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December 01, 2019
Hi to my lovely online WA family.I haven't taken much action lately on WA, due to some sad messages the last month. I had to say goodbye to acquaintances and family members and attended 4 funerals, one very closely yesterday, the twin brother of my husband.I have changed my daily job from child day care owner to caretaker. A friend of my has lost the ability to use her left side, due to a cerebral infarction. And I have decided to assist her with all the usual actions that have become difficult
November 13, 2019
Hi All, I just made an extension on the existing WA banner.You may use this one for free.The measures are 1200x225 px. If WA has cropped it and you are unable to copy the banner in original format, you may PM me your email address and I will send you the original banner.(Right click and save as...)This banner is very suitable to add on top of your website.You can do this in the plugin SEO all in one, general1. copy the original code here Replace the ima
Fake news is misleading information that is distributed to make money from it.It has been around for a long time, but with the rise of social media, it is spreading at breakneck speed.Manipulating visual material is becoming increasingly sophisticated and also increasingly difficult to distinguish from real.Why do people spread fake news, how do you recognize it, and what role do you play yourself?How do you recognize fake news?Ask yourself the following questions before you share a message:Who
There are 2 types of motivation.Extrinsic = comes from an external source, prospect of a reward or punishment.Intrinsic = comes from within, and is motivated by a goal.We want to achieve intrinsic motivation through motivation.Let people see why it is necessary to follow a certain path.There are 2 ways to influence people, by direct and indirect influence. You can directly influence yourself, but others you can only influence indirectly.Give a clear "Why"What would be better if they followed yo
It's been a while since I have written my last blog here. And although I log in to WA on a daily basis (yes I am around here every day;), usually answering a few questions, I am not very active anymore, apart from occasionally sharing a training.In December last year, I decided to take a huge step back from the WA forum, to be able to use more time for my online business. That was rather disappointing, I must say. One after the other presented itself.Life is never dull having a website, let alo
Some sites report that Google (for all I know we trust) is sending phishing emails through. Within Google you can set a so-called "alert". This is useful when you want to know if there is news about a certain topic, what is trending, or if something is being written about your own company. Google will then send you an email with a link to the relevant news article. However, cyber criminals now use this service from Google en masse to get users to click on wrong phishing links.Scammers have foun
Google Chrome has a new extension called "Suspicious Site Reporter"and flags all sites that they believe are suspicious.It must lead to a "safer internet".The flag changes color the moment something strange is going on, according to Google.Green is okayOrange is suspiciousRed is Hooo Nooo!You can send info to Google from sites you believe they are not safe, and send screenshots too. Google says that they will warn visitors when an URL is changed, or when there might be phishing pratices on a we
This great program can be used for multiple subjects, not only to caption a video with subtitles, but also to add an image to a video, to resize, trim, and to create memes.I have just added subtitles to my latest training here and music, people said it was a bit silent;)Go to KAPWING and see for yourself, when you click on products you get the whole series.When you use the free version, you get the Kapwing logo in the upper right corner, but you can use it unlimited. They charge $6 per video to
Avengers: EndgameMarvel-saga Avengers: Infinity WarAnd Google's answer to this movie.Google has humor for sure!Type "Thanos" into the search bar from GoogleClick on the hand with the Infinity Stonesand watch what is happening...In that film, the purple super villain Thanos triumphed by getting hold of all the so-called "Infinity Stones", putting on the glove and cutting his fingers. With that, he literally made half the population on Earth disappear. Marvel fans left the room shocked last year
It turned out that this is a very helpful blog, because I understand that I can congratulate these countries that they have been admitted to the free starter membership of Wealthy AffiliateThe fortunated countries are:BangladeshEgyptGhanaIndiaKenyaMoroccoPakistanPhilippinesVietnamI am very pleased that they are allowed to the free starter membership again.Still BlacklistedNigeria is blacklisted and banned for normal access. However, they can get access through a VPN account."A VPN, or Virtual P