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Hello, I'm Peter, 58 years old, Belgian citizen and I want to earn a passive income because my financial situation is a complete DISASTER... I





Anyone else having problems with indexing?

Anyone else having problems with indexing?

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Website Development & Programming

Hello everyone,

I've been struggling for at least 5 months now to get my website fully indexed. GSC keeps saying I have errors, but then when I inspect the URLs they are

Hi Peter, perhaps now that your website has a relationship with Google, it's crawling your site more regularly and has indexed your pages. If you do not already have Google Search Console installed then now is a good time to do that.

Here is a class on this: You can lookup your older posts and find out why they may not be indexed. You may also request indexing on them.

You mentioned there are redirects though - can you explain what exactly you redirected?

I redirected "/bait/" to "/artificial-fishing-bait/" as an example.

Try the link:


But the redirects all work...

I really don't know how to solve this... And I'm working with GSC for a long while now...

But I'll check it again...

Thanks for the reply!

Sorry "/bait/" has to be "/artificial-bait/" ...

The Post Title is "Types of Artificial Fishing Bait"

What type of errors have you looked them up?

GSC says it has problems with the redirects.

I have 21 of them and when I check them in GSC they are all working fine.


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Can I avoid commercial websites when surfing the internet?

Can I avoid commercial websites when surfing the internet?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform


For my research I am always looking for interesting sites, but is there a way to visit sites that are NOT commercial?

I'm looking for e.g. a word of explan

Thanks, Abie, I'll have a look. Good weekend.

Abie, I think we're misunderstanding each other. I actually want to say the following:

Sometimes I am looking for texts about eg. "Fishing Rod", but then also all stores are covered... (and as an Amazon affiliate I'm not going to send potential customers to another shop.)

Now I solve this by adding words in my google search bar like

"fishing rod -shop -buy -amazon, -ebay, -price"

Do you understand?

Totally thank you for the clarification. Have a nice weekend Peter and greatly appreciated.

Hi - you can remove certain sites from your search; see my post.

Or, do it this way - Fish Fighting Belt -shop

That should remove any shop-related results.

Hi Diane, thanks for the tips!

if you start using the advanced special characters that google allows then you can narrow your search ...
if you come across something you don't want in your search then add a - and the word , then build these up...
Fish Fighting Belt -price -shop -pinterest -ebay
so no sites with price or shop or pinterest or ebay....
or look at news sites
or try another search engine like

Thanks, feigner, I'll take a look at it...

Hey Peter,

My last two WA blog posts explain




Niche Reseach A New way to do keyword research Hope that helps?


Thanks, Partha, I'll have a look.

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Does anyone know a good plugin to edit media library categ?

Does anyone know a good plugin to edit media library categ?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hello, WA family,

Is there anyone who works with the "Enhanced Media Library"? I would have liked to rearrange my media categories. First I tried with the plugin 'FileBi

Below plugin does the job.


Thanks Abie, I'll check it out.

Most welcome!

Hi Abie,

It's a very good app, but I had a really hard time with the header in the right part that still shows the "Enhanced Media Library" settings. It's quite confusing!

Can I adjust that somehow?

Best regards,

I am not so sure I need to install and activate on a test site.

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Do I always have to create a redirect?

Do I always have to create a redirect?

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WA Affiliate Program

Hello all,

Do I have to create a redirect for a page of post that is no longer accessible through my navigation menu?

I don't think anyone will type a full URL into

Hi, Peter
If your page or post contains any keywords that are getting it showing in SERPs, then it might be worth redirecting to a page that encourages searchers to look elsewhere on your site. You could create a non-indexed, non-menued (if that's a word!) page that apologises for the missing page in some way and invites them to use your search bar or to look through the blog...

Hi, Richard,

I've created a 404-page for that...

Is the page or post still on your website?
If yes, a redirect is not necessary or really appropriate.

Thank you very much! For the moment I just disabled them...

So you have no traffic to them?

Have you checked out this resource


What happened to it? Did you delete it?

Hi Abie,

No, I didn't delete anything, but I was just looking at all my redirects and there are quite a few that have 0 hits, and are no longer in my menu...

Thank you, may I ask how did you get to disable them?

With the "Redirects"-module from AIOSEO Pro...

I see okay!

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Can a hot laptop break the internet connection?

Can a hot laptop break the internet connection?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hello everyone,

Can a hot laptop break the internet connection? I have the impression that my MacBook Air regularly disconnects from the internet... On the internet, the

My internet modem seems to get hot on hotter days, Peter, and I have to shut it down on occasion! There might be some truth to that regarding your laptop!


I also think it plays a role...

I do too, and I know that your cleaning will likely help with that too, Peter!


No, it doesn't break. Try reboot router.

The newer laptops has a functionally to disconnect and switch completely off if it gets too hot.

It could be many factors, or heatsink?

You may also purchase laptop coolers to keep it cool.

Thank you very much for the tip... Tomorrow is "cleaning day"...

Awesomeness and let us know how's that goes for you.

Maybe you can check the internal fan and get it replaced, if necessary or purchase an external fan to mount it on. Good luck.

Thank you very much for the tip... Tomorrow is "cleaning day"...

time to get a new laptop :)

Will you be my sponsor? lol...

Sure. I believe in you :) lol
But seriously, if your laptop is heating up like to the point that you have to turn it off after 3 hours then it's telling you something.

And yet I trust it will be back to normal once that heat wave is over here with us... It's been going on for 15 days now with temperatures up to 35° Celsius (95° F)... My inside is 28° Celsius (82.4°F)...

Yep... the heatwave is a real thing but also if the fan has never been cleaned, that could be part of the problem.

Hi, Richard,

Thanks for the advice... Tomorrow I'll get a bus with compressed air...

If you're outside typing in the sun, sure.. but if you're inside your laptop shouldn't be overheating like that. Hope you're able to find a fix :)

But it's also hot indoors! Tomorrow I will clean the inside, and especially the fan...

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