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Hi : I am Xue from Shanghai China, once a WA member, re-join the premium right now.





3 domain names give out for free?

3 domain names give out for free?

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Getting Started

I register some domains 3 months ago, but now I decide to give up some niches, so the related domains will be useless for me. So I like give out to somebody who are interested i

You are very generous.

We are in community.

I will PM you now !

Coach Ed

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Hi where do you find the free stock image for your site?

Hi where do you find the free stock image for your site?

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Website Development & Programming

as u know , proper image is important for the look and feel of the site, but now I will not pay for the image,bu where to find the free one?


http://pixabay.com/en/ Free images here

You can try this one:

Be sure and read all the TOS and follow careflly.

Have a look at a Blog post I did about free images - https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/bluedot/blog/free-blog-images

thanks for teaching

Hi - I would recommend looking at Beverley's post here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/where-to-find-images-for-your-website/introduction

It covers paid, free, royalty free sites etc.

All the best, Mark

That's great Mark, thanks, I've added these to my bookmarks.

u r expert

Also, if you type in 'free images' in the question search bar at the top, you will see all the results that other people have posted with suggestions for where to get free images

Try pixabay.com

checked, but sometimes can not find the picture required

Course 2, Lesson 5 is all about free images for your website...

how do u think photobucket.com, I find a lot there

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A logo always needed for a niche site?

A logo always needed for a niche site?

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Website Development & Programming

I try to get a simple logo at FIVERR for my site , but I found a lot of sites do not have a logo at all, which still rank well and not look ugly, what is your opinion on the lo

Logo's help define your brand - so yes having a logo is a good thing to have. The worst place to get a logo is at fiverr.

If you want a professional logo you can go to www.99designs.com or if you're in Canada www.99designs.ca

You have 2 options you can get a logo from the 99 designs logo store starting at $99 - if you want the exclusive rights (no one else can buy it) the logo cost is $199.

These are pre-designed logos, you have the options of changing colors and making minor alterations to the logo and adding you company name and tag line.

Or you can start a logo design contest - here your logo will be designed by many, many designers and you choose the one you like. These start at $299

Or the other option is create your own logo.

thanks your guys answer, I also think the logo is a boost to appearance , no need more emphasis.
I am going to create my own logos.

Not needed to rank, but they can give you a boost in appearance. I would not stress on it early and would rather see the energy focused on content generation as we all know that content is king!

You don't need to have one, but it does make it look more professional. You can also make one yourself with Picmonkey or some of the other graphic tools.

Where to find the real name of member?

Where to find the real name of member?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Appreciate ur answer.

Great question. Christene has a great answer!

Thanks for all your feedback
I just curious that some WA member get the real name of others who never expose their real name via profile.

Not everyone wants to use their real names for different reasons like branding, privacy and so forth. You can PM a member and ask them if they want to provide you with their real name. If not, it would be a good idea to respect their privacy.

Bluewell, glad you asked. Here is a tip. Time is precious, so just refer to them as whatever they like to be called. Is your name Bluewell? If it is, then great. If it isn't, also great! I know that it's what you want me to call you, and I respect that. You see, I am a car, and my name is WJC. LOL

My exact sentiment.

I agree too... I used to scroll down to their welcome message to find out their real name. But now I feel if they don't mention it in their profile, they cannot expect me to go hunting for it and I'll just call them by their username.

You won't necessarily find the 'real' name of a member. Not everyone wants their name known. For newer people you will often see it in the first message on their profile = but you won't for people who have been here longer. :) Beverley

You could ask them directly in a private message.

Did you know that by the strict rules, the ones no one follows, you are not even allowed to write a PM to someone unless invited by the person to do so?

You can either go to their 'view profile', see if their intro has their real names, otherwise, you just need to ask them. Others don't put their real names, so...

Not sure if you mean the member's real name or if you're trying to look up their profile with their WA user name?

But, if it's their real name, you don't have access to it unless they share it openly here. If you're trying to locate a member by their username you can type it into the question bar at the top and they should come up.

The real name ,I Mean
Thanks for ur feedback

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