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July 22, 2017
Google & Facebookearn far out the most advertisement fees ever. The amount is more than all newspapers, Radio and TV stations altogether.This was a local Trouw Newspaper head in the Netherlands today.They proclaim that Google will earn about 70 billiard Euro in 2017. That's a little less than €10 per world citizen a year. Facebook earns about $ 4.38 per user, per year.Last month, Google received a fine from the EU of 2.4 billiards dollars because they violated the rules of competition.
July 20, 2017
You are having an off day and you are going to surf your Social Media sites. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.How depressing that can be!The happy #hashtags are flying around your ears... and you.... you are looking at a pile of laundry and the sink full of dirty dishes.See through the happy #hashtags of Social Media. Your friends areCamping with a van in the bushHang gliding above the South of AfricaBbq-ing with lots of friendsBiking in the mountainsCanoeing on the Amazon riverHaving a tour
July 19, 2017
This drug recently found its way to the Netherlands. As parents, you are always worried what your children will encounter. You try to bring some sense into them during the first 12 years. After that age, they start experiments of their own or not, choose right or wrong friends. Your kids can even become a victim of bad willing people. And it's the duty of every parent to warn and protect them in every possible way.Flakka, Zombie walkThe active substance in Flakka is called cathinone and is deri
July 17, 2017
Is money the most important thing life?Money is a means of gaining experience. You need to pay your clothes, home, and transport. Some people think money is bad or makes you less spiritual. They have negative thoughts about money. But that is not necessary.Is it bad to pay money for your mortgage? Or is it bad to pay money for your food?Money is the root of all evilThese beliefs hold you back Money is the root of all evil.Money is not important, you do not need it.Money is bad.You are materiali
July 16, 2017
12 times THEN - NOW modern quotes If I wanted to wait 4 days for an app back, I would have written a letter...In the past we had a diary and got angry when somebody read it, now we put everything on facebook and get angry when nobody reads it...In the past, all children took an apple to school, nothing has changed …Do we call 911 or do we first put the pictures on Facebook...?Back then: Dad, can you help me with ...? Now: Son, can you help me with ...Previously, you could clean the who
July 15, 2017
Thank you, Kyle and Carson, for creating this opportunity for me and so many others around the world. This community and education is really the best experience I ever had in my whole life!I got my batch!I have served the community as ambassador since November 02, 2014. Besides the #1st and the #2nd rank, I have had all Ambassadors ranks, from 3-25 the past 32 months. As I went premium after 2 days, I am now a member for 3 years and 2 days, and although I didn't get any dedication batch, (still
July 14, 2017
You can not name it or you can do it via your smartphone. What's app, Skyping, Banking business, taking pictures, sharing files, ordering tickets, reservations, navigation road maps.6 Signs of AddictionYou are feeling very tense when you do not have access to your phone.Checking your phone constantly for new messagesYou feel your phone vibrate, but when you check there is nothingWhen someone is talking to you (physically), you don't hear a thingYour school/work suffers from it, you perform less
July 13, 2017
It's time to realize we gave up our privacy. Every website has it in their footer or menu. A privacy policy. We guarantee you to be careful with your data. And they will. That's not the problem. Privacy does not exist It's 6 o'clock in the morning, Jeff's alarm goes off. He jumps out of bed. Takes a quick bite and pulls on his jogging sneakers. Like every morning, he is jogging his round through the park with his dog, with earbuds he listens to his favorite music on his smart phone.1.(Registere
July 12, 2017
In the past, G+ had the option to see who the new followers were, but not anymore. But I found out it's very easy to find them in your list of followers.1. Go to people2. Click on the "followers" tab in the horizontal bar3. Click on Ctrl + F4. Fill in follow5. click on the next arrow(I have translated some words because my G+ is in Dutch)Happy following back!
July 11, 2017
You must wonder which connection can Wealthy Affiliate have with a leek recipe, read on and it will soon become clear to you.SeedingIn 2014 I sowed some leek, we were waiting and waiting, but not even a little tiny green sprout came above the surface. GrowingWe forgot about it. So it was a big surprise when we saw in the spring of 2015 the first signs of a new leek life. We hoped the leeks would grow into a nice meal. HarvestingWe are now entering the summer of 2017 and look! Our LEEK!The Leek