How do you get a personalised join page like this one?

How do you get a personalised join page like this one?

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WA Affiliate Program

How do you get a personalised join Wealthy Affiliate page like this one?

Apply and upgrade build your site write and maintain your advertising in a loving community that works together to achieve great financial freedom and success.

With help from persons like you, Ii can happen

Let me know how it turns out.

This may help you. I developed and it wasn’t to difficult. If I can do it....!

Here is how

Thank you, Loes :-)

You're very welcome 👍

Thank you Loes, we too were wondering how to do this.
Colette and Philip


Thank you Loes.

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My 8 year old website is hacked?

My 8 year old website is hacked?

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Everything Wordpress

My 8 year old website is hacked including 5 other hostmonster accounts and all they do is give me a list of files to delete.. I keep getting messages the servers are overfill

Bummer Sotiris, Facebook isn't down here

If you check Twitter Facebook down was trending big time .. You are one of the lucky ones it's back up now it was down for about 1 hour.

Well I am not always on FB, so perhaps I did miss it:)

Nightmare Sotiris, have hostmonster given you any explanation to the cause of the breach? If they use a cloud based hosting that has been hacked there could be an awful lot of unhappy customers! Hope you can get it all sorted out my friend.

None at all that is the part that annoys me the most..

I would personally hound their support team for an answer? In this day and age their security has got to be up to scratch to be able to offer a hosting service at all?

Take no nonsense and demand an answer. You have been using their service for a long time, 8 years you say, if you haven't moved?
I really hope you can get some answers on this and not too much damage has been done to your site. Best of luck with it all!

I see Facebook is down so I am not the only one with a hosting problem.. Everyone will be taking up knitting again lol.

I hope it is sorted out and things get better for you.

Thanks :-)

Crazy options: to delete files. Is your host responsible for this mess?

They don't seem to be too worried..

Sorry to hear this, I wish happy ending with this gently saying, misunderstanding.

That is unfortunate. I hope you get it resolved soon.

Thanks :-)

That's not cool. So sorry.

Yeah nightmare city today looks like tomorrow will be the same trying to clean up the mess. Then another 4 hosting accounts to fix after that...

Wow it really makes you wonder if there is any security

Not on hostmonster that is for sure.. lol..

Man that is not fun! Sorry to hear that has happened and hope you can get it straightened out!!!

If it will be it's up to me.. That needs to be your motto when you are a hostmonster customer even if you aren't a tecchy file wizard you better become one. :-)

Aww, so sorry to hear that!
I hope you get it all sorted out :(

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Is there anywhere here where people can share their twitter?

Is there anywhere here where people can share their twitter?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Is there anywhere here where people can share their twitter urls to get more followers on twitter?

it was on one of the lessons, you should have put your url up and those of us with twitter could have added you

I think it gets covered in one of the lessons I am not there yet but I have heard people talking about it so just keep going with the lessons...

I suppose we could start a twitter Blog like the FB one

Can you put it on your WA profile page and ask people to go to it and connect with you, and you will return the favor?

I think it goes well on your profile, here's an example

Not here as far as I know. Just through our websites. Good question though....Do you utilize a business Twitter Profile?

I have a few floating around but mainly use my main Twitter profile

Your profile would be the best place to do that.

Hmm... okay thanks seems strange so many FB and Google plus share posts and none on Twitter ... But that's fine..

You could put your Twitter URL under your website URL on your profile. Also your other social URL's -- G+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook..... ^_~

Too many websites to do that lol...

Think social is the game plan. I follow members here and to their social when they are listed on their profile. Do keep bookmarks of niche stuff I want to buy from WA members. The AIM stuff not so much. Get what I need in the training here and ideas from bloggers with images or with original, creative videos. Spent 50% of my time writing content, adding images and tweaking my sites. Am getting better with my YT video page. Link to that. ^_~

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Can anyone tell me if there is any posts or places?

Can anyone tell me if there is any posts or places?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Can anyone tell me if there is any posts or places where people add their Facebook Pages?

Last time I did a post with a link I got a warning and the post deleted, so not taking any chances.. ;-)

see you have had a couple of suggestions, you could always do a post with a link to


Thanks all good answers.

On your profile you can add your Facebook, Twiter, Google + and others, V.G.

Thank you that's awesome :-)

There was a discussion started a while ago where people go and add their page, but I don't know if it's regularly followed/updated:

Thank you will check it out :-)

Where do you mean, Sotiris, here at WA?

Yes indeed :-)

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