Hi guys and gals,

I know that in the WP settings, you can set up the number of syndications. I know this has something to do with RSS. But I don't know about RSS. So,

1/ Are syndication settings important? 2/ Do you need them? 3/ Can you just ignore this in the settings and they don't impact on your site?

Thank you, Annie

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Labman Premium
Yes, you can ignore them. However, the RSS feed is a good way to get people to join your website and a good way to keep yourself at the top of their mind. People are quite fickle and may not return to your site unless you have a way to trigger their memory.
With mailchimp you can add your RSS feed directly to an email blast to your subscribers for free. This is the a good way to keep your site on people's radar.
AnnieB Premium
Thanks Craig for explaining this.