Questions by MRRSP 8

If I have to cancel my membership?
Hi everyone, It is possible that I have to cancel my membership here for…
1 year ago 53 Replies
How to stop spam through "contact me" form?
I use WPForms for my contact form. Since I've added a contact form to…
1 year ago 19 Replies
Do categories get ranked or is it only content that ranks?
I'm finding some great keywords but they would be used for categories,…
1 year ago 11 Replies
Email subscribers for your website?
Hi everyone!So I have been putting off adding email subscriptions to my…
1 year ago 35 Replies
How do I add a hyperlink for my email in wordpress?
The title says it all ☺️In wondering how to add the hyperlink…
1 year ago 15 Replies
How do I add a "box" for certain things?
For example, when you have a table of contents tableau, I've seen a lot…
1 year ago 7 Replies
How do I add a printable pdf to my post on wordpress?
My lastest post is a list and it ended up being almost 3500 words worth,…
1 year ago 29 Replies
Which one would be the best to choose?
I think the answer might be obvious but I'd like to get a second opinion..…
1 year ago 44 Replies