Littlemama's Road To Vegas Training Series

Last Update: April 02, 2019

This blog post will be your reference to Littlemama's Road To Vegas Training Series.

This is a series of video trainings that I have created to show you all how I did it in my journey to achieve the goal of getting to Vegas and becoming a Super Affiliate in a 2 year period.

Each video is packed with information that I hope can help you in some way to achieve your goals.

I show you very detailed information about my online business and give you an inside look at what I do in every aspect.

My training does NOT replace the Affiliate Bootcamp course and you must do go through that course to learn the know-how that you'll need to build this online business.

My training is just more tips and tricks that may help you apply what you've learned in Bootcamp or to explain more about how to apply it to your online business by showing you mine.

Please have all discussions about the training information underneath each training video so everyone can learn and discuss the topics there.

Here is the line up, enjoy:

1. Intro - uploaded 9/16/18 - 19mins+ - For All Members

2. 2 Year Analysis - uploaded 9/17/18 - 59 mins - For Premiums Only

3. All About Products Reviews - uploaded 9/20/18 - 37 mins - For Premiums Only

4. All About Products Reviews Part II - uploaded 9/21/18 - 45 mins - For Premiums Only

5. Website Structure - uploaded 10/24/18 - 36 mins - For Premiums Only

6. The Finale - uploaded 10/28/18 - 51 mins - For Premiums Only

Here are the two supplemental videos for this series:

S1. How To Create Charts in Google Sheets - uploaded 11/6/18 - 12 mins - For Premiums Only

S2. How To Use Tracking IDs - uploaded 11/7/18 - 12 mins - For Premiums Only

Thank you all very much for following my journey and I hope you guys will learn from me!



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PeterN1843 Premium
Hi Grace. Just watched your amazing video series. I enjoyed it and learned a great deal from it.

I've been away from Wealthy Affiliate for a while due to personal issues. Your training is what brought me back! I discovered doing product reviews is an awesome way to get referrals and traffic. So happy you talked about it in great detail.

I now feel much more confident that I will make it to Las Vegas soon. Thank you so much for bringing me back. You are truly an inspiration!

littlemama Premium
You're so welcome Peter, I'm so happy to read your message and that my training has helped you so much.

I hope to see you in Vegas!!
SimoninAsia Premium
Wow Grace! What can I say??

I've just gone through your training and I've taken pages of notes and action points from it.

You truly are an expert and a professional.

I must admit I nearly cried when I saw your spreadsheets... I think I'll just leave that for now lol : )

I agree with you that survey sites just don't seem to convert too well and crypto/trading seems very competitive to me and difficult to rank for.

Your idea of creating a template with a future date is a brilliant!

Just a few questions if I may...

I understand your concerns with possible legal action. Do you know if someone from the US can sue someone like me from the UK?

And can i just ask (forgive me if I'm intruding) but you mentioned your steering away from the review side of things... are you sure this isn't a mistake?

I hate writing reviews too but as you say, it's what gets results. I'm planning to hire a writer (via Jerry's training) as soon as I hit $1000 a month.

This has been so inspiring, educational and motivating for me. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

You've invested the time and energy learning and applying and now you're reaping the rewards from it and it's clear to see you are deserving of every success that comes your way.
littlemama Premium
Hi Simon,

I'm so thrilled you have checked out my training and can't believe you are able to learn from me. :) I have seen your site and it's so nice! Your landing page skills are the bomb! What theme do you use?

My spreadsheet... LOL... well, I didn't start it with ALL that info on it remember, it has been built up over time. And that Premium tracking sheet is really not needed. I just do it because I like calculating my numbers that way and like to see how long people stay, etc.

I hope that my business gets even MORE busy so that I won't have time to track my Premiums like that. I used to track Starter referrals too! Lol But I stopped when my business got a lot busier.

Yes it's very possible anyone can sue anyone around the world basically but it depends if they have enough capital to do something like that.

If you're doing reviews on real big scams like the ones offering me money to take down my posts, they have lots of money.

But, most times, they are just there to harass you, in the big scheme of things, I don't think they can do anything to you if your review is about facts. If you keep your review neutral and have compelling points to debunk in their sales video (since we know how SEO works, etc), then there's not much they can do in court even if they pursued.

Most of this stuff didn't happen to me til I got Vegas so it was near the end but if you continue this path, you will of course get more.

Steering away from reviews is a personal choice, it's not a mistake per se, but I can see right away that not writing them has immediate impact.

I just know that I can continue promoting WA in different ways without running into criminals.

I think I will still write reviews on products I like and maybe even promote, but I won't be writing the scam ones anymore, which is more of a family decision I made with my husband.

