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July 16, 2018
9 badges can be earned at WA and you can find yours on your profile underWhat do these badges mean, and when do you accomplish a new badge?Badge no #1------------------------------Badge no #2------------------------------Badge no #3Badge no #4------------------------------Badge no #5------------------------------Badge no #6Badge no #7------------------------------Badge no #8------------------------------Badge no#9These are all the badges, I can think of some moreWhen you have created 100 traini
July 11, 2018
Your banner is alive in Canada and the VSYesterday, I was contacted by Emma of Jooble job search. She asked me if I wanted a banner exchange. I had to place one of theirs on my Workathomefuture website, and she would place one of me on their Jooble job search website. For FREE!There is a little differenceI have 1.6K visitors a month, they have every day more than 2,5 million people from all over the world visiting their website.That was een no-brainer, I didn't have to think twice to say, Yes!(
July 05, 2018
On all my websites I use the plugin WP Gallery Custom LinksThis plugin allows you to add a link to every separate gallery image, but it's very static and it looks like this:I found a creative way to make this gallery look nicer.In paint, I created my featured images smaller, with a border in the color of my website back ground.This way it just looks like you have a dynamic gallery, and it looks great on my website.I wish you all a creative and productive day:)
July 04, 2018
Are you prepared for a good thing?Make directly online your Social Media ads. Share on Facebook or Twitter via Spark. Or download your creative advertisment and share it from your computer on other Social Media.Great free to use program, Spark.Adobe.comEasy & handy to use. Upload your own images or use the Spark data bank.Change layout, colors, fonts.Create posts, pages, or video, pick a template.Facebook Ad, Blog Post, Letter Size, Poster, etc.What I did: I took some images and screenshott
July 02, 2018
Have you ever tried out paint 3DI played around a bit, added a flat chartAnd with a little fight with this program I managed to turn it into this, quite a hassle.I have taken a screenshot of the results, both header and chart, because it's not so nice in saving the image as you can see below.The header image is made in Paint 3D from scatchBut I, personally think, there are definitely better and easier chartmakers ;)
July 01, 2018
The 7 spiritual laws of success.They exist! As sure as the law of gravity exist. Have you ever incoperated them into your online business?Let's see the 7 laws.The Law of pure potentialityThe Law of givingThe Law of cause and effectThe Law of least resistanceThe Law of intention and desireThe Law of distanceThe Law of DharmaThe missing pieceThe laws and your online businessThe Law of pure potentiality. What are you doing before you go to sleep? That's a VERY important time of the day. Are you g
June 30, 2018
Which characteristics does a personal leader have?Why do you follow people? Is there a logical explaination? I think there is.When you are inspired to follow a person, they often have several of the qualities below.What is personal leadership really?A personal leader has a free head and a free heart. Personal leaders lead themselves and do that from their core. Find out if you are a natural born leader.Leaders are resilientThey do not linger in a situation, they pick up the pieces and solve the
June 28, 2018
Rubix, stands for progressRubix is the new name with which the IPH-Brammer Group, a large European supplier of industrial products and solutions, enters the market. The name change reflects the company's ambition to 'make a transformation' for its customers in the supply of industrial products and solutions throughout Europe, according to the company today in a press release.SiterubixSiterubix does get a whole new meaning to me!website progress = site rubixSpotted on: Link magazine nl
June 24, 2018
We have an awesome opportunity here. Wealthy Affiliate supplies us with a Google indexed blog. Isn't that wonderful? Some WA blogs are on Google Page #1 within minutes!Wealthy Affiliate blogs rank highlyThe WA blogs are Google indexedThe WA blogs are visible out thereWA blogs can attract referralsUse your Wealthy Affiliate blog wisely.3 Simple Tips For Using Creative Blog Titles To Get Ahead Of Your CompetitionStep 1Use the JAAXY keyword research tool You can find the best keywords for your tit
June 23, 2018
Yesterday I placed a reaction on a question, and I got a lot of responses on it. My comment became a featured comment. So I thought, it might be interesting for all of you to know how many words a blog should be. I also want to explain to you why a blog of less than 300 words is not acceptable and why a blog with 1000+ words is better.This is an indication, not a law!The wrong businessWhen your blog contains 300 words or less, you are definitely in the wrong business. Those blogs are not very i