Affiliate Disclosure & The FTC - Updated FAQ May 2015

Last Update: June 23, 2015

Some questions have risen concerning an Affiliate disclosure and the requirements there of. After doing some research concerning this, there are several things you should know. (Links and thanks included.)

1. It is required. (thanks to the following:

Neil Little - and


2. Loes, as always, has provided some great training. (

However - Please be aware that on May 29th, the FTC made some clarifications to the rule you should be aware of them. Here is the link.

So how does this effect me?

My two cents worth on this clarification is as follows:

(1) A single disclosure somewhere on the site doesn't do the job - neither do links or buttons. It must be clearly disclosed on the page. Here is an excerpt from the FAQ.

"As for where to place a disclosure, the guiding principle is that it has to be clear and conspicuous. The closer it is to your recommendation, the better. Putting disclosures in obscure places – for example, buried on an ABOUT US or GENERAL INFO page, behind a poorly labeled hyperlink or in a “terms of service” agreement – isn’t good enough. Neither is placing it below your review or below the link to the online retailer so readers would have to keep scrolling after they finish reading. Consumers should be able to notice the disclosure easily. They shouldn’t have to hunt for it."

(2) Be aware the endorsement guides apply to all social media as well

(3) And on a brighter note, let me paste this from the FAQ:

" Are you monitoring bloggers?

Generally not, but if concerns about possible violations of the FTC Act come to our attention, we’ll evaluate them case by case. If law enforcement becomes necessary, our focus usually will be on advertisers or their ad agencies and public relations firms. Action against an individual endorser, however, might be appropriate in certain circumstances."

Definitely add your comments below - but please be aware of this update and the possible, should many people complain, impact it could have.

Seriously - be aware of these changes and go check them out. The link to the FAQ is:

While there, download some of the other PDF info like .com disclosures. If you are running anything weight loss, you will want to check the guides here. Several other sectors as well.

Thanks everyone - hope this is/was informative.

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QYTan Premium
Thank you for sharing with us, Scott.
JewelCarol Premium
Thank you for yr kind advice!! ;))
Rocketqueen Premium
Hi dles this affect everyone or is t for us citizens?
sasselin Premium
This is particular to the US citizens and sites doing business (targeting) in the US. However it appears other countries have or may have similar requirements.

I made sure to note the bright spot - I feel that if you are from "outside" the US and are clear about what you do there should be no problems.

Check the links to the FTC. The training is not bad, and the information on the site valid.

As a closing note, I think we should all be clear about who and what we are, don't attempt to "trick" people. If we are honest and upfront in what we say and in our reviews - something everyone here tries to do, then we won't get any complaints - thus no problems..
Rocketqueen Premium
Thank you for your reply, I agree with you I also feel that promoting as an affiliate is not something that we need to hide as it isn't something to be ashamed of! I have bought through people knowing they probably make a profit and it never bothered me :)
Loes Premium
Thanks Scott, I will take action on this.
sasselin Premium
Loes, as always you are welcome. I was going to contact you anyway as your training may need a change in part 3. Unfortunately being posted in the footer of the page is one of the things that they say may not be acceptable. I look forward to your take on this and update.
Loes Premium
Hi Scott, I have placed the link to your blog on my tutorial on page 4, hope that'll be sufficient.
fleurallen Premium
Do you have an example on a good example of disclosing this?
stephhill Premium
I think we all need to check this out and thank you for posting this. I was wondering the same thing and also was doing research. Thank you!
sasselin Premium
You are welcome and feel free to add any of your research.