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Adding a comment policy to your website?

Adding a comment policy to your website?

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I have read on different blogging platforms like Copyblogger and others that adding a commenting policy to a website is recommended.

Is this a good practice to help to a

May I ask what do you hope to achieve with this? However I don't see if harms.

Comments made by bots and for example won't be reading your policy, they will still be left unless you have taken measure to stop those actions.

You may test and see how's that works for you.

It was a question out of curiosity as I haven't seen it discussed anywhere before reading the Copyblogger article.

Hey Roy,

Thank YOU for bringing this to our attention.

However, when reading over Copyblogger's commenting policy, did you notice the second last bullet point at the bottom... see screen print below...

Not sure of the article you read where they suggested using a commenting policy, but I would hazard a guess the it could b due to forcing those who comment to subscribe to comments posted and responded, going forward.

If you can, I would love for you to send me the URL in a PM, to their post stating that it is a good idea to add a commenting policy... so I can read the details.

Thanks again.

I have read it Trish. I can send you the URL for the article.

As I understood the article, it was intended to "clean the house before it gets untidy" so to speak, in order to minimize comments of no benefit to anyone..


Simply setting your comments "Before a comment appears" to "Comment must be manually approved", would prevent low quality comments from simply appearing on a website.

Yes that will work well too.

I am not sure how much it would help Roy. If you get useless or nasty comments just delete them

I agree, Hilde!

It was rather a question out of curiosity as I have never seen anything written about it on the WA platform,

have adjusted settings in WordPress which handles almost all such comments.

I think it was Nathaniel that had some advice on the issue. After following his advice the there has been no such comments by bots.

The advice in the article was more related to having policy in written format that comments not beneficial to anyone will be deleted.

Hey, Roy!

It can’t hurt be I doubt it will be very helpful.

Most of the porn comments are added by bots and if a human wants to add a nasty comment, a commenting policy isn’t going to really make a difference.

If you getting lots of unwanted comments by the same group, put their email and IP address in the block section under discussion in Wordpress.

You can also use a security plugin.

When your sites gets enough traffic it is almost inevitable.


You have some good advice there, Frank :-)

I have a security plugin on all my websites and in addition added a blocking filter in the settings in WordPress to stop most of the spam in its track.

I had basically no spam activity on my sites before I took all of them down recently.

I have one newly published site and it will be interesting to see the spam activity on it as well as if there will be any effect of a written comment policy

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Why are there no transcipt and/or pdf´s of the presentation slides in the classes?

Why are there no transcipt and/or pdf´s of the presentation slides in the classes?

asked in
Getting Started

Since I joined in 2020 I have noticed that usually there is no transcript of the classes or a downloadable pdf of the slides presented during the classes.

I don´t

Have you forwarded a PM to the co-founders Kyle & Carson as was prior discussed, however I have no idea why?

I have tried but my message seems to end up as a question to the community.

I hear you Roy!

Super blessed Sunday to you and yours!

I have sent a new message to Kyle just a minute ago. I posted it by mistake in the community....... I noticed it re-checking my actions...😱😄

Have a great Sunday as well!

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