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March 17, 2018
Actually, I missed the 10000 mark by an inch.Followed by 10021Some of you just started following me, others go a long way back. The time is ticking and I am heading fast to my 4 years of being a member of this wonderful community.I have seen many changes during this period.Site SSL has been introducedJaaxy became part of the WA platformWe got a credits comment and feedback featureAkismet was banned to the trash by SiteprotectionWe got our very own Domain name serviceAnd so much more....Some of
March 15, 2018
Keep searching for that one best long tail keywordon Jaaxy, our amazing free keyword research competition tool for all WA members!They are out there! Spend as much time on Jaaxy as you can and find it! Keep on adding other words, synonyms untill you say: BINGO25942 searches; 4411 traffic; 18 competitionAnd the other ones:72 searches; 13 traffic; 1 competition64 searches; 11 traffic; 0 competitionDon't settle for less!
March 14, 2018
A new law in the Netherlands must make the internet safer, but is this true?A whole discussion has started here and a referendum has been proclaimed where people can vote for and against the new law.This is what the law comes down at:Would you agree that the Government reads everything you chat, click, and do online, and tap all your phone calls and messages? Yes or No?What would you click?
March 11, 2018
Time to mark your calenderCelebration days in 2018When is Motherday 2018?And when starts the Sugarfest 2018?On which day is Giving Tuesday?Have you marked your calendar already for your promotions? Scroll down to check out the additional list of TeamIcecream - Sharlee Logbook for special occasions
March 08, 2018
When I start a new post I have a ready to paste remembrance list. A ready made template DIY. It works terrific!Everything I have done, I delete from my list. I have it on a draft post, so when I start writing, I copy the list into my new to write post. Of course, I have the copyright Loes Knetsch © and pipe colofon ready in it for my own convenience:) You can copy and adjust this list to your own requirements.Top imageCopyright © LoesIntro paragraph 1Icon Read more textparagraph 2para
March 07, 2018
The tasks for the 2nd month of the are on page 2 (look at the old 1st-month-training) Super Wealthy Affiliate Group!This is going to be an exciting month again:)(I made my own WA logo cup of coffee:)12000 words again and keyword research (30)Giving lots of comments and gaining comments (30)Create a custom banner - I ♥ this assignment!Give attention to great headlines!Helping 5 WA-ers a day, no problem!Hmm, live chat again, 20 minutes?SSL is already activated!It seems that Site speed is w
March 04, 2018
Just now, I read a reply here about The give and take a comment thread get website engagementThese are the rules, and they are quite simpleThis is how it goes1. Comment on at least 3 websites, more is allowed 2. Post a link to your website/post for comments at the very top of this thread, so not beneath every website you have commented on!There is NO step 3You are NOT going to PM members for a comment back!The same rules are for the websites/comments/requestsYou give 2 comments to gain 2 credit
February 27, 2018
Hi all! What I have been up to until now.This week:I blogged more than once a week on WAWatched the videos on the courseI wrote 3 blogs -(2000 words)Published 2 blogs - (2 still in draft)Took care of my Dutch website (equals workathomefuture)Wrote one blog on the Dutch website (333 words)I revamped the about me and my WA reviewsHelped more than 5 people at WA a dayI want to take both websites into the Super affiliate course, so the Dutch website needed a big revamp. I went into the editor to ch
February 24, 2018
You took a screenshot to show something online, but you don't want people to see everything you made the screenshot from.Here is a great program you can use to blur partial pieces of a screenshot. and drop your imageChoose manualChoose blurSelect the part you want to blurI selected the keyword phrases here, you can select multiple times to blur parts.(Sorry, I want to keep that to myself:)This is my saved used keyword listI keep my keywords on a special list in
February 24, 2018
This is how you add a TEXT ALERT to your website<script>alert("Hey hello, how nice to see you! I wish you a very nice time surfing my website! Kind regards, Loes")</script>When you add this code on top of your post, your message will launch right after opening your website post. When you put it into a sidebar widget, it will appear on every entry (that might be a bit too much, it will appear on every page switch too). You can enter any message you want of course. Depending on what n