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Last Update: May 14, 2018

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There are raising some questions about the GDPR and how to install a popup warning. I use the


plugin for that matter

  1. Go to plugins
  2. Add new
  3. EU Cookie law
  4. Install
  5. Activate
  6. It will appear in WP Setting


My popup text:

No Opt-out

When people want to refuse cookies, I tell them to leave my site, I have totally no gain from people who don't want cookies placed. They are free to leave.


I have added a link: Decline Cookies:

The DECLINE COOKIES is linked to

I hope this will help you to make your website approved according to the requirements of the GDPR.

Read more here:

GDPR Requirements In Laymans Language

Have a nice weekend

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Recent Comments


Hello Loes,

When I visited a website of a friend, I remarked that the Cookie-Alert doesn't disappear when I click on Accept. I told him, and he said that the very same thing happened to him when he visited my website.

When I visit my own website on the Chrome browser and the Edge browser none of this happens. My friend confirms this as well.

What could the problem be? I have checked the settings in WordPress, but can't find it out. Have you experienced this?

Heard of it, and a day later it was oke on his site, I have not experienced it, I have tested it on my websites, and it goes away when I clicked it

Thank you Loes!
OK, then it is perhaps something temporary.
Let's hope it disappears.

Loes, I just read your Profile yesterday and I think you are a wonderful lady!
I am sure nursery and daycare Grandmothers are very special women!
On top of that, you are a teacher that I really admire and learn from.
You think of subjects to teach that I don't know I need to study until I see your training. Then I know I can't do without it!
Please keep giving us what we need like this, EU cookie law plugin for the GDPR settings!
Thank you very much,

Thank you Janice, very kind words:) You're welcome!

Hi Loes, I'm attempting to setup my plugin and was wondering if the "GDPR requirements and cookie tracking law" page that you send visitors to has the whole GDPR written out or do we only need to state certain parts of the GDPR that apply to the data subjects themselves and what they can request from us.

The site I found that states the GDPR in full has it broken into sections, one of which is labeled "Rights of the Data Subject." If I only include that section should I be alright or should I take the time to copy and paste the whole GDPR into my website page?

I really appreciate that you've helped so many of us this far in the process, thanks for all the help Loes!


You need to add every section which you use for your website

I see on your website you have a link for "EU Cookie Law" on the bottom left corner (below your Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclaimer, etc). Do I need to add something like that as well? It sounds like you wrote that article.

I used the "Cookie Policy" Generator you referenced in another post, but I wasn't sure about this other page you have on your site.

You can edit your Privacy Policy with the required GDPR info. I am planning to write a whole new Privacy Policy. For the time being, I used this solution.

Okay, thank you very much.

Loes, as I understand there is no opt-out, if so then this plugin misses the main point of all this craziness - the right to be forgotten!

Imagine I come and accept your cookie and then after searching your site I realize it is not for me and I want out. So where is the door?

The law is about visitors and not about your gains. Do I miss something? As I see people are already implementing it, you should warn them, this is not the right way.

When you accept cookies there is no way you can, as a website owner, remover those cookies again, they have to clear their coikies themselves, when they left a comment, they can send An email, what is in the privacy policy, to ask to remover the commemt and with that, the data.

And yes, there is an opt out, they can leave

Thank you, I hope you are right about all this. I feel confused.

I have added an opt-out link in the blog, DECLINE COOKIES

Loes, my guess is that most of the visitors will not care. So is there an option in this plugin to ignore the "accept" popup and that it consequently vanishes by itself? I see in your site that I have to click on 'accept' before it disappears.

Is this the only tool? This all is so annoying but I guess we have to have it.

This plugin doesn't, but you can ignore it, most plugins freeze the page and you have to click it before you can continue. I never have seen one disappear

I have never had a look in any of these things. But I see that there is yet another GDPR plugin, or perhaps more. So this is different from the one you suggest?

There's another plugin, 'Cookie Notice', that has an option to enable acceptance on scroll. The popup goes into the same mode if the visitor scrolls as it does when the 'Accept' button is clicked.

I haven't invest time in other plugins, I know there are at least 4 gdpr plugins, the EU cookie law plugin was already on my websites

Very nice! I am not switching, but it looks great

Hi Marion, are you saying that by checking in this option, the popup will vanish? This sounds good. Where the popup appears? The one suggested by Loes is not so aggressive, just a small tab in the corner.

I don't have that option ticked but you can see what the plugin looks like on I think you can choose to have the popup anchored to the top or bottom of the page. and there are some color options too.

Thank you Marion, I had a look, it looks fine. I am just curious why you did not use the option, it would look less annoying to visitors if it vanishes by itself.

On the other hand, is there some elegant way to avoid popups or such bars? I already have one that appears when visitors leave, a sign-up form. How about having something in the sidebar? Would this satisfy those idiots in Brussels?

Marion, I just made a comment to Loes, so the same to you - where is an option to be forgotten? The EU law seems to be all about this issue, this is how I understood it though I have never read the stuff.

Marion is there a recommended expiry time for cookies?

I have added an opt-out link in the blog, DECLINE COOKIES

Marion, I love the look of the plugin you suggested. I added it to my site and am very happy with all the options!

The Plugin Marion suggested- Cookie Notice, does have an option to add to deactivate cookies if they refuse. I like the plugin a lot. Very nice looking.

Thanks for this, Loes. I've been wondering if I had to worry about GDPR, and reading the comments here it looks like I should. Does this widget slow down your site? I already have 5, which WA marks me down for, saying that's too many - but I really like all of them and I'm sure my readers gain benefit from them.

A fine will slow you down more...

I have added an opt-out link in the blog, DECLINE COOKIES

Great post. But I have been thinking (yes, it happens) if you don´t sample the cookies, do you need it? Some site if I do, but my main is to send people to Amazon so I don´t do it.
Of course, technical it is not clear but just thinking if the site which doesn´t collect need to?

But I agree with warning general.

When you share Amazon links your site is placing cookies, when you have Social media links your site is placing cookies, when you have a WA Affiliate link your site is placing cookies

True :) Sorry.

I have added an opt-out link in the blog, DECLINE COOKIES

Great information I guess that I need to put the plugin on my website because I am promoting items on my site. Thank you for sharing this is a little confusing because I am setting up my site to promote WA and it keeps coming up with all these plugins to buy and I am not selling anything on the site. I am just promoting. Do I have to put this on all of my sites or just the ones that I am promoting products on?

On every site where you share Social media, Affiliate links, have a comment form or a news letter, shortly said, where you connect and ask for data, as email addresses

I have never seen that before. Is that included in the plugins? Please help because I don't understand.

You have to go to plugins, on top to Add new, and search for the EU cookie law plugin

okay got it

Good afternoon Loes,

There are a lot of WA post circulating at the moment. I think that is good so you can see this issue from different angles. I have been reading the posts of M Mary also. Slowly but surely it dawns for me that we, the website owners, are being pestered by the big Google.
Anyhow, your post is short and clear so we will follow up on that.
In the words of M Mary, do this to get your derriere covered.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Yes, better safe than sorry Taetske

I have added an opt-out link in the blog, DECLINE COOKIES

Thank you Loes, we are going there to have a look.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Have a nice day, Taetske, greetings back, Loes

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