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Ok here is the update to my site. Please check out the first blog on this site., but it is not indexed in Google yet. (Have to look closer at this one)However, according to google analytics, we have had 29 visitors in the last 7 days. Not bad traffic for a site that is only 9 days old and is not reported indexed.As far as working on the site, I wasn't able to do anything more with the site. I still have 8 articles to write between now and the 15th
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December 12, 2017
Yesterday I wrote a quick blog, "Writing Content For Your Site" which highlighted one of the many tools here at WA, and that is the content writer. In this article I mentioned a new site I was using this on. So I thought I would share some site stats.I am not sharing this domain here, as I don't want false traffic signals as I am doing some traffic analysis.That means I will be updating this as we go - probably monthly.You see, I listed some of the things that I have learned and observed. Th
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December 11, 2017
As everyone here knows, when it comes to Google, then there are two things you should know1. Content is King2. Quality content that is unique, helpful, and has some "meat" to it is KingI have been playing with several sites here at WA and have a few tips I would like to share that work for me. Some may say these tips are "discouraging". But they are my experience with the 15 sites I have built. They also prove the point that this is not "get rich quick" but rather a "build a business".1.
August 03, 2017
Hello everyone.Just a quick "success story".Background firstI have been here at WA for a little while and I build mostly info sites for individuals, so I don't share a lot. I don't really like writing as I prefer the "building" of the basic site and "fixing" small bugs, though i am not a programmer.That being said, I have decided this year to make a certain income level between July1 and Dec 31 - (For the goal aspect I would like to make a total of $2500 off of 10 new sites)So I built the shel
I was going thru some of my old notes from some training that I had done in 2008 and came across these notes. I thought it might be worth sharing here. (I tried to clean them up - but if I missed --oops on me.)After 10 years of research, Richard St John identified 8 common traits shared by successful people. These traits form the foundation for success, wealth, and greatness. All are easily applied to our everyday lives.1. Passion. Discover what you love to do and pursue it. Chase love, not m
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January 08, 2017
Have you ever wondered why some people seem so much better that others at writing their articles?Why can some people seem to write those words that seem to cut straight through the clutter of our crowded lives?Why are some articles remembered and shared while others are forgotten and never spoken of?The answer to these and other such like questions lie in the way we use our words to influence and motivate others. It is critical how our words connect thought and emotion.Let me regress for a mome
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Do you want that silver bullet to help write articles? Here it is:Answer the PublicSo here you are reading through all the articles at WA, looking for a "gold nugget" to help you write that article or find the hidden diamond of a niche.Today I would like to share a little secret that I use to help me identify a "possible" niche. I also use this to write articles. Yes - I use it for both. Using this tool. I recently discovered a couple of possible niches. I have started building out one of t
Do you like getting free things? I do.I love getting free things, but I am a little skeptical, so I am always looking for the strings attached. Usually they are there, and then it is no longer free. We can say that about WA and the class and 2 siterubix sites. They aare free. That string - you have to do something about it.But I am not here to talk about that, instead I want to give something to all my associates here at WA. Something for free - kind of. The string that is attached - wel
July 13, 2016
This is just a short and sweet info post.I am a JAAXY user. Love it. Great tool, and I will stop singing about it here.The WA Keyword tool is almost as good (It's just a bare bones version). And it's free with your membership. Please use it. I like it for simple basic searches as I can have several windows open doing the searches. What about a keyword tool to help find those keywords.Here is one for you. Best of all - ITS FREE!!Before i post the link, let me show you what I mean.I was th
July 09, 2016
I enjoy all the training here at WA, and each of you that participate. However, somewhere back in the beginning training we shared goals for what we "were" going to do. I know this is the 9th, but I just placed myself on what I am calling: "MY 45 DAY CHALLENGE"So here is the deal and my challenge (to myself, and anyone that wants to comment and take it on themselves)The basics of where I am at.I have been playing with a new website I am building since June 19th. (Note - I do not know anythin