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An image says more than a thousand wordsThe program I used today to create an infographic is free and awesome to use!You can make every area of your own image clickable with buttons.The buttons are interactive and moving as you wish.You can also use pre-made templates for inforgrafics.You can make multi-page sliders with text and images.Share your clickable image directly on Social Media.Embed the script and place it on your website.When you hover over the areas the text and link will appear.Yo
I received a BLACK MAIL.To be honest, I am very curious about this "particular" tape;) Especially, because I am very cautious and not trusting other users therefore I have my web camera constantly taped off.He has got the password right, so I have changed it, just in case;)) One of the sites I have used this password on must have been hacked or has a dishonest way of doing business.It would be hilarious if it was not so sad. I mean, he cares more about money than about honesty. It makes me sad
February 20, 2019
Good day to you all :) Today I like to give you a little insight about API keys.What is an API-Key?An application programming interface (API) is a collection of definitions on the basis of which a computer program can communicate with another program or component.An API key is an abbriviation of Application Programming Interface. It is a code used by computer programs that call our API to identify the used program. API keys prevent malicious use. It is a unique identifier for verification. The
It's been a while since I have blogged on WA, but today I find it important to share my way of getting important backlinks for your website.Which backlinks are important?Backlinks to related websitesBacklinks to websites with over 100.000 visitors a monthBacklinks to authority websites in your nicheWhich backlinks are irrelevant?Links to (unrelated) small websites (can do more harm than good)Links to totally irrelevant authority websitesBacklinking to authority websites3 Months ago I wrote an e
I will login dailyto follow people back who are starting to follow meto answer direct questions related to my own training and blogsto answer PM's, only if it's absolutely necessary and not been answered by the communityto place comments, to stay certifiedto work on my websitesI will notGive feedback or answer random questions asked by PMBlogReact on blogsReact on questionsShare any free to use programsWrite training (You can find 133 existing training and many helpful blogs here)I have been da
I have blogged about this before, but lately I see repeatedly questions about this issue. I guess it's a default setting on the WP dashboard.You don't want new users in your back office, unless you run a membership website.How to get rid of these new users?Go to your WP dashboardGeneral settingUncheck the box before anyone can registerDelete the new userReset your passwordAnother tipWhen you upload an image which is bigger than the screen, it happens that you can not scroll down to save and ins
November 29, 2018
Only if you are bored to death!!21+ Totally useless websites1. They point at your pointer? Fool your friends, hack a computerjust type any key:) Want to tell something BIG? Totally USELESS fishing pond How big is yours? Naked granpa? Always wanted to break that glass? Cheap
I am still laughing, hahahaHappy Thanksgiving DinnerThank you for being you!Enjoy your Thanksgiving!
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When you want to promote the Black Friday deal on your niche website, you can create awesome niche related banners on CanvaChoose for "Use custom dimensions"300x300Find a templateSearch for free to use niche related imagesAdd your textGive the background your niche colorNiche related banner for my spriritual websiteNiche related banner for my kidsart websiteNiche related banner for my health websiteHere is my example for the text, you may copy and use thisJust to give you an impression what you