How to Improve Your Writing Skills to Wow Your Readers

Last Update: April 07, 2019

How to Improve Your Writing Skills to Wow Your Readers

This post is in response to a query I received from a fellow Wealthy Affiliate member. He asked whether I could refer him to any posts to help him improve his writing skills. I can't recall whether I've ever covered this topic before so I offered to write a post on the subject.

Here are my...

10 Top Tips to Writing a Good Blog Post

Content writing is a little different to any other form of writing and there are many ways to do it right, because every blogger or content writer has their own style.

Some write a lot, some very little, some writers get very personal in their blogs, others don't.

And this brings me to my first tip...

Tip 1. Be Yourself.

You are unique and that's precisely what makes you special, loveable and interesting.

You bring a different set of knowledge to the table than anyone in your niche, because it's made up of all your varied interests and life experiences.

  • If you're quirky and off the wall in real life, write like that.
  • If you're solemn and analytical, be that way online too.
  • If you're a what-you-see-is-what-you-get-kinda-person, tell it like it is.

Because you're going to attract readers who like your way of being and your style of writing.

Whoever you are, you have an audience. With an estimated 4.3 Billion people online this year, there are thousands of people who are going to like you - just the way you are.

Tip 2. Write like you're chatting to a best friend.

Strike up a conversation with your readers.

Feel at ease when you're writing. Don't overwrite and overthink and overedit your work.

Just write.

Practice makes perfect. Your style will unfold over time as you write.

Your purpose as a blogger is to connect with other human beings on the planet.

Make friends.

I've noticed that the best bloggers out there are pretty magnetic, friendly, loveable characters, simply by being themselves. They're not trying to be anyone else or do it like anyone else.

That doesn't stop you from taking on a persona online, if that's what you've always dreamed of doing.

I follow some powerful influencers who say they are very shy and quiet in real life. Yet online they are super-communicative. You have time to take a breath before you "speak" online. That's a huge advantage for someone who isn't naturally forthcoming.

You don't have to share everything you share with your best friends. You are entitled to a private life.

And you certainly don't have to air your dirty laundry online. Unless you really want to.

Which brings me to my next point...

Tip 3. Keep it positive.

Keep your posts positive, happy and light.

Bear in mind that your audience is looking to be:


If you decide to share a problem, make sure it's one you've already solved.

Share the problem AND the solution - your readers will love you for that.

If you tend toward negativity, be careful. You may struggle to find readers if every post is a rant about all the things you hate about life that no-one can change.

Find something that makes you happy, something that lights you up and write about that.

Having said that, I know of at least one very miserable bloke who's done very well online - his site has been going for years and its thriving. I'm not going to divulge the name of it in a public post, that's not my thang. If you've been online for a few years, you've probably come across it.

If you can't be positive, refer back to tip 1. And make sure that whatever you're being grouchy about online is the bugbear of millions of others. And you could just hit it out the park.

    Tip 4. Do Your Research

    Sometimes, you'll be writing from your own knowledge and experience and words will just flow.

    Other times, you'll be learning a new skill and teaching it to your audience or writing a post that's a bit more technical. This is when you'll need to access information from a number of sources.

    Before the Internet age, to research an article you would pore through books in the library or interview an authority on the topic. Now, you have information overload at your fingertips.

    I recommend you visit a few sites when you're doing online research. Here's how:

    • Type in a few different keywords to get unusual angles or drive deeper on your topic.
    • Use a few different search engines to access different posts - my favourite go-to's are Google, Pinterest and YouTube.

    You may not think of Pinterest and YouTube as search engines but they are and they usually kick up very different results to Google.

    Quora is another great place to find answers to many questions your audience may be asking.

    Tip 5. Keyword Research

    While we're on the subject of research, this is also a good time to do Keyword Research.

    Wealthy Affiliate's brilliant Keyword Tool, Jaaxy, really helps you get clear on what internet users are searching for online.

    Do your best to find a Keyword with a:

    • minimum of 50 Average searches a month and
    • a maximum of 50 QSR (competing websites with the same keyword).

    Here's just a snippet of the Keyword research I did for this post:

    I analysed 73 potential keywords and chose the keyword:

    How to Improve Your Writing Skills to

    Because it had 311 Average Monthly Searches and a QSR of only 9.

