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November 12, 2017
You've started the Certification course at Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago, and your website does attract some visitors, not major yet, but unfortunately, no sales made.You have the idea that you have to proof first, that your website brings in money, before you are able to write a credible review about Wealthy Affiliate.I want to show you another perspectiveWhat do you get when you become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate?Where in this world can you find a similar platform for the amazi
November 09, 2017
The Black Friday banners are onlineYou can find them hereand when you are active adding these banners to your articles and website, be aware of the fact that your aid - affiliate ID number is missing!You have to add your affiliate ID number yourself!I wish you all a successful campaign!
November 07, 2017
When you are starting to build your own online home based business you can not afford to let offline life gets in your way.I am totally aware of the excuses which can be made:My favorite series is on TVI have a sore throatMy sister called me and asked to go shoppingMy children can not entertain themselvesAny other excuse...You need to schedule your job!Record your favorite TV series to watch it later.We have the convenience we can record any TV program, you need to take your responsibility to w
November 06, 2017
This is Judy with her 3rd child, she is 35. Right after high school she became pregnant and started a family. And however, she is very happy with her husband and 3 children, she always keeps that feeling she missed out on her career changes.This is Tom. Tom didn't like school, he wanted to work. When he was sixteen he stopped school and became a construction worker. He still is. He is 40 years of age now and not happy with his 7-4 job which also takes 2 hours travel time a day. He is thinking a
November 04, 2017
Whatever you promote, there can appear issues around your products. Be alert for changes!I am in the health nice, and the newspaper headline of today was:6 times more poison in strawberriesI rushed over to my blog and added a paragraph, and however I promote biological health food, I added:Strawberries belong to one of the fruits that are sprayed with the most poison. Some even contain 6 times more poison species than other fruits. This can not be rinsed because it is absorbed by the strawberry
November 01, 2017
A lot of you have seen my question and responded to it with support, horror, and dismay.Thank you all for giving me the feeling that I am not alone in this. Your replies are very appreciated!Which steps to take in case of identity theft.Change your passwords, of everything what has something to do with the issue. I changed my passwords of my websites, my email account and Gravatar.I have send a notification email to the server Comcast, where the IP address is hosted. They assured me to take the
October 28, 2017
This week, I had holiday, as always in October. And I had planned to write, in advance, several posts for my Black Friday website and to create some shops.But that didn't happen at all.MondayOn Sunday I got a call for the daycare. Whether 2 of the children could come on Monday. And a call from my daughter if I could take care of my granddaughter, because there was no-one else available. Of course! We enjoyed our crafting day. And we had a wonderful time.Making paintingsAnd a nature box TuesdayT
October 25, 2017
I just found something interesting in the comment section, you might find handy too.As you know, there is a box for adding a website, and often that box is filled with a 404 website or just empty. Did you know you can fill in any URL you want in that box? And people who click on the comment will get send over to the URL you want.Go to your dashboard> comments> quick edit > fill in your preferred URLYou can send peopleto your WA reviewor to your home pageto your sales pageto an affiliat
October 22, 2017
When you have time and interest, I want to ask long term members to check up my checklist before you hit the publish button, 25 pointsThere have been some changes for filling in SEO keyword phrases, and I am wondering whether I have explained everything in the right words according to what Google wants.Nowadays, it's very important to write naturally, and Google crawling is looking in a more sophisticated way through the posts than in the past.I, therefore, do want to give newbies the right inf
October 20, 2017
Last year I ran a Black Friday campaign and got blocked on Facebook and I received a warning from Twitter. As you know from my previous blog Black Friday is around the corner I have a special Black Friday Website. And I wondered back then...Why am I blocked on Facebook?The reason I was blocked on Facebook for a couple of days and got warned by Twitter (at least I assume that this was the reason) was that I shared the same website URL multiple times a day, that was considered "SPAMMING", and th