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Hi my name is Colin, formerly South African Living in Ireland. Dad with 3 wonderful children - Two Daughter's and a Son.

Decided to give WA the plunge due to wasted time and effort with other so called internet Guru's.
Looking forward to online success.
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Thanks for the follow and best wishes to you
Thanks for the follow Colin and I am sure you will succeed with WA if you don't give up oh and I like to know how you grid code worked ?
BlueDot Premium
Hi same - thanks - don't plan to give up been at this for some time - I'll keep you posted with the grid widget
DavesNetTeam Premium
Hello Colin and thanks for the follow. All the best my friend!

dazzlefish Premium
Hi Colin...Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Only I don't understand why I would want to use GoDaddy? Will GoDaddy give me my domain name back free when I want to point it somewhere else? I don't mind paying $10 or $12 a name to have control. And, true, I do love Cats, but I wouldn't choose it for a niche to make money. I'm a former book dealer, so books would be my best shot due to having expertise in that field. That's why I registered with Amazon and selected 3 books on Hypnotism to put on a website. The first two are over $100 each the third is $23. The first two make the third look like a fantastic bargain. LOL Meanwhile I'm following the WA lessons to learn how to move around in WordPress. I don't mind making a few sites for practice hosted by WA. In fact, if they want to own the domain names I don't care, I can always make up more. My main goal is acquiring skills right now. I'm not trying to save money. Thanks.
BlueDot Premium
Hi - Go Daddy will always have ownership of the domain name - paying them entitles you to have sole use - Even WealthyAffiliate needs to pay for their domain on a yearly basis. If you stop paying then they resell the usage rights to the next taker. The pointing of the DNS settings is for selecting a hosting server. The premium membership allows you to host your domains on Wealth Affiliates Servers but you need to tell the domain company like Go daddy where you want your domains hosted.
Thanks for the follow