There are Super Affiliates who reach this goal without writing reviews and I want to be one of those. :)

Like I said in my training, how I got to Vegas is just ONE way to that goal, probably the fastest SEO way (even though it was not fast for me since it took me a year to realize how important product reviews are to get to Vegas).

Other SEO ways (non-product reviews) just takes longer but seeing that my DA is quite good now and my site is over 2 years old, I had hoped to rank for those non-product keywords quicker but it seems like it's still taking longer than I thought I would.

That's what this post was about, seeing my traffic & income drop since Vegas: But, it's still earning a 4 digit online income and made good money for Black Friday so I'm a happy camper for now. I have much more to do for 2019 to ensure I have a bigger year.

Sorry for the novel, thanks for your kind words and I hope to meet you in Vegas 2020!!

SimoninAsia Premium
That's so nice of you to say :)

Following your training I'm going to add a bit more to the landing page/make tweaks and not mention WA so quickly.

I use Schema by MyThemeShop. I got it around the time SiteSpeed was introduced and just searched for the fastest theme.

I find it easy and simple and the support is fantastic. ($19 a year for continual support after 12 months) worth it and i use it on all my sites!

I once got harassed by someone from the US complaining I wrote the title: is product is a scam? and got no.1 ranking for it.

The funny thing about that was I said no, it was legit. I was very fair and reasonable, I guess he just didnt like the word scam associated with his product... but i was just going with the KWs!

He threateneed to sue me and published a whole post with my personal information slating my character. Eventually he gave up, felt guilty and took the page down.

I get what you're saying about reviews, I don't mean to pry and I know that you know what you're doing lol! : )

Your DA is super impressive, intimidating almost!

I've just got back to England after 4 years in Thailand. Now my birth country feels foreign to me lol.

I was volunteering 14-17 hours a day, it was exhausting and while I've had success with my growchurch(dotnet) niche site my MMO site has been sitting there not reaching it's full potential.

I just didnt have the time - it was heartbreaking yet motivating to read stories from the likes of Kyle (OnlineFinancial etc) and Jerry and yourself to visualise what is possible.

Now im doing this full-time. Your training helped me make a schedule and seeing your posts vs. income chart is a POWERFUL motivator.

I can taste it Grace... like you said very passionately (almost starting preaching lol) you have to OWN it. In my head I'm already there - completely and utterly determined and nothing is going to stand in my way.

I just need to overcome any distractions, procrastination etc. and actually get these reviews written - that's my biggest challenge right now.

I have the time, I have the know-how, I have the motivation and everything at my disposal... now I just need to make it happen!
littlemama Premium
Thanks for the theme info, appreciate that. Do you have any thoughts about Thrive Themes? I need to bring my theme up to date with something fresh. I don't know how I made it to Vegas on 3 wheels (car analogy). LOL

Yeah, people get mad just because you're ASKING the question, if X product is a scam. A lot of people also comment just to say all we do are scam reviews without even READING my review that says it's NOT a scam. I just roll my eyes and sometimes I just change their damn comment to something I want. Lol, I just move on.

But they have no idea why we use those titles, duh, keywords! And yes, sorry but not sorry, that's the keyword that will work, and will always work cuz that's what people search for.

That's so awesome to hear of your determination! I'm excited for your 2019. That's the kind of attitude you need to succeed.

Like you said, you have everything you need, there's nothing stopping you but yourself. :)

Especially cuz you have the time and can do this full time like me, then you should be able to make it to Vegas next year. I don't see why not!!

See you in Vegas 2020!!
SimoninAsia Premium
Haha! There's nothing wrong with your site - the results speak for themselves lol.

It's better than going to extremes like I think most do with worrying about perfecting layout etc. which as you know can be procrastination in disguise (I am NOT immune from this!)

At the end of the day it's your content... but I think website layout can have a small but important affect on conversions.

I've been thinking about buying Thrive Themes for a while now, mainly because I really like the look of Jerry's site.

In Jerry's writing course (day 4) he made a video training his writers on the Thrive Architect (similiar to Elementor I think).

Here it is so you can see what it looks like from the dashboard area:

One advantage is, if I'm understanding right, is that you can insert CTAs site-wide at whatever points in your post. So say you wanted to update your CTA or a/b test, you wouldnt have to go and manually change each post.

Jay trainer says he doesnt like this because what if Thrive Themes goes down etc. but I don't see them going anywhere soon.

I do worry that every good kw I find seems overcrowded... my church leadership niche site has 4x/5x the traffic with less than half the number of posts.

I worry I won't be able to breakthrough but at the same time I know it's just a numbers game... more content gives your site more "gravity" in the long-run.

