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Hello all. My name is Heather. I am 26 years old with a 3 1/2 year old daughter. My husband is from Egypt and I





How many posts per week?

How many posts per week?

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I was wondering how many posts per week do you all do on average? What's a good number to shoot for? I'm having a hard time with mine.

Website #1: Only because I've been si

Hi Heather, I would say one to two.

But as you can see from the replies, it's different for people-it depends on the things. Try for at least one post per week. :) See what feels good for you.

I love True Story's reply, he gives good advice. Having 3 websites at the start is a big task, trying to post regularly to them all.

Like you I struggled with the Bootcamp, writing about online scams, work from home ect. I've put this on a back burner and concentrate on 2 niche sites, subjects I know a fair bit about and love writing about.

Your cooking site, you don't always have to cook to post. I couldn't sew for a while (hurt my back) so found other things related to that to post about. One was how to avoid backache when sewing!

Quality is better than quantity and if you're half-hearted when writing it comes across. :)

Personally I post 1 Page or Post per week. Trying to get it to 2 per week but I just don't have the time. Plus it doesn't hurt my rankings at all because I post consistently on the same day every week and Google loves it when you keep a consistent schedule.

That’s good to know. I hadn’t heard that. Thanks

There is a bit of myth surrounding frequency of posts. Some say daily and others say post an epic post once per month.

I lean towards the latter. I would rather pump out viral worthy, epic content than push out lots of low quality posts.

I am also quite random.. some months i post 4x others only once lol.. i still maintain my traffic flow and my keywords im ranking for still increase..

Google loves huge posts.. These can rank for so many keyword combinations.

Blogging every single day is really an awesome thing to do, but not necessarily something that everyone has time to do.
I like your website cooklikeanegyption.com. It has some delicious looking recipes.
When you are trying to build an audience on your blog, to monetize, you want to figure out what you can do to help them with something that they are having the darndest time trying to do. An easier way of doing something is an example. The visitor has to want to come back because you built the site for them, to help them with what ever problem they are having, or be that go 2 guy, a specialist on what ever information they are looking for.
As great as your site is, to me it feels like its your personal site, like a facebook page, and you want to let your friends and family know all of the great recipes that YOU like.
I hope I wasn't to direct.
I just want to be helpful.
You can pm me anytime, and as soon as I have time, I really don't mind helping. IF I can.
Have a pleasant evening...

True Story...

Thank you very much, sir. Direct or not, it's the truth and that's what I need. I guess I've been sort of feeling that way, maybe because of the word "blog" and what it has meant in the past. I guess I need to take some time to rethink my direction. I do try to post easy and not very time consuming recipes, but how to get that across better I'll have to think about.

Thanks again.

If you don't mind putting in some elbow grease, in this case finger joint grease, (for doing some research, and writing more content.
I can't tell you what to do with your blog, but what I would do with my blog is, if it's Mediterranean food that I like, I would research just about every single Mediterranean recipes that I possible can, start picking out your favorites, add something like a really good desert and your favorite bottle of wine to go with the recipe.
Try to think about what that person wants their taste buds to feel like when they read, or actually make and taste that dish for the very first time.
Then, since I'm talking about delicious recipes, I would think of what time of the year it is. If it's valentine's day, I would want to have a nice romantic dinner with my wife, so I would definitely try to make dishes with red in it. Like for desert, something with strawberries in it. Maybe some really good red wine. (Google great tasting red wine).
If it's winter, something hot, or minty, or both.
Do the same for seasons, holidays, evens, like the super bowl.
I hope you're getting the idea.
Keywords are very important because it tells you how many people are already looking for what ever your niche is.
I hope I brainstormed your thoughts a little..
If you need help on keywords, I'll be more than happy to help.

True Story ...

I get about 2 in weekly and 1 on another site. wish i could do more

I wish I had time to add a post a day to each of my sites, but I do the best I can with what I've got. The more posts, the more content, the more traffic potential.

If you add a new post each day do you need to start deleting some of them after a while or just keep all of your content no matter how much you accumulate?

I would definitely keep them all. People will still be finding your old posts through the search engines. I would just check every once in a while to make sure the affiliate links and info are still up to date on really old posts.

Older blog posts should remain on your site. New visitors will be able to access those older posts through your site's archives.

Great. Thanks Bob.

When you post, it's like a diary. When a person writes in their diary, they never rip out a page because it's old. And if you were to go in your diary a few years later, I believe that you would definitely regret ripping that page out, (deleting your content).
Blogging platforms like wordPress, has software running in the background that stamps the date, time, etc., and it records your content in chronological order by default, (in their order of occurrence in time). So, 20 years later, that content will still be there, and it might really be useful to someone.
it's the history, or legacy if I may, of jshannon123..

Hope that helps..

True Story...

Makes sense. Thanks TrueStory.

As many as possible, at least once a day per webiste if at all possible. However, your niche may not allow for that (the book one) since you have to be able to read the book first. The more content you have the more likely somone will find your website.

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Any advice on my site?

Any advice on my site?

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Website Development & Programming

I'm not getting any sales or many click throughs on any of my 3 sites. Can you give me some advice as to why I may not be making conversions/sales? Is it just needing more traff

Thank you Brandi. I will work on these suggestions.

I'm looking at CookLikeAnEgyptian. The site looks really good. It would be nice to see more recipes. Perhaps shoot for 3 recipes for each of your catagories. It looks like you favor simple recipes so many play that up a little more. In your blog, targeted keywords and in additional recipes. Both your reviews look good, perhaps incorporate, for example, your use of the rice cooker, in your rice recipe and provide a link to help guide folks to the item you are promoting. I'm going to give the salad a try. I like simple. Thank you.

Thank you Brandi. I will try that.

Between the 4 and 6 months your clicks will go UP fast:) Google doesnot have the trust in young sites

Give it time, your sites a very "young." Have a read of my blog too, it might help. :)

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