For example, when you have a table of contents tableau, I've seen a lot of people have a "box" or "frame" around it.

Question is, how do I add that box or frame?

Thanks in advance! ☺️

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Feochadan Premium Plus
Give this a try, I just found it:
MRRSP Premium
Thank you ☺️
feigner Premium
it is all down to css styling - and will differ for each part you want to style
it's never easy is it?
but i suspect that some toc plugins are capable of adding a border and others don't
so it is down to you whether you add learning css to your list of todo's or try to find a plugin which does that
if you know of a site that as the style you are after then you can look at the area to try to find out which plugin they are using or try which tries to show what plugins that site uses - i am sure there are others.
i think going to the block editor gives you an edge over the classic editor as this maybe a standard feature of each block now.
have fun
MRRSP Premium
Great! Thanks for the info, Phil! I appreciate it ☺️
Triblu Premium
Hey Melissa,

Check out the screen print below...

Hope you find this helpful.
MRRSP Premium
Awesome! Thank you 😊