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I joined Wealthy Affiliate in June/2013 and thought I should update my profile.

Hello, I am Jen. I am a single mother of 3 sons and one beautiful granddaughter.

I feel that I was led here for a reason. My goal is to run my online business full-time while helping others.

The atmosphere here feels terrific, and there is no pressure. I just feel excited to be here. I wanted to tell Kyle and Carson thanks so much for letting those of us that choose/need to, start out for free. I am very thankful for that, as I do not have much money right now, and have been wary of jumping right into online opportunities too quickly.

A few of my goals are to create a successful online business so I can work
from home, have more freedom, spend time creating the life I want, and to help others.

First, another thank you to Kyle, Carson, and Jay for creating this opportunity. Thanks too, to the members who took/take time to help with my endless questions.

I have been earning money now for about 8 months, but it took a few months to start earning. The money is not enough to live on yet, but it's money, and this program works! Every month, it adds up to a little more.

To all of you who are new, don't let the few months throw you off, or scare you into thinking it will take you that long. I chose a niche that I didn't know a lot about, and I knew zero about Internet Marketing, so it took me a while. Everyone goes at their own pace.

A funny thing-just about 8 months ago, I asked Kyle this question in live chat: "Are you sure this really works/I can do this?" I said something along those lines. I was a little frustrated and worried that I couldn't do this or that it wouldn't work for me.

Kyle said it takes a while to build a business. Always remember that, and never quit just because you don't see results right away. The effort you put into this will pay off, trust me.

I sort of fell off the wagon, lol! I allowed life to get in the way of my dreams and goals, but I am back at it, and I will be successful again!

Advice for newbies and Actually Anyone:
Put in the time and effort.
Ask questions as often as you need to.
Don't be afraid to ask for help.
Don't fear being looked at as dumb or silly, join the club, we all get those feelings.
You will make mistakes but don't let that stop you.
Kick any negative thinking to the curb.
Information overload can happen, so take breaks.
Do it over and over again, until you get it right.
Never listen to anyone who says you can't do this.
Have you ever told yourself, "I can't do this?"
Guess what? There is NO reason why you can't.
If you want this bad enough, then never, ever give up, and you will achieve it.
Be kind to yourself. :)

If you ever just want someone to listen, or need some encouragement, private message me anytime or just leave a reply.

Thanks for reading!
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I would be happy earning $2,000.00 per month. I would be ecstatic if I earned $5-$10,000 per month. I am willing to put in 6 or more hours per day.
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Dec 19, 2016
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Jenna7 Premium
I would be happy earning $2,000.00 per month. I would be ecstatic if I earned $5-$10,000 per month. I am willing to put in 6 or more hours per day.
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JohnSwane Premium
Hi Jenna...I just viewed your work online scam free web site. I like the comfortable, non threatening, and supportive vibe of the site! Your site definitely relates your respect and concern for your readers best interest! My site will be different as it will not have the woman touch...BUT I share you respect and care for the readers best interest! Thanks for sharing!!
JohnSwane Premium
Hi Jenna, Thanks for following me! One quick question...if you don't mind please recall for me which post or blog or profile characteristic caught your eye and attracted you to follow me? I'm just curious to learn what I may be doing right which you may have liked. If it was nothing in particular which got attention that's fine to. Have a great day!!!
Jenna7 Premium
Hi, John.

Thanks for the follow back.

I just really liked your post about success and WA. :)

How are things going?
JohnSwane Premium
How things are going for me is that I am developing my site at a rapid pace. I have two questions I need to answer in my mind before I roll it out. Perhaps you may help? I will promote WA through reviewing it, sharing WA success stories and sharing Marketing strategies. My aim is to empower those who want to achieve their financial goals through online entrepreneurship. This is a big market...agreed? Now as I focus in further I could concentrate on understanding and fulfilling the needs of the following groups. College students with piles of debt. Business owners who wish to promote locally or globally. Retirees and convened about retirement. Employees trapped in a unfulfilling job with stagnating pay. Super achievers searching for reliable, unlimited income through online entrepreneurship. Marketing and Business college students majors. Long list right? How do I choose which group has the most potential? Can you assist me with my choice? Once I choose a narrow niche I am going to be committed to it!!! I can cross niche interests a little but each of these groups are worthy and potentially profitable....Help!! lol
Jenna7 Premium
Hey, again.

Yes, agreed.

On which area to focus on, it's so hard to say.

If it were up to me, I would choose one of the areas you mentioned to focus my site around. Those are all very good audiences that you could really help.

Sometimes if you get in Live Chat there are experienced members who can give you some feedback. :)

Does this help at all or no?
JohnSwane Premium
OK and yes...all of these groups will do well at WA...Perhaps the answer is I do not need to choose..BUT I like to tell success stories...and some of these stories appeal to some and turn others off. I am currently employed as a Union Manufacturing Employee...As you may know...manufacturing employees income has crumbled and deteriorated at least 70% from their height 30 years ago. This kind of talk engage some but turn off others. I'm a Rock Music Historian and LOVE to study the lives of Rock Musicians Living and past...There's lots to learn by studying the sometimes troubled and tragic and sometimes inspiring and exciting life stories of these people. It occurred to me that very few people cater to these fans in a manner they like with a legitimate business opportunity. BUT grandma on a fixed income... OR...(insert over exaggerated Stereotype here) deserves something she can relate to which may be different. This all leads me to a possible solution...One web site...two or three blogs catering to different interests. Do you believe this is a distinct possibility? I could have the same general content for a blog post idea and by adjusting the style and graphics cater to different people. Is this genius thinking or is this overthinking? I don't see myself managing a sites catering specially to each target market...not right away...but I can see myself having perhaps multiple pages within one site with perhaps different blogs accompanying and representing the specific issues each group may share in common....Is this possible do you think?
Jenna7 that message you wrote regarding everyone who started in this, u said so much that brings warmth into my ❤ and I'm glad that things are going your way, people like you deserve to succeed instead of all the cold ❤ ed ppl who prey on people like us! Let's unite the kindly , godly people to flip the script on those money hungry non caring business ppl. Who only care for the top! I want to take that pyramid they worship so badly and flip it upside down!
Jenna7 Premium
Yes, I agree completely! I love your phrase "Flip the script" that's awesome.

And WA is safe...I wasn't sure about it when I joined (no insult to WA haha) but I was afraid it was like all the others. But it's completely different. No pressure here. You don't have to buy the membership unless and until you are ready, they don't pester you to do so.

Take your time, have fun and I hope to watch your success!
kmer6 Premium
Good evening to you Jen, my name is Ken and I thank you for the follow. I'm following you back. See how time flies when you are actually learning something that has the potential to setting you free? Wa can do that for you. I look forward to working with you and wish you much success and prosperity.
Jenna7 Premium
You're welcome, and thank you Ken.
Have a great week! :)
Capu1 Premium
Hi Jenna,
Thank you for following me. it is my pleasure to connect with you.
Your profile information is very motivating.. I am new in this field and consequently still struggling with the program. Understanding and learning the meaning of all kinds of acronyms.
Nevertheless, I am enjoying the process.
Thank you again and looking forward to keeping in touch.
Jenna7 Premium
Hi Lisa.

You're welcome. It's nice to connect with you too.

Thanks for reading my profile and I am glad it's motivating. Welcome to this field-it's pretty interesting, fun and challenging. Message me anytime if you need help or just someone to talk to or encouragement.

How are things going so far?