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November 21, 2014
DEATH TO YELLOW PAGES Let's face it, in todays world of business it is getting pretty ugly out there with hot competition striving to attract new customers. In the past what you depended on was word of mouth from existing customer base and ads placed in the local newspaper or in the yellow pages. Yellow pages are becoming more and more less popular with the increasing popularity of the online market world of today, from laptop, computers and the increasing usage of mobile devices used to int
November 07, 2014
My previous blog was about Binary Options, to some I may have been over biased, maybe I was I don't know. But I only know one thing, and that I show it how I see it with my own eyes, and if I think it is a scam then am sorry, I can't show a different face but honestly how I feel. So please take a look at this presentation and tell me if they warn anyone about the risks of binary options, I am sorry again if I may offend some people who had the luck of making good money with this system, I know
Please explain it is sitting right at the top of my webpage staring at me! ga(‘set’, ‘&uid’, {{USER_ID}}); // Set the user ID using signed-in user_id.
November 06, 2014
General overview: Making money and lots of it, we all want that don't we? We have been deluded by many, such as The 100k Club, Spot on Option, Binary Option Auto Trader, and many more. They have been advertising Binary Options. What are binary options? These Binary options allow you to trade in currencies, stocks and bonds, and you can place a trade whether you think that the current rate will go up or down, the minimum trade is up to $25 dollars and upwards. Trading in these fields can be re
At times you struggle to find what to review searching online for different affiliate programs that just don't sound right. Well, just before bedtime for me, I skimmed through my email most of which are junk ads or products that of no interest to me when it just stared right back at me, half asleep looking at the obvious, so I thought of writing this to all of you don't delete your emails they are valuable information you can write about. Take a look at this, you will understand what I mean,
October 24, 2014
JUST LIKE TO ADD SOME THAT I FOUND SO FUNNY HAS NOTHING TO WITH MARKETING. I WANTED TO SHARE THIS JOKE WITH YOU I DON'T KNOW IF IT IS ALOUD BUT SOMETIMES WE NEED TO LAUGH. After 37 years of marriage. Jake dumped his wife for his Young secretary. His new girlfriend demanded that they live in Jake and Edith's multi-million dollar home and since the man's lawyers were a little better he prevailed. He gave Edith his now ex-wife just 3 days to move out. She spent the 1st day packing her belongings i
October 21, 2014
"THE VIDEO PLAYBACK WAS ABORTED DUE TO A CORRUPTION PROBLEM OR BECAUSE THE VIDEO USED FEATURES YOUR BROWSER DID NOT SUPPORT." Well, that's what I get when I try to play the training videos. I looked at every angle, even spent all yesterday and last night to try to find answers, but it doesn't seem that it may be from my end cause outside of WA it plays all the videos on YouTube no problem. Can anyone tell me how to fix this, I have tried everything, maybe some ideas from someone who is a techn
Hi there! Am here to tell you something about myself some history, dreams, or what I hope to accomplish. I am Andrew and this is my blog, I was born in Cyprus and raised in Australia and returned back to Cyprus after visiting once as a child and then as an adult. I appreciate the life here with marvelous weather, longer summers and shorter winters I don't know if that is positive but sunny days I see more often. I grew up in a strict environment with sound values and I admire honesty, truthfuln
Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my website. You will find that this website has a great deal to offer you despite the obvious that I am an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate and regard it as the most valuable tool that you would ever have by your side. Knowledge is power, and knowing what to do and when to do it and how is another matter all together. Particular words that are used within your post can influence the fact whether you will generate traffic, you see I didn't know that, they told