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Hi. My name if Tina. I live in Missoula, Montana under "The Big Sky." I'm a graduate of the University of Montana.





Whats up with the contact form?

Whats up with the contact form?

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When I add one at the bottom of a post it automatically shows my email and other contact info. How on earth do you change that? I've tried resetting it. Need help. Looks unpr

It's because in your chrome you have autofill, you can just click no autofill. Go to settings in chrome, click on advance settings, under passwords and forms make sure auto fill is uncheck. Hope this helps. :)

I don't think others can see it either. Try going in from someone else's account and look at it again. Good luck, Tina!

I use fast secure contact form plugin, it works great and has the captcha code box.

OMG, thank you so much for this, I have been trying to find a good comment form with captcha for over 2 weeks & you have come through. I could kiss you! Thanks again, I put it on all my pages & posts.!

You go girl!! Glad to help out! :)

By the way, while I'm here...do you have a good social plugin...I use hupso share buttons plugin.

Yes it saves your info for your eyes only.

It's only visible to you. If you open up a private browsing window and check it you'll see the fields are blank.

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Trouble with 4 point 0?

Trouble with 4 point 0?

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I installed WordPress 4.0 and now my carousel of photos isn't working. Any ideas?

There are other problems too. Try to place an image left, right, or center when you added a caption. It's impossible. Get rid of the caption and you can place the images as in the old version. Crap update, if you ask me.

Now the whole screen scrolls down, which is disturbing to me

I've been messing with a bit. Got a bit of help and now it SEEMS to be working. As I was just telling a colleague, this site has turned out pretty much to be a test site. Going to start from lesson one and continue with my new one. I will be asking LOTS of questions. Thanks for reading.

I agree with bazboy could be the plugin as one of mine would not work and had to remove it

If its done by a plugin then the plugin has conflict with WordPress, you may have to try a different plugin or deactivate the others to see if one of them is conflicting with the carousel plugin


I'll attempt to address that soon. Thanks Barry.

Does the carousel works with a plugin? Then you have to deactivate and activate again, Loes

Have you tried re doing the code. Sometimes an update will degrade the code. I have an Adsense code in my header I had to re do.

Have to figure out the code issue. Don't do adsense. I'm a geek who as been socially delayed. Trying, trying to get back on the road to stardom.

In that case I would just try updating your theme. All of mine had to be updated for 4.0. Hope this helps.

Have logged out and log in again? That made my update work

I logged in two times today and it was not working. Ah. Just starting back up and backlogged with problems and having to reboot my brain. Thanks for responding.

I didn't have any problems, you may want to let tech support know.

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