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May 27, 2018
Every website who attracts people to make money online, is like everyone else online, they are sure they have the sollution that they can teach you how.There are multiple opportunities, which can bring in money. And there are also hundreds of other companies you can join online.Wealthy Affiliate is one out of thousands other possibilities you can choose from.Handle with CareWhen you review a website whether it's a scam or legit, be very careful. They might have a way to make money online, it ju
May 26, 2018
Use your curiosityThat is a quality that successful people have, they use their curiosity and are always eager to learn new things. And they love learning and new experiences.They see a problem and dive right into it to investigate and to tackle the problem.4 PriciplesIf you work according to these 4 principlesBe impeccable in your words.Do not make assumptionsDo not take anything personalAlways do your bestYou will find that you have less irritation and more compassion with other people.1. Be
May 25, 2018
Publish the Data request page!Go to the training page 3 - step 18, 19 and 20training/wp-gdpr-compliance-plugin-settingsYou can choose to add the page to your colophon menu or place the code into a widgetAgain, sorry:(
May 25, 2018
When you are all set and done with the GDPR stuff on your Website, there is one last taskInform your subscribers via your newsletterIt's the 25th of May and the day the GDPR law is official.I am not yet into autoresponders yet, but I have 3 dozen of subscribers on my list.(Yes, I know, I should start it up official:)For now I could handle this still manually.I created my first newsletter today, and could stripe away a couple of jokers with fake email addresses.Success informing your subscribers
May 23, 2018
Create a sales funnelMany entrepreneurs say they have a 'company', but many have a hobby. A company makes money and a hobby costs money. We want to build a company right? In order to realize this, we have to sell a product or service, But how do we do this? For this we need a sales funnel! A sales funnel is a process where we try to convert visitors to customers.In order to use a sales funnel well, we need to take 4 steps. The 4 steps are:A lead magnetThis is a valuable product or e-book you ca
May 21, 2018
Yes, that right! You can earn money for this. A maximum of $75 dollars per training you write.How does this work?Until now, one training of me has completed all levels with 649 likes/ 724 comments cq views/shares.My latest training, I worked on for 12 hours to write out the transcript for the Walkthrough video and create screenshots, for the community. It didn't even completed level 1=$5 with 25 likes and 12 comments.And to be honest and tell you my feelings about this trainingI am good but no
May 20, 2018
WordPress GDPR guide on your dashboardI just entered my dashboard, and found a WordPress guide to edit the Privacy Policy with the requirements for the GDPRIt's on top of your Privacy Policy in the edit mode, version 4.9.6Open the link into a new tab, and edit what's neededThey give example sentences that you can add to your current privacy policy.When it's not there go to settings> privacy> Need help putting together your new Privacy Policy page? Check out our guideI hope this makes your
May 13, 2018
The Super Wealthy Affiliate Challenge started in January, and people could react to Kyle's appeal.It was rush our, and many join the SWAG (Super Wealthy Affiliate Group) to make 2018 into the most successful year ever.For some, the time wasn't right, and they, therefore, didn't join. Some have become a member after the challenge started.Today, I found out that the challenge is available for everybody and that you can start this 12 Month Intensive BootCamp Training any day you like.(After you've
May 12, 2018
There are raising some questions about the GDPR and how to install a popup warning. I use the EU COOKIE LAWplugin for that matterGo to pluginsAdd newEU Cookie lawInstallActivateIt will appear in WP SettingSETTINGSMy popup text:No Opt-outWhen people want to refuse cookies, I tell them to leave my site, I have totally no gain from people who don't want cookies placed. They are free to leave.OPT OUTI have added a link: Decline Cookies:The DECLINE COOKIES is linked to hope
May 07, 2018
Meeting WA-ers in real life!2 weeks ago we, my husband and I, met Teatske and her fellow Michael.We had a lovely dinner together, and we talked about our daily life.Can you imagine, we hardly spoke about our websites:))She gave me from her own orchardDelicious home made Orange MarmeladeAnd a cute little table baghanger with flamingo'sHere is the full report of Taetske's visit to the Netherlands (With really nice photos from the Netherlands)Happy Meeting with Michelle and Loes, a special Holiday