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I'm Meredith, born & raised in the Great State of Texas. As they say, Texas is more than just a place to live...it's a State of Mind. I guess it's true, we are Very Independent. We've Never met a Stranger and we Love our Freedom.

My lifelong passion has always been Horses and Dogs. I've never been without a dog in my life even when I was just a "pup" myself. I fell in Love with Horses at a very young age and to that end, I began taking lessons at age 11 with Hunters (over fences), added Western Riding a few years later then, added Galloping Race Horses to my list.. (that is a Blast!). Traveled the country going to Horse Shows week after week for many years and I am both proud and humbled to say that, after years of showing, I have many more 1st Wins than any other placing. I say "humbled" because it was really a Wonderful Gift for me to be able to pursue my Dreams. The many pupils that I had also did very well and I am proud of every one of them. It was my pleasure and honor to have helped them in their Equestrian Pursuits.

I was a Professional Horse Trainer for many years until I injured my back which, brought me to WA. Unable to ride and single, I Needed an income!

I Love being a member of WA. I joined WA to learn how to make an income for myself but, it has become So Much More. I feel like I have friends around the world now and that is a Great Feeling.

I HOPE to have my back surgically corrected and go back to the Love Of My Life, riding my Horses....Of course, with Hannah Jo at my side!
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thanks for the follow!!
Thanks for the follow
Hi David, thanks for the kind words. I'm a bit prejudiced but, yes Texas is about as wonderful as it gets. Where are you located?
DavidArturo Premium
I'm located in Canada, but I'm not Canadian, I wasn born in Peru (South America). Warm regards.
DavidArturo Premium
Hi Meredith, pretty interesting your story, I would love to go to Texas some day, some people have told me that's a wonderful place to visit. Warm regards.
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Hello, thanks for the follow!