Watch Out Vegas, littlemama's Coming To Town!

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Woohoo! I'm Officially A Super Affiliate!!

I have been staring at this image all day:

Wondering when this thing will tell me differ!

Then finally I get the email I've been waiting for all day:

"Congratulations! A New WA Commission!"

And in fact, I received one this morning but it was not a true new commission but a recurring one. When someone misses a payment or pays a little delayed, the email sometimes comes in as a new commission, when it's not.

Anyway, of course, I wasn't home when I received the real new WA commission email, but checked right away to see if it was $8 and it sure was!

Then when I finally got home to check my WA dashboard, I was expecting an announcement of some sort to pop on my screen or see the airplane changed to "Vegas" or something similar to what I've seen others posted but nope.

It was a bit anticlimatic. LOL

I refreshed my WA dashboard and all I saw was the new airplane:

No confetti showering down my screen, no announcement popped up like the way we earn a WA badge, which is weird why Super Affiliates don't get a special badge... *hint hint*

The only thing that really matters is this:

What A Ride This Has Been!

It has not been easy guys, it's been a LOT of work building up to this year.

Some others make it to Vegas easier or take other routes, but I had to do the good old hard way of writing, writing, writing, and then some more writing.

From the very beginning (Sep/16), I started slow (8 posts a month), then I keep building and building until I was able to keep up a schedule that required me to publish daily.

This was a critical point in my site's journey because that is when my traffic started surging.

I have been publishing daily from Sep/17 - May/18 without a single break until this summer when my kids got out of school and had a family vacation.

I have since slowed down a bit to about 5-6 posts a week.

My 2 year anniversary is also right around the corner and I will have a in-depth 2 year look at my journey to Vegas as soon as the month is over.

I will give you this these few stats as of today though:

* 518 posts published

* 849,041 words, average 1,639 words per post

* 300 sales went down like this:

With last month getting 81 new premiums, I thought I would hit Vegas fairly quickly this month but NOPE.

August has been slow at converting and I'm using the same strategies as July so I'm not sure why the drop in conversion rate (back to what I usually get I guess).

My overall average conversion rate is only 8.83%.

This business is very unpredictable at times and I really still do NOT know a lot, with what I do know, I worked hard at it and the results show! :)


Thank you Kyle & Carson, and their staff, for building this platform for me to learn from. Without it, I wouldn't be making the kind of money me and my family have been enjoying!

From here on out, the SKY IS THE LIMIT.

From all that I've learned here, I can take this formula to build endless sites in the future and continue earning online like a real affiliate marketer!

The knowledge I have been equipped with is incredible, powerful, and most importantly evergreen.

And this is all because of WEALTHY AFFILIATE and the reason why I LOVE promoting this platform!!!

Then there's the incredible community which I must thank because if it weren't for all the members here answering all the questions I've ever asked, I would not be writing this post today.

From super affiliates from the past who always helped me when asked, to everyone else who I've every come across, I have learned from all of you in some way or another for sure and another reason why I love and promote this awesome platform.


So, Kyle & Carson, get Vegas 2019 planned with a girl in mind in the group! LOL.

Although, I'm not the girly girl and don't care much for any special pink WA mugs, you don't need to go reprinting your mugs.

However, I will take ALL the WA SWAG I can get my little hands on (so bring extras?!)! ;)

Seriously though, I cannot wait to meet the both of you, Jay, and the rest of the gang!!!

More than anyting, I want to learn, learn, and learn as much as I can from as many of you as I can.

It's going to be AMAZING!

I can't believe this is real!!


PS - What do you want to know or learn about my online business?

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Hi Grace. Been watching you and have read some of your posts and I am not surprised. I just had a feeling you would make it. Congrats!!

Thank you so much MaryAnn! Appreciate you following my progress.

Wow. Congrats. Hopefully I will be there someday.

Thank you! Yes you will, just work at it! :)

Wow! ... Super News! ... Congratulations! ... it really is all possible! ... bon voyage ... :)

Thank you! Yes, anything is possible if you're determined enough. :)

... just heard a mighty super sonic boom go by! ... was it a bird? ... was it a duck flying by... no -- it was Top Gun flying by! ... so wonderful your achievements! ... way to go! ... you inspire us so much! ... thanks again kindly for sharing ... ;)

Haha, thanks Keisha, you're so wonderful! I wish you much success here. :)

Yeah Grace!! Well done, you deserve your success.

Thank you! Thank you!

Nice ! I’m happy for you!

Thank you so much!

You're quite welcome. You deserve credit for all your hard work. I was looking for your website so I could get some ideas on how to improve traffic to mine, but I didn't see it under your profile picture. I just found your trainings. If you don't mind me following your site, could you PM me your URL? Thanks.

Hi Grant, it's coming soon, I'm going to reveal my site in the trainings that I'll be putting together which is going to be pretty soon, so not much longer to wait. :)

Awesome work Grace, very inspiring!

Thank you! Glad to inspire!


Thank you!

Super fantastic Grace!

Thanks Helen!!

Great job!!!! Enjoy your trip to Vegas and learn a lot!!

Best wishes,
Karin :)

Thanks so much Karin!! I sure will. :)

NONE OF MY H2 TAGS WORKED in this post!!! ARGH

Congrats. If things keep up I'll meet you there too, grace! So proud to see this success.

Thank you Chris!! Sounds awesome, I'll be watching out for you!

Only use H3 in WA blogs. Only H3 works.

Thanks Jerry, yeah I finally realized that this morning!! :) Weird though.

I've feedback this to Carson a few months back but seems like they didn't fix that bug. Anyway, since H3 works fine just use H3 for all the titles.

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One Profit Ready Website
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Millionaire Mentorship
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