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Hi All! I am excited to be here. I have tried selling on line before with some success but always ends in some unforeseen disaster.





Why am I missing permissions for google analytics suddenly?

Why am I missing permissions for google analytics suddenly?

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Getting Started

Hi Site Support,

about 15 mins ago tried to access my Google Analytics and got this message:-

"Missing permissions
You do not have access to the account, prope

Hi - a lot of people have reported this problem. I presume its a glitch with Google.

Thanks. It was resolved by itself the next day. Apparently there was a glitch on Google end of things.

Go in the left sidebar > Help Center > [Site Support] and create a ticket.

I hope I helped

Sorry IoannisPap I did not see this message until now. Yeah, I did that but it was a glitch with Google so it resolved itself I think on the same day. Thanks again IoannisPap.

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Why is site content malfunctioning?

Why is site content malfunctioning?

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Website Development & Programming

Lately, when I finish a post in Site Content, it will publish to Wordpress and I notice there is only 3 or 400 words made the trip.

If all the publish makes it to WP for

oh I have used the site content feature this morning and it has been working ok, perhaps there is a glitch contact site support

Thanks Katie.

I would open a ticket with Site Support.

Thanks onmyownterms.

Hey Philip,

You might want to bring this to Carson's attention in a private message if it has happened more than once.
(be sure to click on "Report Content")
And, make sure to offer Carson as much detail as you can so the solution may be reached sooner.

Hope this helps you.

Thanks Triblu, I have contacted support and told them about it. I will use wp till sorted. Thanks again.

Will give it fair time and then report it to Carson.

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Siterubix to dot com - why 404!?

Siterubix to dot com - why 404!?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hello Everyone,

I got a lovely message from Search Console last night, which I read, and went straight to bed in horror - LOL!!

Site support!

Hi MKearns,

Seems like it was ME that messed up.

I wrongly submitted to Google - its fixed now.

OH, boy, that was stupid of me lol.

Speak to site support and ask why the transfer from SiteRubix to dot com has issues

Did you make a 301 redirection from your old domain to the new one? If not, install a redirection plugin and do so as soon as possible. Hope this helps!

Hi RiaOss,

I do not know how to do that. Any further suggestions.

I thought all we had to do was submit our url and that was it.

I also thought, WA took care of ALL REDIRECTS.

The training does not cover this that I recall for 301.

Yes, WA should have taken care of all of the transfer process. And they clearly haven't, judging by the errors. First, you have contact them and inform them about your issue.

OK, thank you Ria, I will do just that. Thanks.

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How to set https site version in search console?

How to set https site version in search console?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hi Everyone,

Having a problem here how to set https version of my website in Search Console.

I have submitted site map.

I added my site, by copying my site

Phillip, go and look at Jay's Live Videos for the 7 and 14 January 2017.

Its all good now. All set up. Just got conflicted on what to do but its fine now - thanks Helen, and actually, I might have a look soon.

I think Jay's live training will help you. I don't remember which video it is, but I think these videos will be helpful.

Good luck and I hope find the answer within his videos. :)


Thanks for those links, I am sorted it, but I will look anyways to make sure I did not miss anything. Thanks again.

Hi Philip before you verified your site, did you turn on the 3 site+ buttons like the image below.

I dont remember Chez, but they are on now anyways. Thanks so much Chez.

That's fine Philip and you are very welcome. xxxx

Hey Philip, this has been driving me nuts too because Kyle's training on this needs updated and differs from Jay's,

Kyle says we don't need www etc, but if you look at Jay's training on it in Hello webmaster tools he says you need the full thing

then JUST when I thought everything was nice and GA showing all the traffic on my new site I find out when I go to submit fetch that in webmaster tools the site is showing up as http NOT https, yet it was never http and I never put that in

so then I go and change to https because all I'm getting is redirects, yet peeps say that is no big deal...content still getting indexed without that

ps it's the first thing he does in that video...or just go to 7 minute ish mark

**thanks for asking an intelligent relevant question in the group, I went in there and nearly didn't find this because of a million comments on 'swag'...

Hi MozMary,

Haha yeah loads of comments here all the time it seems.

Thanks for the heads up on this Mary - most think it is fine, I just pasted my https site into Search Console and informed that that is all I need to do. So, any typed variation of that url, WA auto-redirects to my https.

Mind Boggling! Lol. I am going to have a look at the video Mary and thanks again just in case there is more to be known, otherwise, I am good to go.

Thanks again.

Philip :-) .

If you have added a new property, and there just pasted in your url with https, you are good.

The submit a sitemap, and that is it.

You do not have to select https in the prefererd url. There is no such option as it is only to slecet between www or not www - it know it is https if you have made a new property for it and submitted sitemap.

Hope this helps.

All the best,

Oh, that is it! I can leave it without selecting any preferred domain thing?

If so, I have been super confused over nothing!

OK, thank you so much Moeller and I don't have to submit other 'versions' of my url to search console at all?

No you do not have to submit any other versions of your website or select any preferred domain.

If you already have a property in search console for http, just leave for a few months, but you do not have to do anything about it.

And if you are hosted at WA they will automatically take care of redirecting http to https if there should be any links out there people follow.

Remember to also change to https in Google Analytics - here you do not have to create a new property but can just change to https in the settings.

Hi moeller,

I changed the name of my transferred site so I set up another tracking code for the new site and it is working.

I won't go near the old on search console either.

Leaving it all alone and everything is working fine now.

Thank you so much as this has baffled since 8 this morning. All good, now, it was worth the wait to learn it from you.

Much appreciated.


Glad I could help Philip.

See you around:-)


Hi Philip,

Have you set up the https as a new property?

Hi NigelClark,

Yes. I submitted it this morning and I am really so confused.

My site, as said, is a https, but there is no preferred domain for https in Search Console.

I find this 100% odd as Google wants us all to go https.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Site map has been submitted as well.

When I click add property it suggests me to type my website like https:// website .com

I simply removed all my other versions (http and www.)

But don't know if that is a smart idea.


OK, thanks Steven. Appreciate the advice.

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Why has google indexed my post as a https instead of http?

Why has google indexed my post as a https instead of http?

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Everything Wordpress

Hi Kyle,

Really sorry to bother you as I know you are busy.

My last post Google indexed it as HTTPS and when I click on it in Google engine, a page opens up warni

Uh... i seem to have all your problems too

I tried this: adding all the forms of my site into groogle and set https the standard.. it uh worked

Now i lost the sitemap in the process.. yuk

Oh, I thought that message was going to Kyle personally haha.

OK, never mind.

I am just going to spend the few quid and change over to my own . com or dot org.

It is just not worth not having your own domain.

Lost your site map - way above my grade - I tend to stay right away from all of that.

Try asking in Live Chat.

Fixed now, support fixed it
You better ask them...

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