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This morning, I thought, I am going to add some lines to my welcome message about the Black Friday deal. And go to work on my Black Friday website.So, I first logged into my website...Blimey!I was redirected to this page!This kind of messages give me almost a heart attack!I have send in a Support ticket at noon today, and I am eversince in contact with SiteSupport25 messages and 4 hours later they are still working on it.Where can you find a more devoted Support team online than at WA?It's Sund
I just wrote a post on my website about this amazing template library.And I like to share this MEGA online template store with you too.Edit bannersEdit Black Friday adsEdit Invitations59 categoriesBanners, cards, Borchures, Charts, Invoice, Menus, Newsletters, Notes, Vouchers etc. etc.DownloadYou can download in different formatsThe PSD format is a download editable in Photoshop, when you do not have that program you can use Photopea a free online to use replacement for Photoshop.Enjoy Template
The last few days there have been reports of websites being hacked with new users being added with administration rights.The issue was caused by a flaw in the GDPR Compliance plugin. READ MORE
This is NOT a photoshop image, this is real!They are really building a farm house upside down in Friesland, The Nederlands!We were driving around and we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this upside down farm house.4 families are building this, and they are planning to live each on one corner.Can you imagine the view?When this farm is finished they will demolish the other farmhouse.
The banners are out there, and your Black Friday link too, and I got a couple of questions about this via PMYou can find the banners hereClick on the dropdown "Show Banners For"Update: The banners are moved under Wealthy Affiliate, scroll down there. special BF link is on this page Friday linkWhen you try out your special BF link you will see this, only then with your profile picture :)Test link incognitoB
November 06, 2018
On the 2th of November 2014 I received my ambassadors badge, and ever since I have served this community the best I could. I missed one day, 25 September 2018I want to thank you all for your trust and support.When I started here in July 2014, I never could imagine that I would become an ambassador, but I would certainly try it, because of the promisse that all ambassadors get an invite to Vegas. Well that's worth working for, don't you think?And I made it!This is from the Ambassadors page back
November 01, 2018
HEALTH - WEALTH - TIMEWhen we are young we have time and health but no money to buy everything we wantWe get older and we have still our health and we have money, but not the time to do what we want.Then we are old, we have wealth and time, but not the health anymore to do what we want to do.There must be a way to have these 3 together at the same time.The solution is to create an income from assetsYou can set up a solid foundation for your website and create a recurring income from affiliate m
October 31, 2018
Proud momAs you probably know, or can know from my profile page, I have 6 kids. And they all make me feel really proud. But yesterday my son tightened the crown. Many times during puberty, I have thought, oh my, what has to become of that boy. Worries for nothingSometimes, most of the time, almost always, we worry too much. We see apes and bears on the road which are actually not there.I went to the grand opening reception of the business of my son yesterday (the one in the white shirt), he has
October 24, 2018
I made my own WA app on AppmakrI made this app on https://www.appmakr.comThis is a FREE App maker but......WARNING!You have to do something for it.On all pages you go through you have to uncheck boxes. Boxes from Apple ($25), Google($10) and other services ($10-$25), and the box for the premium service($99)When you have unchecked all boxes you will get the green light! on the publish page.COST: FREE FOREVERDon't hit the publish button before you have Cost:FREE Forever in view!Keep going back to
Do you really need an affiliate marketing coach?What can you expect for your money?Evaluation of:The current situationYour desired situationGoals & performance of your websiteDiscuss your budget, network and resourcesThe website & landing pagesMarketing channels (Read-Social Media)Lead generation strategies (Email marketing)Funnel strategiesMarketing automation (Hootsuite, autoresponder)Earnings models (Affiliate programs)Growth opportunities (rinse and repeat)This list makes me think o