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September 22, 2017
In the future marketing will become more and more in tune with visibility.It will become imaginative and interactive.Print your advertisement, logo or slogan on the cappuccino of your customer!One of the participants on the DMexco (Europe's biggest event on digital marketing) innovative competition developed The Ripple appWith this app you can instruct a coffee machine to print text and logos on the cream layer of the cappuccino.Watch how to print your coffee - YouTube 0.58 sec.Enjoy your coffe
September 21, 2017
K5 security robot takes a wrong turnIn the American capital city Washington a K5 robot had an nasty accident. A Knightscope K5 Security Robot had an unfortunate day and entered the water and "drowned".This suicidal egghead killed itself.The robot served as a guard in a shopping mall. The robot runs completely autonomously and takes care of suspicious things in its surroundings. During a routine patrol, the robot dropped a staircase and tilted into a fountain pond's water.The drowned robot was t
September 19, 2017
You do not have to think about it for a long time to answer this question.The answer is a question:How do I motivate my people during the change?What do you mean by motivation?Shortly said, it's about having a reason to act. And people get into action if they have a goal in mind. A goal that provides a certain need. Motivating your people means that you give them the courage to achieve a certain purpose that meets their needs. However, it works much better if your people have their own motives.
September 19, 2017
Is it the course? Or the Community? The hosting platform? The website builder with WordPress templates? The inbuilt keyword tool? Perhaps the price? Or the trip to Vegas?What makes Wealthy Affiliate so special?The course?Wealthy Affiliate presents to every member a balanced course to achieve online success in Affiliate Marketing. When you take the effort to do the course step-by-step (not skipping any lessons) you might surprise yourself with an online success. So be mentally ready to receive :
September 18, 2017
Yesterday I blogged about the MyBannerMaker, and that is my No. #1Searching for free banner makers I found also other quite nice programs, which I like to share with you too.You might have other requirement for a banner than I have.So here we go!Can you tell me which banner you would like to click?7 free to use banner makers + examples1. MyBannerMaker2. BannerFans3. BannerSketch4. BannerSnack (watermark)Click here for the moving version5. Fotor6. Gifup (watermark)7. PureSilvaBannerMaker (waterm
September 17, 2017
Coincidence?Yesterday I was counting all my posts and pages online, and surprisingly they did match exactly the amount of WA blogsI have 587 posts and pages on my websites ánd 587 blogs on WAI am always looking and surfing the world wide web to find incredible great programs and today I found this amazing photo banner maker! I like to share it with you all. It's free to use online.It's a no-brainer program. No credit card needed. Just sign up and make your niche related professional look
September 13, 2017
A Modern Day Fairy TaleFairy had a dream, to become a famous fashion designer. In her hometown her creations are called fashion of garbage, but after she published her designs on Weibo, the Chinese YouTube, they went viral. Overnight she gained over a 100.000 new followers.Now it's called ARTFairy Wang - From farm girl to fashionista Weibo celebrity (Article: what's on Weibo)She uses anything to create her fashion, from empty milk cartons to fresh fruit and from fish to garbage bags.Famous catw
September 12, 2017
Amazing! I ♥ it!You can upload your own video as header on your Facebook page.(Do not confuse with your personal page)Take a look here to see my Facebook page video header!Facebook page - This is kids artYou can choose to upload photo / video or choose a video from the videos you've previously uploaded on your Facebook page ('Choose From Videos').In this case, I choose to upload a new video. A new screen opens where you can choose the file on your computer. Choose the video file you want
September 11, 2017
I see a lot of questions lately about different issues.To name a fewHow to make a selfie widgetRegistered users on my websiteHow to create a dropdown menuGravatar - faviconCan I cancel my membership and come back?What can I publish - WA rulesand 44 other FAQ....You can check out this training for 50 of the most common questions.FAQ - Frequently asked questions at WA
September 08, 2017
On the 1st of November 2014, I wrote my first training for WA. I was so nervous whether I could do it. The 2nd of November 2014, I received an email from KyleCongratulations, You've become an ambassador for Wealthy Affiliate!There were no batches back then :)Yesterday I wrote training no #100 and today I have 1K behind my ambassador stats.It's official! It's been my pleasure to serve this wonderful community, an amazing creation of Kyle and Carson.Thank you all for your endless support!