rather than adding people.
ChrisTowers Premium
Just be careful not to spam other people pages/groups Megan!

Doing this will lead to them kicking you out!
DianneBee Premium
I share this concern.
CraigW315 Premium
Have you done a follow-up post on using your fan/ site page?

I've had my FB page for about 8+ years, I suppose. My friends are all legitimate friends and family. Would I be using that one, or should I make a new one? I also made a page for my site, and have been posting on it as well as using it to comment on other people's posts. Should I avoid that and only use my real name? I thought it was good to post under my site's name to get some visibility.

I think it would feel a bit odd to add hundreds of people I don't know under my real name. If it were possible to do it under my site's page, that would seem more logical. Regardless I am willing to try.

You mention finding a person in our niche with 5000+ friends. Finding a *group* should be no problem, but I am not sure how to find an individual in a niche....

I'm perfectly willing to try all of this, but want to be sure I understand correctly.
BrendanB1 Premium
Under Facebook terms and conditions you can only have a single personal page and it has to be you personally and not your business.

That said I know a lot of business owners which have two separate personal Facebook profiles, one for their family and friends and another for their business contacts. The risk with this strategy is that FB could work out what you are doing (and they definitely have enough data about us to do that) and decide to start shutting down accounts.

End of the day, it is tradeoff. Which risk is bigger for you connecting with strangers or potentially getting shutdown.
CraigW315 Premium
Thanks for the reply!
Excellent Blog! thank you.

I have 3 questions,

1. If I shouldn’t duplicate information from my website, I assume that means duplicating to other websites or articles but does that include to social media like Facebook and twitter to kinda announce the blog post?

2. Should I remove all the personal and political stuff from my Facebook account?

3. Can I use a business Facebook that is separate from my personal Facebook account but looks personal?
immistermike Premium
One thing about duplicate postings on your website and the WA blog posts is that Google indexes both. Hence the old double-D (Dreaded Duplication).

If your FB account contains postings or information that could be construed as offensive to potential customers then you should consider moving/removing it.

A separate business page would work just as you suggest.
botipton Premium
1. Yes that is right

2. No leave it there it helps people get to know you. You are building relationships

3. Yes you can but you can also use a fanpage instead of setting up another account.
Thank you, that helps.
Thanks for replying.
Uta Premium
So one more arising question!

Is it better to create a new profile on Facebook? I do not want to share my super private things I share with my close friend with the hole world

So I would create a new profile and giving administration rights to this new person of me for the page and the group. Does this make sense?
botipton Premium
You can create fan pages to work without having to use your personal profile for business.
Uta Premium
Good advise! Thank you
Uta Premium
Powerful post! Thank you

I keep it for later / at the moment I feel the day is way to short for what I should do and push forward.
Sometimes I do not know how to keep that speed while being a good mum for my girl and all those other daily responsibilities.

But I am super greatful for all these shared wisdom.

I will take it to my heart and proceed as fast as possible

Happy weekend
botipton Premium
With a little planning you can do this in about 30 minutes a day.

Family and being a mum should be at the top of the list and everything else will work out.

It is more about getting systems in place to do things in the shortest amount of time and the easiest way.
Uta Premium
Thank you! You are right - need to structure it first
ValerieJoy Premium
Thanks very much Bo. This is hugely helpful. Although I started a Facebook page quite some time ago I have done little with it, so I'm starting from scratch almost! However, I do need this as I have a seven year old website which has done well in the past without social media. But, with ever evolving changes the site is lacking badly now. I will do my best to get this rolling. And thanks again, ever so much. I'm sure this is just what I need :)
botipton Premium
You are welcome Valerie I am glad to help.
kmer6 Premium
This sounds like a very simple system to get more traffic to your site. I'm assuming they will get your website URL from the picture graphic that you posted on FB. I am also assuming with the number of likes and shares you should be getting then having a FB business page would be necessary.
I read somewhere that in order to get your post in the newsfeed in front of all your friends you must be active and have a certain amount of shares or likes.
Hey, I like this advice! Thank you, Bo, for sharing.
botipton Premium
What you heard is right and this helps solve that problem in a systematic way
Gunnertwist Premium
Thanks so much for sharing this Bo, truly appreciated. I will need to learn FB a bit better to implement this strategy but I am up for the task. Posting and outside, what exactly is that? Do u mean like if I was on my site and clicked the share button to post it to FB would that be an outside link? Thanks for your inputs. :)

botipton Premium
No posting an outside link is where you post a link on Facebook that takes someone outside Facebook. Like a link to your site. Facebook doesn't like that