You give me hope this can be done and I'm so grateful for that.
littlemama Premium
Yeah, Jerry's conversions are really high compared to most who do product reviews. I still don't understand it or how he does it, but I guess the theme is one of them. I also feel that you can convert people better with landing pages like his (or yours for that matter), that's mainly why I want to do it.

At the same time, there's all these other tools like Clickfunnels and Builderall which all have capabilities of making great landing pages, funnels, etc.

I know my next step needs to go in this direction to convert my traffic better.

Interesting on the CTAs thing, but I hear what Jay's saying but that goes for everything we use. Lol

Promoting WA is not easy. I've said it multiple times on this platform "why did I choose such a hard niche?!" every time I see a post about someone making 4 digits with an easier niche.

Easier niches = reaching $1K/month way faster than I did (19 months) with way less posts.

The thing is that, to get ahead of everyone, you need to be the first to review. That's how you'll rank high and first for that "new" keyword. Also remember that these days, Google doesn't need to see exactly "is product X a scam" instead, all you need is the product name + scam somewhere in the title, so not every one of your posts will have such a similar title.

I think although hard, why people go for it, it's the community here and it's fun to be able to meet owners and other super affiliates.


Just get it done! ;)
YourBizTips Premium
Excellent training Grace. I'm not surprised that you are going to Vegas, with all the work you have put in. If there is just one person who deserves it, it is you for sure.

Okay, I have completed your course and enjoyed it very much. I learned a lot from it, thanks very much Grace. Your course is certainly at the top of my bookmarked sites.

I have a question though:

What do you do about unique content? As I imaging that, as so many people are reviewing the same products or programs, it becomes difficult to find words/phrases that have not been used before and that still make sense, especially when there are some technical terms.

I am very careful about my content being unique and I use Copyscape all the time to make sure that there is no duplication before uploading a post, but when it comes to product reviews, it is more difficult (a reason why I have not done very much reviews).

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

littlemama Premium
Thanks for your kind words John!

I have never worried about that. I just wrote.

There's no way you can duplicate all the content that's out there unless you are just copying and pasting.

You will get all the information you can about a product and then you're going to use all that information to give your own spin on it.

By the time you gather all the facts about a product, you would have pulled from a few sources and you would then put all that info into your own words, no two people will write the same exact sentence.

I never once put any of my posts that I've written into copyscape or do any checking since I know I wrote it in my own words.

You're worry too much! :) No need, put that energy into writing product reviews.

Best of luck to you, please do ask me more questions as you go along your site.

I hope to see you in Vegas!
YourBizTips Premium
Thanks so much for your recommendations Grace. I have already watched the first 2 videos which confirms to me that after the first year without real results to show for I started to panic and began to go all over the place like a headless chicken.

I was going in the right direction but started to drift away from the only target that I should aim for:

1 - 400 posts
2 - Mostly product reviews

And I will not get sidetracked by anything else until I reach it.

Lots of work, yes, but I will get there.

Thanks very much again and I will keep you posted.

littlemama Premium
That's great to hear John, YES, you got it, those are the two main things you want on your site and if you want to make it to Vegas, that's how I did it and how most Super Affiliates do it too.

You can watch the rest of my training series too if you want to continue with your WA site, my other videos will go into detail about how to find these product reviews, which ones to do, etc.

Since you already did Bootcamp, it'll be good if you go through the rest of my videos to learn how else to set up your site.

YourBizTips Premium
I will definitely go through all of your videos Grace because I am sure to find my track in them and keep focused on my target.

Thanks again very much.

littlemama Premium
Great to hear John, I can't wait to hear about your progress! :)
gobabbz Premium
Hey thank you Grace. I was one of the people that read your review on a website I had purchased for affiliate marketing. I took your advise got refunded on the scam site and joined here. You were sending me emails on how to articles. then I got busy at work.Then I couldn't find you when I got back on Are you still good for that offer you made to me . I sure could use some help from where I'm at.
littlemama Premium
Hi Ned, you didn't end up signing up under me. If you look at the Help Center, under Premium Coach, I'm probably not listed beside Kyle & Carson.

So, like everyone else, I will be helping you when I can, I just won't be your dedicated help.
Johnpavich Premium
Great story my mother was a stay at home mom and did a lot to raise 3 kids without a husband who went missing at sea.
She dug and planted a large garden in our backyard every year we had fruit trees also ,and she canned a lot of everything.
and any stray dog or cat or rabbit we had them! We saw many kittens and some puppies born in our home, quite an education.
We also had a miniature golf course in our corner lot and we built wooden forts and climbed trees when we got bored of that .
If our t.v. broke down she even knew how to fix that.
With a handy chart she would send us to the drugstore with a few tubes to test which one was bad , this is before transistors etc..
and of course doing our laundry no fancy washers and dryers then.

