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Online Entrepreneur that is engaged in Marketing, Social Media and Website Development.
SEO is my hobby and keywords research my addiction.
God is my Boss!
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Willieg Premium
Thanks for the follow. Best wishes to you and your success.
Christene9 Premium
Pleasure Willie. Best wishes to you as well. Please do not hesitate to stop by if you have questions.
Willieg Premium
Thanks a lot, I will.
BhaskaranN Premium
Hi Christene
Thanks for the follow.God is my boss too and I wish you all success in life through him.
Christene9 Premium
Pleasure Bhaskaran, always great to meet new people. I wish you success as well, you know what they say, with God all things are possible.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions or need advice. Will do my best to help.
jonathan13 Premium
HI Christene9,

I am going to join the premium. I am just awaiting response from a fiverr rep. I am very inexperienced. They are sending me 5 unsaturated niches for me to look into. They look them up to make sure they are profitable and unsaturated. I was stuck at the niche part because the training goes into some detail, but not the detail I need to search effectively and choose 1. It doesn't actually go into any discussion on how to target a good niche and see what the competition is. Once I get 5 and I choose 1, do you recommend I sell a product(item) like a Boxflex affiliate or am I better off referring people to ebooks? I just want to know from an experienced person, which has worked out better for you. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Also does the premium training go into more detail on each step so that even a beginner can be on the right track? The free training is just too vague to be successful in my opinion.

Christene9 Premium
Hi Jonathan.

It all depends on your choice of niche when it comes to picking products to promote. Will your niche cover topics that have physical products linked to it or will it be a niche about information based products. I would be able to help you a bit more once I know your choice of niche.

It would be better if you choose a niche that has your interest. Write down all your interests, hobbies, stuff you feel passionate about, your skills and so forth and go from there. A website is something you will have to maintain for a long time to come. It will become boring if you choose something that is of no interest to you. The idea is to make money while enjoy working on your website.

Once you have pinned down ideas, then you can do your keyword research to see which ones have potential.

In addition, pick a niche that will give you lots to write about to ensure that your website will always have fresh content for a long time to come. Example; a website about the Iphone6 might be a good idea for now, however, by next year it will be old news and you can only write so much about the phone before information dries up. Also pick something that will be evergreen, meaning, it will be around for a long time to come. Like the iPhone6, popular now, next year they will most likely have the iPhone8 and the current one will be history. Example: Pet care, weight loss, dieting, beauty and so forth, are niches that will go on for a very long time to come and there will always be demand for information and products.

Choose a niche that has a market - Meaning, do research to find out if your niche has buyers potential. No use choosing a niche that has traffic, but no one wants to buy anything. Example: The recipe niche is popular, however, the market is somewhat dead. People who Google for recipes, are mostly looking for free information. If I want to bake a cake, I search for a free recipe to use in a hurry, I do not want to buy a pan or a cookbook.

Google your potential niche and look for websites and blogs that has many comments. Go through those comments and see if there is a demand for products, do people recommend certain products? Do people ask questions about products. In addition, look for demand, if there is a lot of demand to solve a certain problem, you have great market potential. For instance, I visit a website about natural remedies to cure sinus, I see tons of other people struggling with the same thing, meaning, there is a demand for something that will solve the problem. Thus my next step would be to look for a product that will go with that.

You can also use the classifieds to determine demand. Look at the products that sell well or have a huge interest. Social media platforms like Facebook is a good place to do research as well. Look at pages and groups in your niche option and have a look at the interest levels on products and the niche itself

Yes, the premium membership offers a lot more and covers everything in detail.
AnaRosado Premium
There I was... looking for more info in www and I came across your Site: http://www.christene-marketing.com, and It was amazing!
Started with a review on Clickbank and followed a link to another amazing information, and another link, and them the ads you have... Amazing information, contents...

Just stopped by to say: this is what I think we are all looking for... a very well build site, with a nice flow in contents that makes you keep reading, links very well putted in the text (just the right amount and in just the right place). We can feel the passion!
For me your site is "The" site so far!

Congrats on your work and thank you GOD for putting your site in my laptop screen! :)
Christene9 Premium
Hi Ana. Hope all is going well?

Many thanks for the positive feedback and for visiting my website, it is much appreciated!

It does take some hard work to get a website fully functional and practical for readers. However, once that is done, the hardest part is over. I am sure that you will be able to create a great website yourself, if not better. Just a matter of keeping focused on the right goals.

Please do not hesitate to give me a shout if you need advice or have questions, will do my best to help.
AnaRosado Premium
Thank you for your support. Hope my hard work and my to learn will bring me the joy of very nice site!
Temujin1 Premium
Hey Christene, thanks for the connection. All the best.