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Hi, I'm David and I'm an email marketing copywriter, marketer and blogger from Bangor in Northern Ireland. My 2 main interests are personal development and





Advice on stopping trackback spam comments?

Advice on stopping trackback spam comments?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hi all

I am currently getting a lot of spammy comments with trackbacks left on a particular post on one of my sites. Its a review post with a fairly negative review of a

What about your Settings » Discussion page and under the default article settings uncheck the box next to 'Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks is it checked.

I had a look and this is already unchecked.
Thanks for the suggestion though.



Hey Dave,

Whenever you run into issues like this, don't forget to check out training and/or questions asked and answered previously with resolutions.

See screen print below...

Learning how to find valuable tips (whether here on WA, or searching the internet) to solve issues will be like have an entire global library... at your finger tips 24/7.

Hope you find this helpful.

You can untick in discussions and save changes.

Does that not stop genuine comments too though?

Thanks - will check this out

No worries, you're very welcome!

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Which source of paid traffic would you use?

Which source of paid traffic would you use?

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Social Engagement & Marketing

Hi All

A question for those of you with experience of using paid traffic. Which would you use if you were planning to promote an offer on your website?
For the sake o

Hey Dave,

Which one is "Best" will very much depend on where your niche audience hangs out.

Personally, I don't feel many people who "socialise" on social media are there to spend their money, although I'm know there are many successful entrepreneurs who''ll use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora ads.

However, for me, when people want to know something, or are looking for further information, they typically do so via a search engine.

That said, Google will provide the larger audience, although it is said that Bing has an older, higher income, and more educated audience.

So, take from that what you will.

Are you looking to send traffic to an actual article on your site?

The reason I ask is because this isn't something I would do.

Basically, you'll need to look at what provides the best conversion rate, as your spending money on every single click.

Therefore, I would rather collect email addresses first before sending my new subscriber to the article/product review/offer of choice.

This way you get more than one bite at the cherry.

When you consider factors such as bounce rate, time spent on page for "ordinary" organic traffic, the last thing you want is to send 1000 visitors a day to a post and not see any real conversions.

For me, send them to an email sign up page. Have something to entice them to sign up, e.g. a bunch of your articles bundled together and converted to PDF could suffice as a "FREE EBOOK", and once they've signed up you can send them onto your offer.

A very basic email sign up page, with a lot of white space and white background, so very few words/images, with an enticing "free" offer could give you "conversions" (email sign ups) of 30-50%.

You will never get that type of conversion rate by sending paid traffic to an individual article or product review.


Hi Partha

Yes lots of good advice here.
I am planning to send the traffic to a lead gen / opt-in page with an offer leading to a funnel I'm creating.
I was torn between google ads and solo ads but wanted to see if anyone had any strong recommendations either way.
I've used FB ads in the past but found the leads to be quite unresponsive after they get their free gift. As you say - they were social surfing to begin with.


No worries Dave.

I've used Google, Bing and Facebook before with varying levels of success.

As for solo ads, I'd shoot Hilde a message, as she was using them for her MMO website last year.

As far as I can recall, she was getting around 25-30% conversion (sign up) rate once she'd made a few tweaks.

I believe she wrote about this in one of her blog last year.



Hey Dave,

Seems there is a technique to using Facebook, Google, and Bing ads that will help you win the attention you seek.

Personally, I've found 2 different trainings now that have tempted me to using Bing and Google ads only.

Too many others have spent a fortune on ads when not knowing "the secret" and some have been banned from Facebook ads for trying to run an ad they had no way of knowing was against FB's rules.

If you want to know the training I am referring to on Bing and Google ads, send me a private message and I will provide you with URLs to them.

Hope this helps you.

Thanks Trish. PM sent

Facebook Ads.

With ecommerce business.

Thanks for the feedback


You're very welcome, Dave!
And good to see you.

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