HTML, CSS, what? And The Coding Confusion Calamity!

Last Update: March 27, 2014

Confused About Website Coding/Markup?

Bad option ---->>> Mmm, take a ticket and join the queue!

Good choice ---->>> Do something about it...

Fun over, back to being serious...

If you are interested in learning more about the coding that makes your website function, then there are sites that you can use to learn more about all this coding "stuff", and actually practice what you learn.

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and so on are all on this site -

Here's another one, I haven't had a thorough search of this site, but it may be easier for some of you to follow. It has membership to it, if you want to access all the training - Lifetime for $24.95, but there is some really good free info on it, too -

And, of course, our very own Magistudios created this in the Live Video Classes training section -

No doubt there will be plenty of training on YouTube as well.

I realize this is not for everyone, but knowing a little can help you adjust some items on your website with how you want them to look, e.g. set theme font colours.

For those of you that are interested in this, may I suggest opening up a dummy siterubix site to practice anything at all that you are not familiar with, ie creating gallery images, coding HTML and so on.

That way you never have to worry about "messing" up your site. This is what many of the video training members here at WA do.


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Isimaus Premium
Great post, Annie...:-)..thanks for that !
AnnieB Premium
Hi Janine, I'm going to do a little bit more training in this area myself. Nothing fancy, I just want to learn a wee bit more about changing the look of my website if possible, e.g. change the width of my website header. Don't know if I can though, yet!
M W Mihalicz Premium
Thanks Annie. It's bookmarked for when I am in a bind.
Damien Lane Premium
Hi Annie, great info here, & as you say it isn't everybody's most fun topic. Though it certainly can give you an advantage as you point out, to improve the look & feel of your site.


Just to be a little pedantic here mate (I can hear the programers aka code cutters urging me forward with this - sorry). Although, Javascript & PHP are considered coding (programing), HTML & CSS are in a different class of languages called 'markup'.

Loosely speaking markup languages will help change presentation etc, while programing languages are used to alter programs.

It pains me to seem this particular, though if a member went off to learn PHP, and were not programming inclined, they would probably get such a fright that they may never look to learn markup (HTML & CSS).

Markup is not considered (especially by programers) to be programing, but 'marking up', it is far easier to learn & far more intuitive than cutting code (programing).

...& you thought you were confused before :\ sorry...
AnnieB Premium
And you thought you didn't learn anything in that 600 page Ben Hur novel you told me about earlier?

Thanks for pointing out the differences Damien, I'll add the word "and" to the title. I just (wrongly!) call it all coding - makes my life easier!
Damien Lane Premium
Genius Annie ;)

And, I actually worked in IT for over a decade, I'm not much of an IT guy, but I did pick up a little terminology & a few tricks in that gig...
mrbill74 Premium
Useful information for a tech dufus like me. Thanks for posting, Annie!
AnnieB Premium
It takes a bit of getting used to, but I actually managed to figure out some coding I placed in one of my sidebar images. Rather surprised I was that I fixed my "problem" up.

There's hope for us all Bill!
DIGGER12 Premium
lol I like Tech Dufus ;-) I usually call myslef a Techy Idiot but yours is better
Trialynn Premium
Thanks Annie for the links, they are worth taking a look at!
AnnieB Premium
Hi Tria, I found it useful just to learn where to find a couple of codes and get some info on my font colours. Also for adjusting a text widget image.