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January 12, 2018
Did you know that customer benefits arise from product characteristics? I show you which five qualities your product consists of, according to the American professor Philip Kotler. Kotler's vision Kotler's vision is included in marketing study books and shows 5 levels of a product.Core productGeneric productExpected productExtensive productPotential productLet's explain this with an actual product.Hmm, let's take the Apple iPhone 8 in mind1. The core productThe iPhone itself, color, memory, pri
January 11, 2018
I do not really need an answer to that question, but what made you fall in love with your partner? You can not put that into words rationally. It certainly wasn't because you did a thorough research on his/her background. It was based on an emotional reaction.And that is exactly how every human communication is working, privately and in business. We respond, at first, with our emotions.The pyramid of MaslowAbraham Maslow, a pioneer of the humanistic psychology, explains the working of human beh
January 10, 2018
[Rant]I see lately an increase of signing blogs off with a website URL.Or asking for comments, feedback or just visit the website using the blog space.That is not allowed here according to the WA rules. And when I tell people that it's not allowed, they say But everybody is doing it!Still, it's NOT allowedRule 9.Do not post content where your readers are required to go to an external website to "read more"Rule 16. No signatures at the end of your posts And to all other ambassadors and members:
January 01, 2018
When you want to make a color lighter, and want to stay in the same tint you can edit the hex code. You can make your text transparentHere is the whole list of codes you can add to your existing color hex code.100% — FF95% — F290% — E685% — D980% — CC75% — BF70% — B365% — A660% — 9955% — 8C50% — 8045% — 7340% — 6635% — 5930% — 4D25% — 4020% — 3315% — 2610% — 1A5% — 0D0% &mdash
December 30, 2017
So here is my contribution to you, and these will give you a head start in 2018 with some terrific free online programs you can use.This is a grip of 15 TOPPERS from my 301+ Cool Amazing website tools list1. Affiliate Guide2. Footer - make your own banners3. Da Button Factory - most easy button creator4. WP theme detector - add any URL to detect the used theme or ScanWP5. ColorZilla - find every color code on any website6. Cool text- Create your own amazing text7. CSS type set - Write or check-
December 23, 2017
"You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make it drink"A lot of you will recognize this imageYou have written a great Wealthy Affiliate report, and suddenly these are dropping inSome will fill in their profileA few will go premiumMost stay on as a ""Numbie"And "Numbies" are alright! Be glad with those "Numbies"Embrace these "Numbies"Look forward to many, many, many "Numbies"Do you know why? The average of serious member sign-ups1 out of 8-12 will see the value of WA and will go premium, a
December 19, 2017
Mason Soiza is a person who buys (abandoned) plugins and let them re-live with a backdoor open.What is a backdoor?Via an eg. automatic update, it's easy for hackers to enter your backoffice, that's called a backdoor.Be aware of these namesMason - Soiza - Soiza Internet Marketers Limited - Soiza Limited of Jubilee Adress: inkrocket - Cottage, Nottingham, England, NG122LDThe man behind the plugin spam Mason SoizaBackdoor Captcha Plugin Affects 300K WordPress SitesDoes the backdoor in the Captcha
December 19, 2017
Are you aware of the fact that you can profit from any moment of the day? You live in anunlimited network of opportunitiesI just had 2 Jehovah testify women at my doorstep and I could have:Slam the door in their facesSay, I am not interestedTell them to get lostBut I didn't do that, I invited them into a conversation, and at the end, I gave them my business card, and I invited them to look at my view at life on my spiritual kleurboekjes website.It was a very pleasant conversation. And it gives
December 18, 2017
I just went over the 100k mark!WA blog is Google indexedThat means when you publish your WA blog, it will appear in the search results. WHICH ALSO MEANS THAT OUTSIDERS GET IMMEDIATELY AN OFFER TO JOIN THIS PLATFORM.Important!What is important before you hit that publish button?Search a good keyword for your titleAdd some great follow up keywords to your tagsadd an image with an appropriate nameTag your blog with appropriate keywordsHow to choose good keywords? (QSR 58)Good titles for articles (
December 14, 2017
Providers will soon determine what happens on the internet You visit a website, but it loads very slowly. The alternative loads quickly, because that is from your internet provider. What turns out: your provider gives priority to its own site. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which, among other things, deals with regulations with providers, has agreed to this. The providers are, from now on, allowed to threat web companies and websites the way they want.This means that internet prov