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Hello all! My name is Mark. I live in Western Washington, the Pacific NW. I'm married with two grown children and two grand children. It





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Can I link from one post to a video in another ?

Can I link from one post to a video in another ?

asked in
Everything Wordpress

Is it possible to add a link in one post, to send you to a specific point, like a video, in another post on your website?

More specific, I wrote another Review and would

There's no difference linking a regular post or one with a video. Treat them the same.

"To view a video on_______, click here"

Hi Patsy,
Well, I'm wanting to send visitors from one post to another post and drop them in on my video (Guy in the locker, remember?).

Yes, I remember.
Still the same way of linking :D

The tutorials here seem more difficult than that as they are different than the way I have always linked stuff.

I just stick to the simple way we are doing it.
It works, so why not :D

OK. Can I bug you later?

Of course you can :D

Hey Mark,

Sounds like maybe you want an Anchor link:

Hi Trish,
good to see you. It's been a while.

I didn't go through the whole thing but it says "link to content on the same page". I want to link to content from one post to another which has a video I'd like to drop the link to.
Same process? Loes sent me something similar below here.

Using Anchor text you can link on the SAME page OR part way down ANOTHER page. Marion covers both. Sorry you didn't find this useful.

Trish, it is very useful. Im getting a bit confussed with different responses. Sorry, I didnt mean otherwise. I am going thru all the attached training. It all is great for me. It all helps me figure this out. Still a newbie here, lol!
Your input is Priceless to me. I can"t thank you enough.
As always Im grateful for your help. I know you know your stuff:0)
Thank you So much Trish !!!!!

Notta' problem Mark, information overload can be overwhelming at best.

You can link anything.

Thanks Linda. I didn't know the process for this type of link. There's a bit to it but yes, it can be done!


Yeah Mark, this what what Loes taught me on one of my posts., and it works like a charm: This was from my question, so you might want to get other ideas here too:

That's pretty cool. This might do the trick!
Wow, all kinds of lessons today! I've got work to do! :0)

Thanks Kaju!

I use the same procedure that Loes does. It's just a very clean way of linking and actually is kinda impressive to me when I see others using it!

Playing with codes is not my favorite thing to do - yet!
I need to learn it more though. I'll give this one a shot and hopefully it goes well. I agree it would be cleaner. Funny you would say that. I said the same thing below :0)

Too funny bud, you sure did!

I actually found a video on YouTube a few years back before anyone here knew enough to be able to help me. Actually pretty easy process. Need anything just let me know!!!

I appreciate that! Thank you!

Yes, you can place an anchor link from one post to halfway another post On page 4 on the bottom is the code for that

Oh no! Codes!!! Yikes! Lol!
Thanks Loes! I'll give this a shot. Love a challenge! My big lesson for today :0)

If this beats me up too bad I guess I can always just link to the other post. It wouldn't be horrible, just not as clean.

Success Mark:) You can do this!

:0) yes I can!!!!

Thanks Loes

I take that for an "it worked?

Sorry, not yet! :0

Success ploughing through it then:))

Hmm, I hadn't heard this word ploughing before. On Google the urban dictionary has quite the definition. I'm guessing it means "breaking new ground maybe?"

Thank Loes. I will figure out the code to do this. ☺

Yes, you can link from post to post, or page, and vice versa.

When you set up the link, you have the option to show the reader the 'text' you wish to be shown, like 'Click here', and not leave the link 'exposed'.

You can link to the page or post that the video is on

Hi Matthew,
I may end up doing that if I can't master Loes' lesson here with codes.

Hey, following you now here in WA :0)


No problem, hope you can sort it out the way loes showed you

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Have I been over using keywords? keyword cannibalization?

Have I been over using keywords? keyword cannibalization?

asked in
Search Engine Optimization

Today a member posted a question about whether we should use keywords in all our pages and posts titles. One of the replies from a member mentions 'keyword cannibalization", an

Liked the post

Thanks Mario!

good post thanks for sharing

Thanks Abdul!

