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UpdatesSometimes you get a bit simple from all the updates on your websites, are they all really necessary?We all know that figure at the top.There are 3 different updates:WordPressPluginsThemesMost updates are for your own safety and your site will be updated to the latest, most secure, version.WordPress updatesWordPress updates are related to software. They make it more difficult for hackers to hack into your site. Bugs are removed and / or repaired. And sometimes you get new features.Theme u
Wealthy Affiliate price increaseIt is quite understandable that WA raised the price after so many years. And I am very happy that the price we are paying now is fixed. And that every premium member does not receive a price increase. As we know we are grandfathered in the price. And everyone who takes the step to a premium membership before May 11, 2020 also gets the guarantee on the price. As I understand, a special offer is coming soon for Starter members and monthly paying members.Many of us
April 01, 2020
Today, April's Fool day, is this year, 2020, not a day for jokes.This Corona pandemic, Covid 19 virus is causing so many victims worldwide that I find it very inappropriate to send a joke. I read that Google has decided not to honor this day as well.It was my habit to do something every year, to fool the WA community.No April's fool joke this year.For the new members, here are my jokes from 2016-2019:2019With one little script on your website all your posts on Google page 12018Have you seen the
I see a lot of advertisements online from people who want to take advantage of promoting products and the money making business. We all know that this means hard work and it is not easy. And sometimes it is not a foregone conclusion for everyone. If you talk to someone about the affiliate business, stay honest.Criminals respond to current events.There is so much Corona scam online.Face masks and sanitizers are offered at extortionate prices and are not even delivered afterwards.There are apps i
Hi all, these are difficult times worldwide.The Covid-19 virus aka as Corona is taking hold and governments are forced to take extreme measures to contain the virus. I fully understand the measures taken to protect the weak of the population. It became almost inevitable, with our globalization, there would be such a virus outbreak once.Now we are in the middle of it and it frightens us, especially that we cannot predict how it will end and when it will end. There are sad times ahead for many. P
You all have probably received the message that some things are going to change here regarding the amount of websites you can host within the Starter and Premium account.kyle/blog/our-innovative-approach-to-hosting-important-updates...I understand the change, but that immediately gives me some homework to do, I was just not waiting for that.So I thought up an interim creative solution.Because I have quite a few posts on my website that indicate that you can have 25 own domain names and 25 Siter
February 06, 2020
Just delete my account!Sometimes you find yourself completely crazy to delete a certain web service account. Nowhere can you find how you can remove all your data.Background checks (dot) org offers a list of direct links to delete your account from hundreds of web services.Check out "Just delete me"When you click on "Show info"You can read what you have to do.Sometimes they even give you an email address you can contact for this matter.Easy, hard, or impossible to delete accountsFor some accoun
What should you look out for to create a great website?1. Provide a well-organized homepageDo you have a logo?A catchy sentence?A searchfield?How do you make your visitor feel welcome?Can they contact you in any way?2. How is your menu organized?A properly functioning navigation literaly includes everything that makes it easy for a visitor to find his way on your website. Ask a friend to navigate your website and look over his/her shoulder.Use categories from the start, as your website grows, i
January 28, 2020
Does Google work legally?Have you also noticed that Google generates ready-made answers these days? As far as I know, Google is a search engine that gets its content from websites. Google itself, has NO content, whatsoever!If you want to know something now, Google will answer you immediately. Without having to visit a particular website. These answers do not contain any link.Google website snippetsGoogle also supplies snippets, where the answer is provided from certain websites. But who is clic