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A 7 year member needs your help?
Rick Bell is not able to communicate with you guys because he has a 'no-write'…
11 months ago 5 Replies
hatom error
rich snippet tools show this error.hatom-entry: Error: At least one field…
5 years ago 29 Replies
Hover over text
Is Hover over Text a bad thing in Google's eyes?I wonder if they consider…
7 years ago 17 Replies
sorting category items
Anyone know how to sort category items or put them manually in the order…
7 years ago 21 Replies
Niche Research
While working on a page ("About Niches") for my website I did a lot of…
7 years ago 21 Replies
How many words
That should be quick. How many words should be on a page or post? I googled…
7 years ago 15 Replies
how to make a post as menu item
Is there a way to have a post as a child in the main menu?
7 years ago 10 Replies
how to make a page/post full screen
is there a way to make "a specific page or post" full screen?
7 years ago 8 Replies
how to remove the Mega box from the sidebar?
Anyone know how to do that? I looked at my site using "Private Browsing"…
7 years ago 4 Replies
how can i manually link an image to a hyperlink
When I insert an image to a page I want to link it my vendor HTML
7 years ago 3 Replies