I'm so glad you asked this question, Mark!

Thanks Carol! It's a bit confusing!

It appears you are referring to my training, so yes it is as you quoted. It is not good to have the same targeted keyword in multiple posts.

Using it in links is not an issue.

Hi Jovo,
yes this was your training I read. There seems to be some difference in opinions with members here. Some say don't worry, some say don't do it!

Opinions aside, see the facts, those are well known.

Have you ever seen two results in SERPS from the same site? The answer is probably no. The training shows why this is so ( I am giving links for others).

Yes, thanks for adding it for others to check out!

Mark, we are told to write naturally so my advice is to do just that. KW's will appear naturally when you write a review. I think it is more important to provide information that is desirable and is also related to other LSI keywords which will appear naturally if you structure your post accordingly.

For example, if I write a Review for a TV box and one of the related KW's is Kodi, then I might write a chapter on using that TV box with Kodi. I don't focus on KW's or their structure like Yoast does, but that doesn't mean I am right. It's just what I do.

Thanks Craig! I guess I need to take a good look at all my posts and determine if I'm out of line on KW's

Pagination is the key here. Do you have the added as mother and child? If you don't then canonization (or uncleared massive revisions) will cause it to rank as duplicate content or keyword cannibalizes.

It causes inadequate Google index and crawl depth by forcing Google to choose between many pages and pick one it feels best fits the query “filtering” the rest of relevant pages;

It accounts for lower SEO effectiveness: efforts are not focused: you are spreading link power, keyword targeting, and anchor text on your site across multiple pages.

It causes internal site competition: your own pages compete with each other for a position in Google.

How to avoid or solve keyword cannibalization problems?

Get rid of internal duplicate content issues;
Organize your keyword lists to thoroughly think through the internal information structure:

Hierarchic structure

Also a useful discussion on optimizing your site for multiple keywords will help you set the taxonomy of your link juice.

Carefully think over your website architecture to make the most of internal anchor text and keyword prominence.

Great freaking question....Mark. Gold star!!!!!

Uh, lol! What? Lol!
Please forgive me Chris. I am so friggin new at this. Five months ago I could send you an email... Yeah! Now I'm talking about Keyword SEO.
First paragraph... ? ad mother and child? Not sure if my post for product is ad, and Review is child. I think so.

Getting rid of internal content issues is contrary to the lessons here, ie. create a post REVIEW of your product. Should I not be creating a post to describe a product, create interaction and trust with the customer. Then create a REVIEW of that product to boost ranking and add my link to supply... Juice?

Oh boy! :0)
I still love the way you write! Gifted! However I'm having a bit of a time comprehending this. I think I get it!

Lol. You under cut yourself. I've read your stuff and you are way ahead of most. Let's say it like this;

Look at your website and see if the natural flow of the content based on your linking is causing the customer to naturally flow to the intended CTA without conflicting with multiple directions that lead to the same desired effect as not to cause internal conflict without using varying keywords. Otherwise..... you are going to be in competition with yourself and too.... Google may see it as something called "Black Hat SEO" and penalize you for trying to manipulate the search engines. Get it?

Re read that first answer, I think we failed to communicate. Lol. I like you too, buddy.

Super shortened answer: Don't let your website feed on itself.

Mark - What Chris said. :-) Now I'm starting to doubt what I have done with my site structure.

Here is a short video I viewed here the other day that I thought was a good example of how to build a keyword hierarchy structure.

Ok. That I can do. I think its time ti take a real close look at my site again. Maybe anothers opinion as well.

Thank you Chris :0)

Instead of only keywords, especially the SAME keywords leading in opposite directions, use your tags and categories to direct the flow of your customers to what they want and what you want them to find without them realizing you are leading them. Get it?

Google is all about your customer's (UX) experience on your website. It's got to flow naturally. Do not set a crossroad in front of them.

Path of least resistance. Picture pouring over your website like water. Does it NATURALLY lead you concisely or does it have you going in circles?

