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When I log in to my site I dont get the dashboard?

When I log in to my site I dont get the dashboard?

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I come in as a visitor and can't figure out how to log in as me, please help

I don't really understand why you can't log in? You mean you cannot key in the details or some other kind of problem. Or do you need us to help you inform the management about it?

Thanks Iceichi, problem was solved. I didn't understand what had happened either, but now it's back to normal

Hi everyone I have been away a long while working shift work and have just come back online to WA can anybody help I cannot find the Dashboard I need it to setup my afflilate linking with edit link. Thanking you in advance.

Hi Akona, I had the same probelm, I opened my site, then went to the top url and wrote "admin" behind the last / and pressed enter, then I got the admin login, try that, it worked for me, and next time when I went in thru WA it was back to normal

Hey! thank you so much I did that and it worked then by mistake I found another way through westies and hosting..:) Awrsum most grateful Marith!

Marith: thank you so very much. your answer still works 2 months later.

That's great, happy I could help :-))

Glad you can keep smiling as you are in again! :)

Oh yeah, I am smiling :-))

I am trying to, I just lost an amazing post I did not have in Word. I hit save draft because the images wouldn't load and lost the whole post!

Oh no, that is terrible, has never happened to me (yet) but if it did, I think I would stop smiling...at least for 10 minutes...well, nothing you can do apart from starting over and do it again. I have seen my wordpress autosave, so when this happenes I usually just lose the last 5 or 6 words, are you sure the draft is not there somewhere ?

Not that I am aware of because I did it directly on my site!

So did I, then my browser closed itself because the cache was too full, and when I opened the browser and logged in to my web-site again, it was there. And I had not saved draft while writing. Only the last 6 words I wrote was missing. I have noticed sometimes while writing directly on my site that my stuff is getting saved every 1 or 2 minutes without me doing it

Well I checked it out. You were right some of it is there, about half, but that is better then none! Thank you!

Great news! Happy I could help :-))

Thank you very much! :)

glad you have it sorted it out,

Thanks, me too

I enter the same way as ladyluck! That's one of the great things, about the change, you don't, have to get access the old way!

That was the problem, I entered that way as I always do, and it was not working anymore, maybe because I just changed my theme... I tried Jenn's way, and that worked, so I got in finally, thank you

Hi Marith,
Whenever I want to log into my website admin, I click on the Site Rubix tab and then Site Manager. I then click on "log in now" located underneath the thumbnail of my website. This brings me directly to my website dashboard. You can try this if the way JennPGD suggested does not work. Good luck to you,

That was the way I always did it, but after changing my theme it is not working correct anymore

Hi Marith,

Please try this, adding /wp-login.php after your website dot com :


and then login as "admin" or whatever you have put in as you/the webmaster

all the best.


Thank you Jenn, tried this and it worked, got a new post on, and all good

You're welcome, Marith. Glad it worked. and Happy to help. :)

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