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Helllo everyone,my name is Lisa. And I am a legallay blind mom of 3 and a grandma of 7. I enjoy making wedding cake's, riding





How do I write my name diffrent on a page or post?

How do I write my name diffrent on a page or post?

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I want to be able to sign my name. Not just type it in. How do I do this. Thank you for the help. Truly Lisa

I have an image of my signature, that I have scanned and use it on documents. Just sign a good copy of your signature, scan it and save it as a PNG with transparent background and use it to insert into your pages

I use cooltext a lot as Andre has suggested and it is very easy to use!

I made such a signature using cooltext site, it looked 'cool' to me but reaction of my family members was that it did not really look serious, so I removed it.

Just Sign on a piece of paper and Scan it. Then do an image it as Leo describes.

Another way is to use cooltext the link for this is below and create your own signature and add it at the end of your page/posts as leoemery stated http://cooltext.com/
Take care be well

You have 2 ways you can do it.

You can install a font plugin and use that. But I am not a big fan of plugins as they can cause all kinds of problems.

The other way would be to create an image of your signature and simply add the image to the end of each post or page.

I took a screen shot of one of my test sites that has an image of a signature found at the end of a post


Hope this helps

How do I unistall a plugin when i can not log into wordpres?

How do I unistall a plugin when i can not log into wordpres?

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I went into my dash board in wordpress and went to settings and pasted the wrogn URL now I get a page that tells me to chek the domain and it has this

Has this been fixed?

FTP into your site. In the root directory you'll see a content folder. Inside of that folder is the plugins folder. Just delete the entire folder for the plugin you want to uninstall.

What are tags and what do they do ?

What are tags and what do they do ?

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What is a tag and what do I do with it.

And one more http://www.woothemes.com/2013/11/wordpress-tags/

Tags is a way of adding keywords to your blog post. As Google does not index the HTML 'keyword' tag anymore, you can use tags to help get Google to index your blog post based on those tags as well as helping your readers locate other blog posts of yours based on those tags.

For sure you should be using tags on EVERY blog post!!!!


I agree that using tags can help readers find similar posts, but I don't believe that Google uses this information to get you indexed.

I used to think that too, but while I was researching a competitive company, I couldn't figure out why they were ranking for the keywords I was researching. Turns out that Google ranked them based on the tags they used. It was from that point on that I added tags to ALL my blog posts.

I find it hard to believe that google's algorithm would be so easy to figure out. I use tags, but only as a means of organizing posts. I believe they have little to no SEO value except for maybe having certain keywords as breadcrumbs.

My blogs would not publish until I added tags.

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How do I find a lesson on tags?

How do I find a lesson on tags?

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Can you help me find a lesson on tags

Looks like you already have good inputs from several.

Hope you got the answer that you needed Lisa. :}

Use your "Need Help box" up top. It will help with a lot of questions.

see Shawn has given you the training link hope it helps

If you want to I can send you the first 50 lessons from the getting started course, and what they are about, by mail in excel, PM me if you meant this by this question, Loes

Here you go: http://www.woothemes.com/2013/11/wordpress-tags/

Hi Lisa, I know the training is in the startup section. Tags are basically the keywords you're using to rank on Google. For Ex: if you were writing a blog about Affiliate Marketer's
can earn real money online. The tag words might be Affiliate, Marketer, Marketing, Online, Money. I would read through the training, Kyle explains things really well.:) Hope this helps.

Type the word Tags in above question box. You can then go from there.
Take care

type tags into the black area above and you will see several tags answers to choose from

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