    Nice one, hey?

    If Keyword Research is new to you, it's best to start with Kyle's Training on this:

    Understanding Keywords, The Start of Your Content

    Even if you joined Wealthy Affiliate Free, you can access this awesome information. It's in Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.

    Tip 6. Now, Write Naturally

    Once you've read enough to get a clear understanding of your topic, you're ready to write your post.

    Do not copy and paste content from other sites. The search engines will pick it up and so will your readers.

    Instead, jot down some bullet points from multiple posts and/or videos to help you map out the structure of your post.

    Then create catchy headlines and add a few short paragraphs below each headline IN YOUR OWN VOICE. (Refer back to Tip 2).

    Tip 7. Keep them Short.

    Not your posts, necessarily. It's been proven that long posts (2000 to 3000 words) do really well online - as long as they are interesting and helpful. Not filled with fluff.

    • Keep your sentences short.
    • Keep your paragraphs short.

    Make your posts easy to read and understand.

    Keep it simple.

    Tip 8. Highlight Important Points.Truth:

    Very few people will read every word you write - except perhaps your Mom and your raving fans. Most of your audience only have enough time to skim-read your posts.

    So make it easy for your readers to pick up your golden nuggets.

    • Highlight important words or sentences
    • Add bullet points or numbered lists
    • Break Your Text up with Headlines
    • Emphasise points with Pictures and/or Videos

    Tip 9. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Keyword Research is not the end of SEO for your post, it's the beginning.

    I'm not going to attempt to explain all the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimisation when Jay @Magistudios does it so brilliantly.

    Click below to watch Jay's lastest SEO Video and download his PDF Checklist now:

    Jay's 2019 SEO Checklist

    Tip 10. Give Them What They Want

    Whatever you do, make sure that your post delivers on your initial promise.

    If you are presenting a solution to a problem or addressing a pain point that many are experiencing, make sure you give it your best shot.

    Wow your readers so they come back clamouring for more.

    On that score... I'm pretty sure I didn't cover every aspect of blog writing in this post, here are some excellent posts and tutorials to read on the topic by other Wealthy Affiliate Leaders.

    Recommended Reading

    H Erin Nelson: Don't Publish Your Blog Until You Do This - Checklist

    Lynne Huysamen: Content Writing for SEO

    Robert @ BoomerGP: How to Earn Money Writing Online

    (Robert's post is about applying for Content Writing Jobs... Why not? Once you have the skills, this is a great way to earn some side income while you're building your Authority online).

    Did I Leave Anything or Anyone Out?

    Did I miss an important Writing Tip?

    If you've written a brilliant post on Wealthy Affiliate on how to improve your writing skills, please pop a link in the comments below and I'll add a PS to this post with the link(s).

    To YOUR Success

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    Hi Lauren. That's a great checklist for us all to follow, thank you.
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    You are most welcome Colette and Philip. Always great to hear from you.
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    Great post! I learned some pretty good tips here.
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    Fab Rhonda! I'm happy to hear you learned some new tricks. ;)
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    Great post filled with lots of useful tips. Thank you for sharing.
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    My pleasure Matthew. Happy to help.
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    Thanks - this is a great post. I write from my own experience also as this is the best way I can imagine to bring in some emotion, and to be able to give both the good side and the bad side of the items being discussed so that the reader can make an informed decision (to follow me!!!). So in researching an area I like to start with something I have done myself and then broaden the research out from there, if that makes sense. If I don’t have experience then my research will be that much deeper until I can form an opinion on the topic.
    laurenjean Premium
    Aah, excellent Hudson. Yes, that makes perfect sense.
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    For me, writing from my own experience is SO much easier. The two points that hit home for me are #1 Be Yourself and #4 Do Your Research.

    My niche is extremely competitive and I have first-hand experience in this niche. It is so much easier to write about my life experience and also back it up with research. It's not necessarily the most interesting topic in the world, but it's easier to write about my life.

    I have learned so much about writing since I have started a blog and I think this has helped me overall with communication skills.

    Thanks for sharing your tips, I am completely on board with all of these.
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    Hi Steve, thanks for your brilliant comment. You make such a great point. It makes your job as a content writer a gazillion times easier if you choose a niche you enjoy and know lots about.
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    Yes take some English college classes and just writing like you are talking to a friend is not enough