When I look back it was a very interesting life !
Now we have the internet so a stay home mom can conquer the world on a computer and it looks like you are doing very well at it , good for you and cherish the good memories of today for they will give you much comfort in the future, iam very interested in following you , and will be checking out your blogs all the best !!
littlemama Premium
Hi John, yes, how times have changed. I'm lucky I'm not a single stay at home mom and I am grateful that I have this opportunity to work from home like I do.

The online opportunities we have today applies to everyone and that's what is amazing about this.

Thanks for checking out my training series, I hope you can learn something from me. :)

Thomas80 Premium
I just watched lesson 2 ( and 3 even though affiliate marketing isn't my niche, but still very interesting and helpful! ), and it was so encouraging! I got a great idea of what I need to do now for my site... Consistently produce a ton of content, especially product reviews :)
Thanks for this training! On to lesson 4
littlemama Premium
So glad I could help you. :)
cld111 Premium
I just went through all 4 videos back-to-back. Thank you for adding even MORE value to this already pretty incredible place. :) That's one thing I like to stress about WA. That the people inside have amazing trainings and insights too, not just the owners! There's so much to learn here every single day.

Now, question. Do you have different tracking links for your guide for each page that you promote it?

- Christina
littlemama Premium
Hi Christina, yes the community by far is the best feature of WA. I've been helped by amazing people, I'm just giving back a little what I received.

I will have a video on tracking IDs.... but the only thing that is hard to track are the posts going to my guide. But use tracking IDs for any post that goes to WA and I'll show how to use them.

Thanks for following my series!
mbouteiller Premium
Hey Grace... yikes, I'm a little lost in space at the moment.

Changing all my dive affiliate links to new affiliate links.

Doing a bit of catch up on WA emails... I'm not sure if I responded here. If not, I'm sorry and I am now...

Thank you for all your training.. this is exciting to hear your journey to success.

littlemama Premium
No worries Monica, take your time, there are tons of info in my videos. :)
RogerHumbke Premium
Hi Grace,

Sharing your good, bad and ugly result in knowing the truth àbout what the reader will be facing as they go down the same road. It is an excellent way to change attitudes in individuals if they are receptive enough to the ideas. By changing attitudes you can provide individuals with the motivation to gain the knowledge, the skills and do the work, to reach their goal.

Money is not my number one or ultimate goal in the long run, but it could be for 2 or 3 years!

I look forward to seeing your actual review.

Best regards,
littlemama Premium
Thank you Roger for your time and comment here. I will always do my best to educate.
newmarketpro Premium
I was looking up to this Grace.
Thank you for taking time to share your success with all of us.

Only real 'guru' would share their secrets of success in this business. Other 'gurus' (not in WA :)) share nothing but products after products and Empty PROMISES. :) (A bit rants).
Thank you in advance for the coming series too.

littlemama Premium
Aww, that's very sweet of you to say Joe, thank you!!
Pernilla Premium
Thank you so much, Grace.
I'm so very much looking forward to learning from you.
littlemama Premium
You're so welcome!
StevenRinker Premium
Very nice work! Inspirational!!
littlemama Premium
PaulREvans57 Premium
Many thanks, Grace. A fantastic article. I will be following your Vegas Training Series. Keep up the great work!
littlemama Premium
Thank you and you're welcome! :)
CandP Premium
Hi again, Grace. We came here to view your second video (hope you read our comment on your introduction video).
We can't wait for the next one tomorrow.
Thanks again for this great work you are producing. Rest assured, you have our full attention!
Have a great afternoon and evening.
Colette and Philip
littlemama Premium
Thanks very much guys!
Vickic3 Premium
Thanks so much for doing this Grace and I will be right into it when I get inside later today :)
You rock!!
littlemama Premium
Glad to hear this! Thanks!
MiaL Premium
Thanks Grace. I can't wait to get stuck into this tonight after I've finished work.
I really appreciate you putting this together.
littlemama Premium
That's great to hear Melissa!
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Grace,
Thanks for this training!! I'm sure it will be useful!!!

Tried and True

littlemama Premium
You're very welcome Elaine!
smokeywins Premium
Thanks so much for sharing this! Can't wait to go through them :-)
littlemama Premium
You're so welcome!
NoMo9-5Grind Premium
TY for this Grace! Looking forward to what follows!!!

littlemama Premium
Thanks very much Rob!
Zarina Premium
Wohoooo! Will be checking out training a bit later today!! Thank you, Grace, you're awesome :D
littlemama Premium
Thank you, you are wonderful!