I think I wrote a post or trainer or something here about;
1. Pages/Posts
2. Tags/Categories

Be blessed, buddy.
PM me sometimes, I don't mind.

PS. If all this fails it's because you are not holding your tongue quite right. Plus you need to arch your left eyebrow.

Lol! Ok, I'll check this out.
Wow what fun we have, right? :0)

Thats where mu mind has been. Smooth flow, but Im not there yet. Directing the customer, I get it. THATS what I need to clean up as well as my keywords. Ive made some small changes recently in that direction. I see where I need more. Yes I still have some circles.

Thank you so much. This was great for the mind process of my site. I may bug you later on PM. But I'll do some work prior.


Anytime anytime. Damn.... you gonna make it boy!!! Look around and consider some of the ^+*^#%=+ others are saying who have been at this way longer than you and had NO IDEA this was an issue let along how to answer you.

Gold star dude!! Now go make some damn money!! Lol

Lol! Thanks man! I am working on it. Looking at others websites this morning. Mostly the Ambassadors, some of these folks have some good stuff. I know where I need to improve on some things on my site. I just need to learn how to make some of the improvements. But hey, that's all part of the fun! And aggravation sometimes :0)
My niche is a bit of bitch at times but I will get there.

Thank you for your words of support here. It's a good driving force!
I'll get it sorted out. I need a 48 hour day!

Mark - I'm no expert, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I may have this concept completely wrong, but hear me out.

I use SEO software Yoast and every time I enter my keyword phrase in a new post it generates a message "great you have not used this keyword phrase before".

It also gives you the option to use other combinations of the keyword phrases (up to 5 with premium) in one post.

Sometimes it will warn that you have used that keyword phrase before in another post.

In addition it will warn if a keyword is linked somewhere else.

It warns that you may be competing against yourself and that you may not rank for the keyword phrase.

For example:

1. How to build a boat
2. Build a boat
3. Boat

I have a word in my post "boat" that links externally to an authority page about boats. Keyword number 3 will warn, you may be competing against yourself, are you sure you want to do this.

When this occurs, I change the linked word from boat to speed boat (as speed proceeded the word boat) and the warning message goes away.

I'm not sure I completely understand the concept, but it seems to me (IMHO) that it's not a good idea to use the same keywords in other posts and links. I think I agree with the other members' comment about cannibalizing keywords.

Hope I helped more than confused. Maybe someone more expert could clarify further.

You might also consider going to Yoast and reading some of their SEO insights. There is a bunch of great free information there.

This is definitely good info. It tells me that there is an issue possibly with the way I've done things. Or that using too many keywords can be an issue.

Lol, great, there had to be something else to play with here, right!

Thanks Patrick, I have something else to look into now :0)
I appreciate you telling me this. It could make the difference.

Did you learn about Yoast here at WA?

Mark - I think I did from another member, so I checked it out and thought it might be a good idea to try it out.

Some members here love it, others don't it's just a matter of which software (All In One or Yoast) you feel comfortable with.

There is a free version. I upgraded because I wanted the multiple keyword feature and the internal linking tool.

Wish I could have helped more but I'm still a novice. I hope you find the answer soon. Then I'll know too. :-)

Ok. Thank you Patrick!

I like Mickey's 100 word benchmark!

Ok. I'll stop sweating it. There just seems to be a gap in opinion on this.

Good question

Nice answer and relaxation give by mickeyb123

Don't be. (or, maybe you can be confused about something else, but not this!)

Every title should have the keyword/phrase you are trying to optimize that page for. Using the same keyword on another page or post is not an issue because you are not confusing Google or any other search engine.

the plan you have written about, above is just the way to do it.

As far as overusing keywords, ask yourself:

Am I using the keyword(s) more frequently than about once every 100 words?

No, not using that much. The info I read was stating something to the effect that there are things we are not hearing about in WA regarding Keyword cannabolization. I have been a little concerned even earlier about my two posts being of one.

Again, please worry about something else!

I'm liking that advise! I may not sleep after Chris' reply :0)

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