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Is there a way to talk to referrals through pm?

Is there a way to talk to referrals through pm?

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WA Affiliate Program

Is there a way to talk to referrals through pm

Is there a way to send same message to all referrals through pm?

Thank you...

No, unless they already upgraded.


There isn't way to do a group pm to your referrals, but you can send safe, contact info. to each through a pm. If they want to participate, they will respond and you can add them to a group outside of WA.

Yes... thank you. Great suggestion.

but watch out for the rules....
no soliciting of messaging outside of wa...
that's one in spam is a no-no...

If don't think you can send pm to all referrals at the same time.

I think Its better to copy the same message and send pm seperately...but if you have so many referals, this takes lot of time and becomes hectic...

We can ask for the feature -
"If we have more than certain number of referrals(e.g., >50), then we can broadcast the message to all referals"

That would be great indeed...

Only the WA messaging system is available to send pre written messages based on the rules you define.

Yep... oh gosh... numbers crush it

Thank you both


You are welcome.

Hi - no, you need to send individual PMs. If what you suggested was possible, then members could abuse the system and send the same spam message to everybody.

And, if any of them are free starter referrals, then you can't PM them at all.

Thank you Diane. Thought so

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