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Hey, my name is Danny and I'm from Enterprise, Alabama, a small town in South Alabama. I'm a disabled U.S. Army Ranger veteran. I was





What is wrong with jaaxy site ranker?

What is wrong with jaaxy site ranker?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I just got an email that said my latest review on my SAC Affiliate Website was indexed on Google and thay I should go to Jaaxy and check out what ranking it has on the search e

Congratulations Danny,
Jaaxy is always right, it must be something with google

Congratulations Danny. I think something is wrong with Google, they may have blown a sprocket somewhere and no one has caught it yet.

Hi Danny, lots of great answers. In the meantime congratulations on your ranking. All the best,

Hi Dan
I have had couple of problems with jaaxy i hope you get yours sorted quickly

With the two respondents below I hope you've got it correct.

Hey Danny,

Using a tool like Jaaxy to check on your post's rank is the only way you should be checking... I've explained this issue here: When literally using Google to check the ranking of your website or a post even using incognito can hurt your site... see screen print below...

Hope you find this helpful.

Hey Trish,

So glad I found your response. Merci Beaucoup!! 😀


You're very welcome Monica, and Thank YOU for letting me know that this helped you.

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Which email subscribers capture system do you use?

Which email subscribers capture system do you use?

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WA Affiliate Program

I am at a crossroads now and I want to install a system that captures my visitor's email address.

I've used Convert Kit before but wanting something else.


Hey Danny,

It depends on whether you are willing to pay or you are looking for a free method.

The free method I'm using on one website is Email Subscribers & Newsletters. This plugin notifies my subscribers that a new post has been published on my website.

However, I also use a pay-for account with Aweber that if this does not prove out after one year, I will be closing, as this option IS expensive. If it WORKS then it will pay for itself and I will stick with it.

Hope you find this helpful.

I use MailPoet 3, it is a free plugin on WordPress, it builds my list and I create my email and newsletters right in my backoffice and they are sent with no issues and it automated as well, sweet and easy!! And free until you have 2000 subscribers.

Thanks Stacie, I'll check it out. I

the criteria you need to look at in my opinion when searching for an email or to respond is there deliverability. Looking at this over the last 10 years and having tested all of the email accounts the only two that stand up long-term over time is either Aweber or Getresponse

Ok. Thank you

Isn't Aweber, the first one offered, way back?


If, it's still working??
Think, I'll go with them, as well.

Thanks for asking this question, really helpful

All the best


Hey Jennifer. You are welcome.


Thank you Danny

Have a great weekend


You too Jennifer

Thank you Danny

Currently Aweber.

Thanks Derek

Just curious, what did you dislike about using ConvertKit?

Currently using Get Response.

Ok thanks Mary

I use ConvertKit after using MailerLite (they don't like affiliate marketers). Used Aweber prior to that. But Aweber double counts subscribers depending on the number of lists you have.

GetResponse does that too. That's the major con of those.

Thanks Glen, I forgot I've used aWeber too. Thanks I'll check everything out. But I may stick with Convert Kit

it's also their major strength they actually deliver the emails.

Yes I may go back to them

How do you mean MailerLite doesn't like afficilate marketers?


They cancelled an affiliate marketer's account.

Oh thanks Glen

I've noticed that a lot of the email I get from GetResponse ends up in my Gmail spam folder. I get the impression Google Mail does not like GR.

I use Convertkit now, but based on what I really want to do with email, I think I may switch to Drip. I like the automation, tagging, and lead scoring features they have at Drip, so I'll probably check it out.
I also want to look further into SendinBlue. They have some interesting features too.
I have quite a few video reviews of the email marketing software (Aweber, Getresponse, and Constant Contact) you might find helpful. I've found that picking an email autoresponder is like picking your favorite flavor of juice--everyone likes something different. I walk thru each one so you can see the interface and kinda how it works. Maybe that can help you out.
Check the links on my profile if you're interested.

It is inapproriate to shoot your links here - send me your review links by pm I'm quite interested in changing the flavour of my AR...

Wow Derek

Thanks, yes, I'm very interested in looking at your video reviews.
Thanks again.


Traffic Wave, because I specifically for the MMO niche and another integrated with my Marketing system

Thanks Dave

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