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i live in Canada in a little town in British Columbia called Yarrow I am really looking to establish a business that I can take into my retirement years. I have have had both Business and working experience primarily in International Transportation. I am really looking forward to learning here and then aplying that knowlege. I am very impressed with the depth of the training and being involved with a great network of people.
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I would happy earning 1000-1500 per month I would ecstatic on earning 5000-7000 per month
I can spent 25-30 hrs a week on this Business
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Dec 19, 2016
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AWHTE Premium
I would happy earning 1000-1500 per month I would ecstatic on earning 5000-7000 per month
I can spent 25-30 hrs a week on this Business
Kyle Premium
I absolutely know this is possible and with the community that you have behind you here at Wealthy Affiliate along with all the tools, training, support and help you have available to you, I fully believe you are going to achieve all of your goals and then some!

I look forward to working with you Andrew and seeing these goals become a reality. :)
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divadejunk Premium
Welcome to WA. Congratulations on upgrading to Premium. You made a wise decision. All the best to you.
heart2hearts Premium
Congratulations for upgrading premium ! Wish a lot of success in your new venture ! Be blessed !
NickyB Premium
Hi and congratulations on upgrading to WA Premium. You will not be disappointed, WA is the real deal!
apache1 Premium
Hi Andrew
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate it’s great to have you here as a member of one great big family.
Remember the best place to begin is by clicking the Green Icon to your top left called Get Started Here.
As you following the lessons taught by Kyle you will gain great insights on how the online world works and before you know it you will have your website up and running.
At the end of each lesson should you have any questions there is provision to ask. Take some time also to familiarize yourself with the entire site click the various icons around you.
Check out other profiles of your fellow member and if you wish follow them. You can do the same for me as I have followed you.
On the right hand side under the title Website you may find various social media sites where you can also connect with such as mine.
Wishing you great success for you online venture.
Take care be well
tradercalif Premium
Hi Andrew,

I'm very excited to Welcome You here at Wealthy Affiliate. You just found the very best Community of very good people that will help and guide you on your new journey.

Again, allow me to personally welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate family, you had made a wise decision to try out the program and if you use it wisely within the next few days you will learn a lot and also meet some wonderful people that will not hesitate to help you personally.

The most difficult part is always to TAKE ACTION and I strongly advise you to start with the "Get Started Here" section of Wealthy Affiliate as soon as possible in order to get the valuable head start that you need towards building an online business and earning money.

Just remember every day you sit idle is a day wasted!

Never hesitate to ask for help here at Wealthy Affiliate. All of us will do our best to help you.

Again, Andrew I applaud you on your decision.