I am baffled, unsure, vague, anybody's guess, is there a doctor in the house I have these illnesses.

Last Update: November 06, 2014

Please explain it is sitting right at the top of my webpage staring at me!

ga(‘set’, ‘&uid’, {{USER_ID}}); // Set the user ID using signed-in user_id.

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Mark Tait Premium
Hi - it looks to me like you've added some code to a page - but outwith the normal < script or < php tags.

What have you added recently, or changed recently - and did you take a backup of the file you changed before you added it (I recommend you always copy and paste into a local notepad file - so you can always re-upload an original version if needed).

All the best, Mark
CarlaIves Premium
I have no idea. If you don't get it sorted, I'd go straight to Tech Support. Good Luck!
Loes Premium
If Jason is right, perhaps you should do the walk through video again to see whats missing https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/online-entrepreneur-certification-making-money-level-3/a-crafty-way-to-earn-ad-revenue
kholmes Premium
Maybe you should contact tech support before anything else...not sure, it does start with ga, so Jason may have a point.
JasonOwens Premium
Did you try to install the Google Analytics plugin without setting up a google analytics account? I've never seen that message but it looks Google Analytics related to me.
mundy22 Premium
Ok Jason I will look at it tomorrow morning, have had a long day, I am not sure, maybe good morning to some of you guys. Thank you all for your response.
JasonOwens Premium
Sounds good