Littlemama's Road To Vegas Training Series

Last Update: April 02, 2019

This blog post will be your reference to Littlemama's Road To Vegas Training Series.

This is a series of video trainings that I have created to show you all how I did it in my journey to achieve the goal of getting to Vegas and becoming a Super Affiliate in a 2 year period.

Each video is packed with information that I hope can help you in some way to achieve your goals.

I show you very detailed information about my online business and give you an inside look at what I do in every aspect.

My training does NOT replace the Affiliate Bootcamp course and you must do go through that course to learn the know-how that you'll need to build this online business.

My training is just more tips and tricks that may help you apply what you've learned in Bootcamp or to explain more about how to apply it to your online business by showing you mine.

Please have all discussions about the training information underneath each training video so everyone can learn and discuss the topics there.

Here is the line up, enjoy:

1. Intro - uploaded 9/16/18 - 19mins+ - For All Members

2. 2 Year Analysis - uploaded 9/17/18 - 59 mins - For Premiums Only

3. All About Products Reviews - uploaded 9/20/18 - 37 mins - For Premiums Only

4. All About Products Reviews Part II - uploaded 9/21/18 - 45 mins - For Premiums Only

5. Website Structure - uploaded 10/24/18 - 36 mins - For Premiums Only

6. The Finale - uploaded 10/28/18 - 51 mins - For Premiums Only

Here are the two supplemental videos for this series:

S1. How To Create Charts in Google Sheets - uploaded 11/6/18 - 12 mins - For Premiums Only

S2. How To Use Tracking IDs - uploaded 11/7/18 - 12 mins - For Premiums Only

Thank you all very much for following my journey and I hope you guys will learn from me!



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MiaL Premium
Thanks Grace. I can't wait to get stuck into this tonight after I've finished work.
I really appreciate you putting this together.
littlemama Premium Plus
That's great to hear Melissa!
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Grace,
Thanks for this training!! I'm sure it will be useful!!!

Tried and True

littlemama Premium Plus
You're very welcome Elaine!
smokeywins Premium
Thanks so much for sharing this! Can't wait to go through them :-)
littlemama Premium Plus
You're so welcome!
NoMo9-5Grind Premium
TY for this Grace! Looking forward to what follows!!!

littlemama Premium Plus
Thanks very much Rob!
Zarina Premium
Wohoooo! Will be checking out training a bit later today!! Thank you, Grace, you're awesome :D
littlemama Premium Plus
Thank you, you are wonderful!