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More than 250 clicks unique but 0 referals, why?

More than 250 clicks unique but 0 referals, why?

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WA Affiliate Program

During 3 last days I had more than 250 unique clicks but 0 referals, why?

It depends where the visitors came from. We’re they from your blog posts or through paid advertising, or through traffic exchanges?

Things like traffic exchanges, safe lists etc are poor traffic so do not bring referrals.

It's from twitter

Was it direct to WA or to a WA review on your website?

Direct to WA blogs

Do you mean other people’s WA blogs using the affiliate links? Personally I would send them to your own WA review on your website.

Yes I use the affiliate links of WA blogs even if not my WA blogs.

Some people have to at least see something 7 times before they react to it, that is where a capture funnel could gather the names of those people who clicked on your offer and you could follow up with supporting information and build up a relationship...

Ah ok thanks

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Recording of the webinar: leveraging quora for traffic?

Recording of the webinar: leveraging quora for traffic?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

When can we see the recording of Webinar: Leveraging Quora for Traffic & Clout?

I'm waiting to see that one too. It will be out soon, I'd imagine.


You may also want to take a look at the article in today's Social Media Examiner web blog named "How to Use Quora for Marketing".


Ok for sure I will
Thank you

I am waiting too. I am sure they are doing everything to get us the recording.

Yes for sure

Karim, I have asked the same question.

Unfortunately, the replay is still not available.

Normally it is not delayed this much.
I hope it will be available soon as another
weekly live webinar is happening today.

Ah yes;
I hope James hears us :)

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How can I track each amazon affiliate links separately?

How can I track each amazon affiliate links separately?

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Getting Started

Hi EveryOne ;
How can I track each Amazon affiliate links separately in order to check their performance?

Hey Karim,

Google searching "how can I track my amazon links" there are several suggestions, but should you find a solution that sounds perfect, I recommend that you contact Amazon (unless, of course, you find it on THEIR site) to make sure BEFORE implementing it.

Hope you find this helpful.

Thanks Triblu;
That what I'm doing right now and I found a couple of relevant answers.

Just make REAL sure the answers you found are okay with Amazon so that you won't find your account shut down for doing something wrong.

Ah yes, for sure I will.
Thank you for the advice

use the pretty link plugin

Hi - I was under the impression that you were not permitted to use Pretty Links with Amazon?

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How to deal with 9-5 job, my website and wa tasks?

How to deal with 9-5 job, my website and wa tasks?

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Getting Started

Hi WA family.
I want just to share with you my deals and difficulties!
I have to deal with my 9-5 job, WA trainings and tasks, SAC, Writing relevant posts, technical twe

Oh là là, Karim, c'est dur!

Je ne suis pas sûre que de suivre le SAC soit une bonne idée. Je comprends que tu veuilles avancer vite pour peut-être pouvoir quitter ton boulot, mais c'est un effort de plus d'une année.

Pense à ta santé, et ne néglige pas ta famille, les enfants grandissent si vite, le temps avec et pour eux est le plus précieux que tu puisses leur offrir. Et ça c'est déjà difficile après une journée de boulot...

I would stick to making progress every single day but at your own pace.

Ah Oui Anne ça deviens très très difficile avec le SAC.
Merci beacoup pour ces mots.
De toute façon je vais essaier de faire de mon mieux pour cet année et après je verrai.
Bonne chance à toi aussi Anne.

Just take as much time as you can for WA, but don't burn yourself out.
With diligence and focus, you will finally make it.
To your great success!

Main thing is to just treat this as a task. Devote a 2-hour block of time to it. It needs concentration to learn, study, understand, and write. A 2-hour block will do all of this.
Can you a 2-hour block on every night? every other night? Only on Saturday and Sunday? After the kids go to bed?
Schedule that, stick to it, and you'll make steady progress.

For sure Michael.
I will try it.
Thank you for your time

Hey Karim,

Having worked a 9-5 j-o-b and operated a business full time for several years myself, I agree that it can be daunting... which is why not many people can do it.

Not sure why you would burden yourself by entering another challenge when you are already facing a BIG challenge... and that is to make sure you continue to follow the goals, you know, the hours you promised yourself that you would spend building your online business back when you started WA.

Hope you find this helpful.

Sure Triblu I agree!
I entered the SAC inorder to motivate myself and put it into rigorous schedule. But really it's nit easy, but I'm determined to succeed.
As they say: " Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to."

You will get other answers, I hope. I am fortunate because I do not work and have only a cat to take care of. Still, sometimes I find my time challenged. I wish you luck.

Thanks Fkelso for stopping by
Wish you all the best

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Can we help each other when starting amazon associate?

Can we help each other when starting amazon associate?

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Getting Started

Hello wealthy affiliates family.
We buy stuff pretty frequently from Amazon. Since we are unable to use our own amazon.com affiliate links when we order, maybe we can look f

The official guidelines;

"you will not permit, request or encourage any of your friends, relatives, employees, contractors, or business relations to directly or indirectly purchase any Product(s)"

Ask someone you know to buy some small items from amazon through your website links as long as you have the sales it doesn’t matter about the amount they spend on the sales. Just an idea to keep things going smoothly for you with amazon.

Yeh , thanks Motly

Just as an aside, you don't have an affiliate disclosure, which is mandatory.

Oh really. I published my privacy policy page!
I will check it out immediately.
Thanks Diane

I have heard Amazon is picky about affiliate disclosures and requires a specific disclosure statement somewhere on the site.

Also in one of the live training sessions, Jay suggests that everyone should have a "Contact Us" page.

Nice idea though to help each other out, that's what the WA community is all about - I really don't see it as gaming the system but I can understand how some may.

Good Luck, Shannon

Hi - yes, this is the exact phrase which is required.

"As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases".

Thanks for the advice dale, but it's not for to "game the system" just to avoid the chore of going back and changing all the links.

My honest advice is no, you shouldn't really participate in anything like this. Just take it for what it is - if your site's not ready & your Amazon account gets shut down it's no big deal... Just reapply when you've ramped your traffic up.

Essentially any ways to "game the system" should be avoided.

So true Dale, and with it being soooo easy for businesses as big as Amazon to discover abusers and those who try to game the system, Amazon will shut down accounts for exactly this reason, and many time they won't even explain why an account has been closed.

Ah ok Robert. Thank you for stopping by.
Hope I will find someone can help.

Quite a few members have asked other members in the past and it worked out quite well.

So you can but ask and see what happens.

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