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Last Update: Apr 1, 2015


I just checked my google analytics for my oldest website ( and I had just over 450 visitors this month. WOW! Great job right!

Wrong: My bounce rate is through the roof. Everyone tells me the site looks good, that they are going to try, but no one stays on the site for very long. any suggestions?

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Thanks Jen. You're a gem as always. I hope if that's the case then they'lll start buying soon :P

Hi Heather. I asked Kyle this in chat and he said:

"Bounce rate is not necessarily a bad thing. It simply means someone is leaving your website and going somewhere else.

If you have affiliate links or promotions on your page, people are "bouncing" there which is actually one of your ideal goals as you earn money when people go through your affiliate links. Do not be too concerned about your bounce rates."

Hope that helps and have a great Wednesday. :)


You're normal.,Keep working it and give it time.

Great, Heather, I am happy for you, congrats!! :)

Good question Heather, I have a similar problem. Will be interested to see the replies which I hope will be forthcoming.

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